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€484 pledged of €2,000 goal
By Ragiva Games
€484 pledged of €2,000 goal

Not Funded - Next Steps

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Dear backers,

first of all: Thank you so much for pledging for our game and believing in us as the developers to turn our demo into an awesome space shooter! We got 24% funded and it's just awesome to see that you want to see Queen of Corsairs as a final game as much as we do!

Now, since we didn't get close to being fully funded, we will not be able to turn Queen of Corsairs into the game we imagine it to be - not with ease, that is. That's sad news!

We will have to navigate around some difficulties regarding the sound and music production. Not being funded also means we will have to choose from quite more limited roads to take regarding our marketing and distribution options. And this comes back again to our considerations about the size and quality of the product we design - since every game is also just a product at the end of the day.

So here are our next steps: We will discuss internally what compromises we can make to achieve the goals we have set for Queen of Corsairs regarding the production itself. We will then talk to some audio artists that reached out to us during the Kickstarter phase and see if we can find a benefitial solution. We still want to deliver the best space shooter we can. We will negotiate some options regarding marketing and distribution channels with external parties. And we keep developing Queen of Corsairs and make it the best game we can, like we would have, in any case!

You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and we are planning to keep you updated here on Kickstarter as well!

Again: Thanks a ton to everyone who backed us, and also to everyone who shared our campaign on social media and who gave us a shout here and there. And thank you for those who keep believing in us and in Queen of Corsairs! You guys are awesome! We will bring Queen of Corsairs some time later this year!


Dominik from Ragiva Games

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