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Finish Line with Order of Finish, Multi-Lane Expandable, Time Recorded, PC Storing, Lane Parts Cost Under $10
Finish Line with Order of Finish, Multi-Lane Expandable, Time Recorded, PC Storing, Lane Parts Cost Under $10
13 backers pledged $147 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Last Post!

So, I think we're all done.  The PCBs have been mailed!  If you were to receive one, I would think you should see it in the next week or two. 

As further details of this project or other projects develop, I plan to use the email addresses you supplied in the surveys.

But do let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you all for your participation.

Still Learning

Okay, a little frustration over here.  Kickstarter says it takes 14 days, so I'm watching my amazon account waiting for the funds to become "Available" because it was currently otherwise, which seemed to be indicating to me I couldn't transfer it yet.  When I email amazon asking about it, they act like there's nothing wrong, so I try the transfer and it initiates.  So I think I've been waiting for weeks for nothing.  Now I'm told the transfer to bank account will take 5 to 7 days, but I suspect it will be much quicker.  Keep an eye out for any survey's heading your way so I can get the rewards headed to you soon.

Still Waiting

Amazon takes 14 days to release funding, so if my math is right, that will be around Wednesday of this week, and then we wait for the money transaction to the bank to happen.  Once done, the rewards can go.  Thanks for your patience.


Congradulations, we did it!  The project was successfully funded.

Surveys for the $1 rewards have been sent, and the clock has started for the funding to be released, and once it has, so can the rewards.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the Rewards!

Almost There, but Keep Watching

I noticed some backers have pledged, but haven't selected a reward.  If you're backing the project out the goodness of your heart, that's great, but it would be helpful to check to make sure the reward you would like is checked if need be.

Also, I noticed not all of the backers are based in the US.  Please notice the disclaimer on the front page that indicates I'm only shipping to the US addresses and emails.  US Export Laws on Software and Hardware are not something I can get into with this project.  Sorry for any inconveniences.