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Handmade from 100% wood providing a natural, luxurious, durable, non toxic, waterproof way of enjoying a 12 oz.
Handmade from 100% wood providing a natural, luxurious, durable, non toxic, waterproof way of enjoying a 12 oz.
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New from Parlor!

Completely Customizable Handcrafted Leather Koozies!
Be the first on your block to own a leather koozies. 160 different variations of customizable koozies. get one with you name on it or your company.

Get a couple friends together and order a 6 pack for you selfs and show everyone that you know how to party with class.

please back and share this product! 

also check out our web site and online store.

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Happy holidays everyone! 
All orders have been shipped out besides the remaining few that have not yet responded to the survey.

I can't wait till you all can start pounding brews in style with Parlors Luxury Wooden Koozies.

Please share all your photos of you and your Luxury Wooden Koozies on our Instagram page.

Check out our website to order more koozies and to catch up on our latest projects.


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Parlor: Luxury Wooden Koozies

We are working really hard on all these koozies and we got a decent dent in on all the orders. Please keep in mind that these are all hand made one at a time!
I just wanted to share some photos on how things are going.

Thank you,
Mark Lee

Anigre, Zebrawood, Rosewood, Cherry and Red Oak (not yet lacquered) 

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Wooden Beer Cooler

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For all of you that received a message from me asking your preferred wood I appreciate your replies.

I wanted to share my latest project, The Wooden Beer Cooler!


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$4,000 Stretch Goal

Thank you so much for all of the support Kickstarters. We are getting close on our $4,000 stretch goal. 

We decided to take BearBrads advice and make a coaster. Once we make $4,000 each pledge will receive a complimentary Leather Coaster.
The Leather Coaster is made in the U.S.A with durable leather, our Parlor logo branded on the center and a rivit on the corner to add some flare. The coaster is large enough for your Luxury Koozie to peacefully rest on.

BearBrad, expect to receive a free Pure Red Oak Koozie for your great suggestion!

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