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We want to put Lisa Frank's iconic artwork on our high quality & cruelty-free makeup! Help bring this collab to life!
We want to put Lisa Frank's iconic artwork on our high quality & cruelty-free makeup! Help bring this collab to life!
5,935 backers pledged $370,063 to help bring this project to life.

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Project Review and Summary

Posted by Glamour Dolls Makeup (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we’ve gathered facts and information to provide you with a thorough update on this campaign.  

We apologize for the delay in delivery of the products and we understand that you might be disappointed.

Please know that we are making significant efforts to deliver the products to you. Despite those efforts, we are encountering issues we never imagined when we enthusiastically began this campaign.  

This update is to share information with you regarding our efforts to fulfill our obligations and to account for the money that you so generously committed to this campaign.

Below is how much we raised in this campaign. This itemized list that follows shows how we have appropriately expended those funds towards completion of this project:

Total Kickstarter funds raised including Backer Kit: $475,685.00  

Cost Expended Towards Completion  

Production Sample Costs: $15,329.00  

Contractual Payments to LFI: $510,754.04  

Contractual Artwork Fees to LFI: $45,615.00  

Total spent: $571,698.04  

Actual delivery of the LFI licensed products to you requires that we take the following steps:    

1) We develop the products and formulas that will be awesome for makeup lovers at an affordable price  

2) We send these “blank” (no artwork, no designs) samples to LFI.  

3) LFI reviews and approves (or provides feedback) the products as appropriate to be LFI licensed products.  

4) LFI creates the signature artwork for the product based on the specifications we provide.  

5) We manufacture samples of each product - now including the LFI artwork - so that we and LFI can make our final approval of the product.  

6) We and LFI approve the products or request revisions to the product or artwork.  

7) We manufacture and ship the products to you.    

Below you will find a table listing each LFI licensed product and where in the above process it is:

We hope that the information above demonstrates that we have been working hard to deliver these products to you.  

As a company, Glamour Dolls is committed to producing the highest quality makeup products for you at an affordable, accessible, and inclusive price. And to that end, we are committed to making this right for you. Please know that we are continuing to work towards fulfilling our obligations to you and that Glamour Dolls will do everything it can to make sure that this situation is resolved.  

We will continue to make additional updates as we have more information.  

We sincerely thank all of our backers for your collective patience.  

With gratitude,  

Peter and The Glamour Dolls Team

Sound the Unicorn Horn

Posted by Glamour Dolls Makeup (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and is ready for an awesome summer =D

I just wanted to jump in and provide some updates.

Almost all of the products are now being fully reviewed with just minor touch-ups to the artwork and design and we're very close to the production finish line. That being said, we are working on making these products a higher quality that is also a great value, so we don't want to cut any corners.

The big news this week is that we have a great sample of the Nail Polish to share with you. Please note that the colors on this horn are not the final colors - Lisa will be adjusting these to be uniquely and astonishingly "Lisa Frank" signature colors.


 Here's the Production Matrix

We'll be back soon with new updates for the Highlight Shimmer Powder, Eyeliner, Palettes, and the rest of the products! I know it's been a long wait, and right now we ourselves are often in a waiting period as the final review samples continue to be manufactured and delivered to us and Lisa for review. We're just going to keep at it and create the coolest, most fun, and sparkling products for you.

Have a great weekend,


Balmy Days Ahead

Posted by Glamour Dolls Makeup (Creator)

Hey there everyone,

We have some exciting news =D

After a couple weeks of closely communicating with our factories, seeing photos of production progress, and getting anxious and more excited as we track the shipment of the samples, we are happy to report that we've received beautiful samples of the:


 Our factory seems to have done a tremendous job with this one. The colors look bright and vibrant and really *POP* and the makeup formula is smooth and consistent. The next step is Lisa's review of the product to make sure it matches her specifications and then we will proceed with full production.

Also, here is the Production Matrix

Stay tuned for some exciting changes for the other products - especially the 3 Piece Nail Polish - we'll have some new pics and news for you soon!


Total Shine

Posted by Glamour Dolls Makeup (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Just checking in for our weekly update.

For those of us in the northeast United States, we finally (!) have warm weather. Is there no spring anymore? What am I going to do with my spring jackets? Is it cool to wear brighter colors in the fall? Maybe I'll try to make it a thing =D

That being said, we're working nonstop to get these products finished so that we can have them for you this summer. We've made some incremental progress with some products (the Matte Mousse!) and for some others it's just a waiting game as wait for our factories to finish the samples. There's a lot that goes into the creation of new samples. 

The factory must do the following:

  • Order special Lisa Frank inks for totally unique coloration
  • Properly mix the special inks
  • Create and print the packaging and product casing using those inks
  • Assemble the packaging and properly seal it with adhesive
  • Manufacture the makeup product molds
  • Mix the actual makeup itself
  • Fill the product molds with the makeup
  • Then they have to mail it to us!

Now let's talk about the Matte Mousse. 

As you all know, you'll be receiving an awesome Rose color for the Matte Lip Mousse. Originally, the specs for this product were to involve a simple tube and cap with the product inside of it with a signature Lisa Frank logo on the tube. However, when Lisa saw how vibrant the Rose color was, she wanted to make sure that the design and construction of the tube made the product really shine. We first went out and found a way to make a metallic logo and cap, but then Lisa, being the colorful genius that she is, realized that some metallic/shiny colors would look better than others when set against the Rose color. So she had us source 4 different colors, each one with exact specifications so she could view them all against the Rose color and choose which was best. We've now had these tubes and caps manufactured and sent to Lisa and she will choose the best match soon! She also made a really cool box/packaging for this one, and that will be finished in the next week or two.

Here's a little video we made of the tubes for you:

 project video thumbnail
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 Additionally, here is the production Matrix: MATRIX

Alright friends, I do want to note that we are currently waiting to receive the final production samples for several products now, which is just a waiting game. Our next real update may be a few days later than next Thursday, but we will post what real progress we have as soon as we receive it. 

Have a great weekend, everyone =)


Unicorn on Board

Posted by Glamour Dolls Makeup (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to jump in to provide our weekly update for you all.

We're continuing to finalize, manufacture, and approach the finish line with this collection and we have some updates to share.

We've finalized the artwork for the Wengie palettes and will share pics when we have a printed sample. The Bold&Bright and Naturally Glam Eyeshadow palette samples have been finished, and you've seen in the previous updates that we're going to be kicking off full production soon. 

We've also finished final samples of the Matte Lip Mousse and packaging and they are being reviewed by Lisa and we'll release pics as soon as the print and construction is approved.

We're also moving quickly along in perfecting production of the Eyeliner, which will have an amazing "rainbow gradiant" that will make more sense when we finalize it and send pics. 

That being said, we do have something exciting to show you this week. We've discovered where the Unicorn lives! It's a magical little home, and without further ado, here it is:

As always, here is a link to the production matrix:

Production Matrix

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, and we'll be back next week. =D