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We want to put Lisa Frank's iconic artwork on our high quality & cruelty-free makeup! Help bring this collab to life!
We want to put Lisa Frank's iconic artwork on our high quality & cruelty-free makeup! Help bring this collab to life!
5,935 backers pledged $370,063 to help bring this project to life.

Eyeshadow Palette Artwork Updates ROUND 2 and Shipping Update!!!

Posted by Glamour Dolls Makeup (Creator)

Hi Backers!! 

Look what showed up on our doorstep this morning!!!! We absolutely COULD NOT WAIT to share with you all, we were screaming with excitement when we opened up the package!

Before you watch this video, please note that this is just the FIRST physical sample of the Naturally Glam Eyeshadow Palette and Bold and Bright Eyeshadow Palette. Please also note that these are NOT the final eyeshadow colors. They are only placeholders to visualize pigments in the pan!

Check it out!!!

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So, like we said, this is just a “first draft” video of these palettes but COME ON!! HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE?!?!?!?! We literally couldn’t just keem ‘em to ourselves :) You should have heard all of us Dolls gasp once we did the big reveal here in the office!

We also thought it would be cool to point out why we’re so careful to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before going into final production. Check out the Naturally Glam Eyeshadow Palette for example. Do you see how the cat’s faces aren’t perfectly lined up? That’s something that we look for when we get in samples like this! The Bold and Bright Palette is way better, except that a little ear pops out (wassup Forrest) in the upper corner.

Okay, cool. So what’s the next step?

Lisa will get physical samples, make edits, and work her magic. We get another round of samples and then move into final production! EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Of course, it’s totally possible that the second round of samples might also require some reworking, but we don’t stop until all products look perfect! 

Also, we wanted to share an update about our fulfillment process because we get LOTS of questions about tracking information, order fill time, etc.

A few weeks ago we made a game-time decision to outsource our shipping processes. Right now, we have about 10 Dolls in the Doll House on a given day and we do all order fulfillment in-house of our online store orders. It’s WILD but fun!!

Because our little Glam Fam has grown to be not-so-little anymore (YAY!!!), we decided to partner with an outside agency for fulfillment. The coordination of these efforts have been a little time-consuming, but we really believe it will greatly improve efficiency for your packages and for the future of Glamour Dolls!!

A note/short story about the travel bronzer/ travel eye shadow shipment:

So, it’s almost the end of October & lots of you are asking for updates on the travel bronzer and travel eyeshadow shipments. We were SO EXCITED because we had absolutely everything perfect for the best surprise shipment EVER.


Yeah, good times. Here’s the backstory:

The FDA has the authority to regulate and randomly choose items such as cosmetics for inspection. It has happened to us before, and is nothing to be concerned about, but in our unlucky case it took 2 weeks for the inspection to occur and finally be sent on it’s way. The good news is the makeup is finally on its way to New York from customs and once it arrives to our fulfillment facility they will immediately be shipped to you. We apologize for the delay! The wait has been just as just as painful for us!!

Being as today is 10/26, we expect the product to arrive to the shipping facility AND be SHIPPED TO YOU on 10/31, and therefore you should expect the makeup on your doorstep during the first week in November.

We hope you like the first peek at the Naturally Glam Eyeshadow Palette and Bold and Bright Eyeshadow Palettes! It is truly a surreal experience to be able to physically hold these items that we have all worked so long on. We really can’t wait for them to be in your hands soon too! 

Friendly reminder if you haven't already, GO CAST YOUR VOTE for the character you'd like to see on the vegan leather makeup bag! The link is in our last update OR below for you! Voting closes at 5PM EST TODAY and we'll be announcing the winner in our next update.

As always, if you have any questions at all feel free to send us a message through Kickstarter or send an email to Thank you so much for sticking around with us and watching this project come to life. Much more to come!

With love, 

The Dolls


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    1. Missing avatar

      Heather Lynn Stangle on
      I have created a Positive Group to discuss this amazing collaboration. Please Join us! ❤💛💚💙💜

    2. Missing avatar

      Jade Tuper on

      The packaging is perfect!
      However I'm glad these aren't the final shades because those color stories don't make any sense and aren't very Lisa Frank in my opinion. Can't wait for the next update �

    3. Amanda Evans on

      Love, love, love this! I know I'll be keeping everything IN the boxes because..they are just too cute to toss. Great job on everything <33

    4. Leigh Anna Spivy on

      Man, that red shimmer shade in the tiger palette is the BOMB. KEEEEEP IT PLEASE :)

    5. Tasha Turner

      OMG gorgeous. Love, love, love. This is a gift for a friend and I know she and her daughters are going to go crazy over everything when you’ve got it just right and to to fulfillment partner (smart move).

      Fantastic update. Great details, sharing why delay, what changes are happening, and NOT making shipping date promises (super smart).

      One of the reasons I back so many Kickstarters (2,800+) is to learn and feel like part of the team. Great job giving me that feeling with this update.

    6. Missing avatar

      Whitney Earl on

      O-M-GORGEOUS!!!! BEAUTIFUL, PRISTINE JOB, even with the minor flaws. I can't wait to Own these GORG PALETTES!!!

    7. Brittany Hall on

      This update was amazing!! That floral pattern inside the naturally glam palette is so perfect. Ahhh I can't wait to finally have these in my hands!!

    8. Michelle K. T. Illg on

      I love the big mirrors!! :D Kinda wish they had brush slots so that everything was contained neatly in one thing, if they could still stick that in there. But otherwise, pretty awesome design! Once we see the final colors, we'll just have to memorize which are in which. ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Brittany shelton on

      That glitter in the 2nd palette IS AMAZING OMG !! That has to make it in the palette !!!!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Caren on

      As someone who grew up owning everything Lisa Frank could sell, I am absolutely thrilled at how these turned out! I wish I had ordered more of these (sad face) to give as presents because no one is tearing these away from my hands!

    11. Lori Leach on

      Toooo SWeeettt! Love them. Excited to see final product.

    12. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Alyssa Wheeeeee! We're so excited toooooo! So glad you like it!!!


    13. Cali Saylor on

      Great! Thanks for letting me know. It’s really exciting to see it come to fruition. The artwork really pops!

    14. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Alicia! DON'T BE BUMMED!!! THESE AREN'T THE FINAL SHADES!!!!! We put a disclaimer up there in bold, these are. not. the. final. shades! They're just placeholders to give everyone a really solid idea of what the finalized palettes would look like laid out.


    15. Missing avatar

      Alicia Dempkowski on

      I just reread the update...scratch my comment.

    16. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Cassie! We TRY to be ahead of the curve whenever we possibly can :). @Cali, we're working on figuring out updated timelines for each of the products in the line for a coming update, we need to make sure we factor in the back-and-forth time with the factories (kind of like what happened with these two palettes, you know?) As soon as we have an update, we'll share it here. We don't want to underestimate if possible!


    17. Missing avatar

      Alicia Dempkowski on

      I ADORE the cases!!!! But, is it just me or do some of the shades in the "bold and bright" seem to be a little...bland and muted? The "natural glam" seems to be more bold than the other one. I'm kind of bummed. :(

    18. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Lizzie! Wild, right?!?! We wanted to make sure that you got PLENTY of shadow, so the pans are pretty big :). So glad you liked the update!

    19. Alyssa on

      Gahhhhhhh I'm so excited!! I would totally be the same way wanting it to be perfect if I were a creator, so I completely understand! We appreciate your attention to detail! They look lovely! (and oh my gosh that pink glitter!!!)

    20. Cali Saylor on

      The palettes look great! Thanks for the updates on shipping. I don’t mind waiting for a higher quality product, but do you have any other shipping timelines you can share or do you still not know? Everything you’ve shown us so far is exciting!! Can’t wait to get them!

    21. Missing avatar

      Cassie Tucker on

      I was just wondering about the travel bronzer and eyeshadow, it's like you all are mind readers! I can't wait to get my hands on those palettes, they are so freaking adorable and the eyeshadows are going to be HUGE!

    22. Lizzie on

      Whoa, those eyeshadow pans are enormous! :D The palette designs are so wonderful and that glitter shade is just calling to me! Thank you so much for explaining the customs delay and wanting to fix the way the cats are aligned! This is a fantastic update. <3

    23. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Char! Woo hoo!! We're glad you liked the update, we really love keeping you guys in the loop because you ARE a part of the GD team! We know, we freaked when we saw the art reallllyyyy come to life in a physical sample. WILD!


    24. Char on

      This is one of the best updates you all have done, thank you so much for explaining what's going on with the shipping and the changes you are all making that's contributing to this projects status. I think that's all we really ever want to hear from you all and be kept in the loop as if we were members of the GD team. Very much appreciated and omg I am freaking at how gorgeous those palettes are�� Love the Lisa Frank lettering being a little more updated but still with the rainbow colors and it still showcasing the 90's logo as well and the mirror shapes. Ughhh it's all so perfect. Glad you all noticed the lining up of the designs not meshing but I'm soooo in love with how they're looking! Great job guys!!!

    25. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Erika!
      AREN'T THEY?!?!!? We totally lost our minds when we saw them, so glad you love the packaging!! We don't have a projected ship date yet (all of the products are in production but we need to hammer out details, kind of like what happened with these two palettes.) Once we have a better idea of how much time we need to go back-and-forth with the factories to iron out details, we'll post here with a timeline.


    26. Glamour Dolls Makeup Creator on

      Hi @Brooke! Aw, thank you so much for your kind comment. You really never know what might crop up throughout the process, ya know?! So appreciate you!


    27. Erika Hughes on

      Ok, those trapper keepers are freaking adorable. I love the packaging and everything. So, so cute. Can't wait to get these bad boys in my hands. Do you have a projected date for when we can expect to receive the entirety of the products?

    28. Missing avatar

      Brooke Bussone on

      I love seeing the samples and hearing the process involved in developing the products. As a program manager, I know all too well that no matter how well you plan that things you could never foresee pop up and cause plans and timelines to change. Thanks for all the hard work and for keeping us in the look every step of the way!