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Magit is a Git user interface focused on efficient and intuitive work-flows, which will help you become a more effective Git user.
Magit is a Git user interface focused on efficient and intuitive work-flows, which will help you become a more effective Git user.
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More stickers! And pin-back buttons!

Posted by Jonas Bernoulli (Creator)

The Show that you use Magit (CHF 25) tier with 161 backers and the Lookup key bindings (CHF 50) tier with 103 backers are the most popular tiers.

The two tiers in between are far less popular, which surprised me a bit — I thought they were attractive too. These two tiers do not come with any stickers and I am guessing that this is what makes them less attractive. So I am adding some new tiers that put a focus on stickers... and pin-back buttons! If you like stickers, then you might also like buttons!

Please scroll through the list of tiers, all the new ones are marked with (new tier). I am not going to add a new "... with a button" variant of each tier — instead you will be given the option to add a button to any tier once the campaign is over.

I hope that some of you will enjoy these new options.



Ps: Personally I am not much of a sticker guy anymore. As a kid I collected stickers for a while, but once I realized that I ended up not sticking them onto anything anymore because I didn't want to break up a collection I gave up on that and moved on to collecting stamps — those at least used to stick to something once. So maybe more stickers would be attractive to some of you — then you have something for your collection and spare stickers to actually stick on stuff. ;-)

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    1. phil-s on

      I had to add extra money to a lower tier in order to avoid getting any physical goods :)

    2. Jonas Bernoulli Creator on

      Errr... In case you are wondering: when I talk about a "batch" in the reward descriptions what I meant was "badge" of course, i.e. the pin-back button I am talking about above. Unfortunately it is not possible to edit a reward's description after someone has picked it.

    3. Jacek Złydach on

      Yup. There's lots of people - myself included - who put stickers on the back of their laptops. I can tell this was an important factor for selecting a tier in my case (posters and reference cards you can print; printing out a sticker like that yourself is faux pas).

    4. Marcel Bollmann on

      It's entirely possible that everyone *wants* stickers even if they don't end up using them. ;)

      But then again, I know many people who like to put stickers on their laptop, and what type of sticker would be better for that than a software-related one (and a rare one at that)?