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The first OFFICIAL Video Game of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!
The first OFFICIAL Video Game of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!
The first OFFICIAL Video Game of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill!
6,808 backers pledged €212,557 to help bring this project to life.

Original Soundtracks Goal Reached!!!!


Thanks to all of you to make this dream come true! 

Now straight on to next goal: xbox one and ps4 version! 

 Any resources will be fundamental


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    1. Marco Dinkel on December 12, 2016

      Yay! So cool... Just great!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Ehrler on December 12, 2016

      Gratulation! freue mich riesig! Movin Cruisn :) Auch Mescal und Anulu und Mama Leone, Tiger, Cuembra Vettern, Rosco, Und der Seargent freuen sich sehr darüber!!!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      simone brunini on December 12, 2016

      Per festeggiare...birre e salsicce!

    4. Luca R on December 11, 2016

      questo traguardo era d obbligo.... senza le musiche originali sarebbe stato un progetto a metà!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gins on December 11, 2016

      Gosh I didn't believe you'd make the 200k two days ago!
      What an incredible finish, congratulations!

    6. sgrogue on December 11, 2016

      Incroyable. Bravo à l'équipe. Avoir les musiques originales dans le jeu, çà nous replongera dans l'ambiance.

    7. KnutG on December 11, 2016

      Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasyyy ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      the666pack on December 11, 2016

      GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!

      ... I feel like a king in my buggy ...

    9. Missing avatar

      Miklos Peto on December 11, 2016

      Ohhh YEAH!!! OST...

    10. Michael on December 11, 2016

      OST! great work guys!

    11. Missing avatar

      MAURO MACRI' on December 11, 2016

      Per fortuna che abbiamo ost, altrimenti ci arrabbiavamo!!! ;)
      E adesso, più forte ragazzi!

    12. Missing avatar

      Riccardo on December 11, 2016

      Anche la colonna sonora!!!! Alla grande!!!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Phil on December 11, 2016

      Great, looking forward to the game!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mario Müller on December 11, 2016

      Gratulation! Sensationell! Ich freue mich sehr!

    15. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati
      on December 11, 2016

      Grandi! :D

      PS: Com'è piccolo il mondo XD

    16. Michael Paschek on December 11, 2016

      Getting the music licensses was absolutely mandatory!!!
      I'm so excited ... can't wait untul the first beta tests.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrea Narducci on December 11, 2016

      Grandissimi! Ce l'abbiamo fatta!

    18. Scolaro on December 11, 2016

      SWEEEET! I didn't think it was going to happen, but it did! Awesome! Thanks to all supporters!

    19. Simoni Simone on December 11, 2016

      OH YES! This is simply great! Thank you all for this!

    20. Missing avatar

      Peter Kadlec on December 11, 2016

      Flying through the air! :) . But making the console version a impossible to reach stretch goal should be changed. Or try to get the funding via Indiegogo. And offer there physical games.

    21. MaccaBot on December 11, 2016


    22. Missing avatar

      Andreas Trageser on December 11, 2016

      Hip-Hip-Hoooraay!!!! :) I hope you guys make the most out of those licenses for this game. I doubt a soundtrack DLC in look of these are movie soundtrack licenses. But one can dream at least. :)
      I think the Thunderclap was very well timed in combination with the expected 48 hour countdown right behind. Great idea. ;)
      Maybe you guys can even consider a PayPal fun raiser after the campaign to keep aiming towards the console goal.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matteo Marioni on December 11, 2016

      Come with for fun in my buggy!

    24. Ben on December 11, 2016