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The first OFFICIAL Video Game of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!
The first OFFICIAL Video Game of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!
6,808 backers pledged €212,557 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Andreas Benzing on

      As many others, I'd rather have the console (in my case XBOX ONE) version than that for the PC. Can I exchange my code?

    2. Kangaroo MusiQue on

      i have not got any informations, keys or other things my mail or e-mail. so how will i get the software, keys or whatever is needed to play that game? Pledged 150 and received not a mail yet.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Rios Ibañez on

      When I will be getting my digital copy for PS4?

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter Kadlec on

      First they announce a DRM-free version. Then they found some lame excuse that DRM free wont be possible (as if any middleware for PC development would be DRM only. the real background is that thos scammers accepted Steams conditions to do the game ever Steam and therefor DRM exclusive or not releasing the game on Steam at all). But they didnt even publish that desaster. Knowing that lamost a quarter of all backers wont support the DRm plague Steam at all.

      And now the best part: They released a console port which were never ever announced at the campaign. And they dont even offer the backers an alternative the DRM only Steam trash. Nope, they dont even react at their own campaigns update section! Thos are the worst scammers I ever experienced at Kickstarter and campaigns like this one are simply destroying Kickstarters reputation. I wont support anything on Kickstarter anymore, cause Kickstarter enver ever protected the backers against this scammers!

    5. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Can i exchange my pc version to the PS4?

    6. Arno Joe Goblin on

      Idem come sotto: chi ha già acquistato il gioco tramite la campagna kickstarter e vuole la versione per console deve ricomprare il gioco?

    7. Missing avatar

      bastian krabbe on

      Do we have to rebuy for the consol version? I would be so happy about a switch version ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Riccardo on

      mi unisco anche io alla domanda: chi l'ha già acquistato se vuole la versione per console deve ricomprare il gioco??

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Kadlec on

      Thos bunch of scammers still havent released the announced DRM free version and wont even offer the console online store codes instead. This is Kickstarter at its worst!

    10. Filippo Vanzo on

      Great news! I also had rather exchange my PC version to the PS4 one.
      Any plans to arrange something similar? (Or maybe a discount?)

    11. Andreu Riera Riera on

      Que grandeees!!!! El mejor juego para cumplir un sueño!!!!! Estará en español? Gracias

    12. Missing avatar

      Max Power on

      *used stupid autocorrect :-D

    13. Missing avatar

      Max Power on

      Hi, the same question of Andrea for ps4. I don't have User my stream Code. How can i change in a ps4 Code?

    14. Missing avatar

      Micha Steinbrück on

      You guys really make my childhood dream come true. I wanted to be able to enjoy a Bud Spence/ Terence Hill game since i watched the movies for the first time. You absolutely captured the feeling of the movies. And to think that i get on my ps4: awesome!!!!

    15. Oliver

      Wow great to see it on the switch. Then i have to buy it there too :-)

    16. Marco ´Gordman ´Kelm on


    17. Daniel on

      Any information about pricing?

    18. Missing avatar

      Francy Bulli on

      I hope in the multiplayer on xbox live. Any discount for the pc bakers?

    19. Missing avatar

      Enrico Procacci on

      I concur that it would be nice to have a discount granted to the backers. I want more Bud Spencer and Terence Hill in my Switch!

    20. Marco Jirasek

      Is it possible to exchange the PC Version/Code (when not used) with a Console-Version/Code ?

    21. Artúr Németh on

      obviously not ps3 is a 12 year old condsol ps4 is almost 5, likey you watited a ps2 or n64 port...

    22. Missing avatar

      Boris Langanke on

      Is there also a version for the PS3 planned?

    23. Artúr Németh on

      i wanna the ps4 version, me and my fred play the game with the ps4 controllers but have to plog it in the laptop the laptop have to be plugd on the tv, also the resolution got much better since the first pre realise version, but still gues it would be better on ps4, so i hope they dont leave us with you can buy from 20 dollar from psn or nintendo e shop, also has a switch and undertand to bring on the go could be fun.

    24. Ivan Morgillo on

      🤔 yeah, I was wondering if we have any chance to get a discount for PS4. Any help, please?

    25. Artúr Németh on

      I wanna sad the same, why buy 1, we support the project, years before its realise, it would be a generous hing to get thee console version. If not free at least for a few dollars.

    26. Roberto M. Petrella

      Do we need to rebuy again? Or at least is it possible to get a discount for backers?

    27. Skiddolo on

      yeeeee me too, the same question of Andrea.
      i didn't know that the game could come out for Nintendo Switch.

    28. Andrea Benvenuti on

      Cool, do we have to rebuy again? I have the PC version, but i'd rather have the Switch one!!