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Dragonlock™ 3D Printable Miniatures is a collection of fantasy miniatures designed to 3D print without slicer supports.
1,993 backers pledged $141,013 to help bring this project to life.

$141,013.00!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

Posted by Tom Tullis (Creator)

$141,013.00!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!


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    1. Tom Tullis 10-time creator on

      @ Steven Thibault: thank you :)

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      Steven Thibault on

      Also, Congratulations. So excited for Fat Dragon Games. Been a fan for a few years now, from paper-craft to the mini's now. Great work top to bottom. Thank you.

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      Steven Thibault on

      So it seems we did find the secret room, yes? Can we get an update on what that means, or an update telling us we won't get to know that till later?'s in the secret room!! That's it, I pick the lock! SHOOT, Its trapped isn't it! DOH!!! Con save nat 1. X(

    4. veritanuda on

      Woot! Congrats. A respectable amount to be sure and with all the unlocked goals time to celebrate methinks? Keep up the good work and making those helpful videos etc. Really appreciate all you do.

    5. Florian Hübner on

      Congratulations Tom! So whats in for next time? Sci-Fi miniatures?

    6. FixieRider on

      Congratulations Tom! Looking forward to the endless printing and painting ahead of me!

    7. Jonathan Thornburg on

      Great job. All the minis look awesome!

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      Nerdychicken on


    9. Kim George on

      Congratulations Tom!

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      Nicolaas Wiese on

      This is awesome! So glad we met the stretch goals!