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13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE GOLDBERG: my CD of new variations on Bach's Goldberg Theme by some of today's most illustrious composers

One of my very first musical memories, from my earliest childhood, is of listening with my father to Glenn Gould's 1955 recording of Bach's "Goldberg Variations". I was absolutely captivated from the beginning by the overwhelming beauty of this music, and it's the music I've come back to, over and over, throughout the years.

I always knew that the Goldbergs would have a special place in my musical life, and now, many twists and turns have brought me to this fabulous new project: making the world premiere recording of 13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT THE GOLDBERG.

13 WAYS is a set of new variations on Bach's magnificent opening theme of the Goldbergs ("Aria"), written by a group of today's most renowned composers, including 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Higdon. These brilliant composers re-imagine the Aria in a variety of ways, celebrating both the eternal beauty of Bach's music, and the musical evolutions of the past 250 years. The variations are performed alongside Bach's original theme, like this:

Bach: Aria, from Goldberg Variations
C. Curtis-Smith: Rube Goldberg Variation
Jennifer Higdon: The Gilmore Variation
Mischa Sarche Zupko: Ghost Variation
Stanley Walden: Fantasy Variation
Bright Sheng: Variation Fugato
Derek Bermel: Kontraphunktus
Bach: Variation 13, from Goldberg Variations
David Del Tredici: My Goldberg (Gymnopedie #1)
Fred Lerdahl: Chasing Goldberg
William Bolcom: Yet Another Goldberg Variation (for left hand alone)
Lukas Foss: Goldmore Variation
Ralf Gothóni: Variation on Variation with Variation
Fred Hersch: Melancholy Minuet
Bach: Aria (reprise), from Goldberg Variations

I need you--friends, fans, and music lovers--to help support my world-premiere recording of 13 WAYS. I'll record the CD in New York City this Spring with Grammy-nominated engineer/producer Joe Patrych, who worked with me on my first two recordings. The CD will be released on the Innova label in the Fall of 2011, with part of the proceeds from CD sales supporting the 88 Keys Foundation (, a non-profit organization that brings music education to public schools.

The funds we raise through Kickstarter will underwrite part of the cost of the recording, production, distribution, and promotion of the record on CD and digital formats.

Kickstarter is a genius idea - a way for a large pool of friends, fans, sponsors and music lovers to pledge small (or not so small) contributions, and become integrally involved with a project. I hope that you'll take a look at the options listed here, and help me bring 13 WAYS to life. In return you get fun, fabulous gifts and behind-the-scenes access to the creative development of this project. (No coffee mugs or tote bags though).

Your pledge of support is just that. Your credit card will not be charged at this time; you will only be charged at the completion of this campaign if I reach my funding goal by Sunday, January 9. This is an all-or-nothing campaign! If I reach my goal of $5000 the project gets funded. If I don't meet my goal, your credit card does not get charged, and I receive no money at all. We have 30 days to do it!

Please contribute at whatever level is comfortable for you. If you can't give financially right now, you can still help in other ways! At the top of this page there are links that will allow you to post the page to your Facebook wall, your Twitter feed, or your blog, and to email it to your friends. I'll be forever grateful if you'll share this with your friends, family, and anyone you know who would be interested in this project. Let's use our well-honed social networking skills for good!

-Because 13 WAYS is a beautiful, important piece of music that brings together the finest talents of our own time and the greatest legacy of the past.
-Because I think you'll love this music as much as I do.
-Because there's no such thing as an independent artist!

I can't tell you how excited I am to get started on this project. And I can't wait to share the whole process with you, every step of the way. I hope you'll join me on this an amazing adventure.
Happy Holidays to all of you, and thank you in advance for bringing 13 WAYS to life in 2011!


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    Digital Download Package - Pledge $10 and you receive a high quality digital download of the 13 WAYS album at least two weeks prior to the official release date, access to exclusive "behind-the-scenes" audio, video and photo documentary of the recording process, and a thank you on my website (or you may choose to remain anonymous if you wish)

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    Physical CD Package - Pledge $25 and you receive everything in the Download Package PLUS a signed copy of the physical CD.

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    CD Release Package - Pledge $50 and you receive everything in the Physical CD Package PLUS 2 invitations to the 13 WAYS Release Party (Place and Date TBD).

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    Custom T-Shirt Package - Pledge $100 and you receive everything in the CD Release Package PLUS a limited edition 13 WAYS t-shirt designed specifically for this project. Men's and women's T's available in any size.

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    Private Lesson Package - Pledge $200 and you receive everything in the CD Release Package, PLUS a private piano lesson (45 minutes) at my studio in Davis, or by skype.

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    Producer Package - Pledge $500 and you receive everything in the CD Release Package PLUS an invitation to join me in the studio while I record the album! You'll be credited in the album liner notes as an assistant producer. NOTE: You must be able to be in New York City (studio dates still to be determined) to take advantage of this reward.

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    Pledge $500 and you receive everything in the CD Release Package PLUS choose one of the following: 1) I'll give a private concert at your home (anywhere in California), or 2) I'll make a studio recording of your favorite solo piano piece (max 10 minutes long) and send you a signed, private copy.

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    Pledge $1000 and you receive everything in the CD Release Package, PLUS complimentary tickets for you and a guest to ALL of my concerts for the 2011-2012 season. PLUS I'll bake you a batch of my very very famous chocolate chip cookies (ask my kids!) and overnight them to you!

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