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Magit is a Git user interface focused on efficient and intuitive work-flows, which will help you become a more effective Git user.
Magit is a Git user interface focused on efficient and intuitive work-flows, which will help you become a more effective Git user.
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Extending the Year of Magit

Posted by Jonas Bernoulli (Creator)

The year of Magit is over if we count the days since the crowdfunding campaign ended, but the year 2018 is not. I have gotten a lot done in the last 365 days, but many features outlined in the roadmap remain unfinished.

One reason for this is Hofstadter's law of course, but for personal reasons I also wasn't as productive during summer as I should have been. I spend it on a different continent than usual, with the person I would rather live with all year around. My office for the duration also served as playroom and hallway, and lets just say I understand now why people have issues staying focused in open offices.

While I made sure not to promise to implement all the features mentioned in the campaign description—just to work toward that goal for a year—I also feel that my reduced productivity during summer means that I haven't actually given 100%. I have therefore decided to extend the year of Magit until the end of 2018.

My plans for the time after that are still undetermined. Another year working on Magit is still on the table, but so is seeking employment. I have to admit to myself that the contents of the campaign roadmap were not so much guided by an assessment of what I could get done in a year, as it was a list of the things I wanted to implement before I could walk away, feeling that Magit was "good enough" to retire.

It's not that I want to stop working on Magit—I still very much enjoy doing so and think it is an important tool with lots of room for improvement—but not doing so might not be the best course of action considering I have other goal in life too.

Three months won't be enough to implement everything that I hoped to get done during the year of Magit, but many big things will get done. The reference cards and workflow posters should also be ready by the end of the year.


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    1. Missing avatar

      David J on

      Thank you for all the work you put into magit. I love this product. Support you on whatever decision you make.

    2. Missing avatar

      mp on

      For all those saying that they would support another campaign (and this includes me), we should definitely consider
      I know I will.

    3. Missing avatar

      Erik Anderson on

      Thank you for all the work you've done! Extending the "year" isn't necessary IMO; I would gladly support a kickstarter today. Your work is top-notch! I use magit daily and love it dearly.

    4. Thomas Moulia on

      Thanks for your work and honesty! I would happily support more development of magit, but will cheer you on whatever path you take.

      Thanks for fostering an amazing bit of software.

    5. Juan Caicedo on

      Thanks for all your hard work! Magit is definitely one of my favorite tools and I appreciate both your work and your approach to it 😄

    6. Benaiah Mischenko on

      Thanks so much for your work on magit, especially over the past year! Just to echo the sentiment of other commenters, I'd gladly help support another year of magit if you decide that's what you want to do. For that matter, I'd happily contribute again just to say thanks - I use magit literally every day, I learned how to use most of git's features by using them in magit, and I can't imagine how frustrating it'd be if magit wasn't around. As a full-time open-source maintainer I have had to use magit in anger many times and I've almost never had to drop down to the command line.

      Thanks for your hard work and your incredible software.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gordon Woodhull on

      Incredible work - I keep finding more things I don't need to go to the command line for, and the usual things just keep getting smoother.

      I'd also support you for another year, but completely understand if you need to move on.

      Much respect from another open source maintainer!

    8. Missing avatar

      benedek fazekas on

      thanks for your hard work so far. my team and myself are unlucky enough to work on windows with git. thanks to your work lately we managed to make magit work. second the previous comments, would be happy to chip in for an other magit year personally.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Piziak on

      Thank you! You're one of the best maintainers I know. It blew me away when I saw that not only do you answer pretty much every StackExchange question about Magit, you go back and update your answers when new versions come out. I've never seen that kind of dedication before. I know it's going to be hard to replace that, but as you say, Magit is maturing, and I hope you find somebody who can take the reins to guide it gently through its golden years. Every project needs a maintainer.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nelson Ingersoll on

      It takes 90% of the time to do 10% of the work.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Orr on

      Thanks for all you've gotten done already! Magit is my single favorite piece of software in the entire world, I think. I would happily fund you for another year if you do another campaign, and wish you all the best if you don't.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sajith Sasidharan on

      I was merely trying to thank you for what you have already done with my contribution, and I would gladly support the campaign again if you ever run it again.

      I am happy that you spent your time with your loved ones rather than focusing all your time and energy on the project.

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniël de Kok on

      I know it's not how Kickstarter works ;), but for me contributing was mostly a 'thank you' for the work you had already done on Magit. Life happens and I am glad for that work that you could get done!

      I would also support Magit for another year if you were to do another Kickstarter.

      Thanks for Magit!

    14. Missing avatar

      gongzhitaao on

      Simply put, Magit is true magic, it is simply awesome.

    15. Missing avatar

      Colin Powell on

      Thank you for your hard work this far Jonas. I would always support another year of Magit, even if it was not next year. I'm glad it sounds like despite lowered productivity, you had an enjoyable year of Magit. That's the most important thing. Well that and you DID still measurably improve Magit. Many thanks from Maine.