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First and ONLY keyboard with an App Store, Touch-keyboard hybrid Wingz board with Android Apps, texting, drawing, email, eInk, ergo

First and ONLY keyboard with an App Store, Touch-keyboard hybrid Wingz board with Android Apps, texting, drawing, email, eInk, ergo Read More
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Kickstarter Project 'Wingz Hybrid-Keyboard' Creates Touchscreen-Keyboard Android Device

Why ? - iPads and Tablets are going to to get better every year , thinner, faster, cheaper, with high res displays, cameras etc. However, their on screen keyboards are always going to have no feel, slow and a pain to type on. We are betting that people's hands aren't going to change, so we built a computer to fit them. 

Wingz Hybrid-keyboard - The first touch display keyboard with a mobile operating system.

Do you want to ditch that old, uncomfortable laptop? Are your hands sore from using on screen keyboards on iPad or Tablets? Do you want to type emails and text using a comfortable keyboard ?

NOW YOU CAN.  The Wingz Hybrid-keyboard allows you to pair with any bluetooth device iPad or Tablet or use it stand alone! It has Android as an operating system with a hi-res multi-touch display.

For instance, if someone has the Wingz Hybrid-keyboard connected to their personal computer -- whether it be a tablet or desktop -- they can simultaneously run any Android application on the keyboard such as Twitter, Facebook or text messaging. Other instances that this hybrid keyboard could come in handy is during those on-the-go moments, when you don't need your entire tablet to be used as a monitor, such as during a meeting, when you'd like to take notes without having to stare at an over-sized monitor. The touchscreen in the Wingz  tkeyboard can be used an a miniature monitor, and can store data (such as a word document) that can later be sent to another device wirelessly.

The Wingz Hybrid-keyboard connects via Bluetooth or USB port on any HID-enabled device. That means most popular tablets, including the Apple iPad will be able to use the device and so will most popular desktop computers and laptops. The keyboard can also connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, which gives it most of its high-end capabilities.

The Kickstarter page for the project also suggest that the keyboard will be able to connect to you cell phone network (as in, it's unlocked) as long as you put the SIM card in the device. To boot, the keyboard includes two cameras, a USB port, memory card slot, headphone jack, speakers, on/off switch, IR port and a/c power charger, the cameras are for taking photos and for using Skype.

The Wingz  Hybrid-keyboard design is based on years of keyboard research.  The Android operating system will allow you to download and run thousands of smartphone applications. Built in WiFi or cellular connects you to the internet to run apps: TextPlus, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, browsers, google, youtube, text messaging etc. The touch display will allow drawings or character recognition of English, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Navajo, Swahili,or Tlingit characters. 

Key remapping app will allow you to remap any keys to any language or character set. Or create a series of key strokes to speed up your typing. LOL - becomes "laugh out loud". Remapp keys for QWERTY, Devork or your own symbolic keyboard layout. You have total and complete control to customize the keyboard. A Gamers dream come true. You could re map the keys to play sampled sounds and turn the Wingz into a musical instrument, maybe a Hammond B3 organ or ukulele?

Bluetooth or USB cable connect to any HID enabled device : iPads, Tablets, smartphones, personal computers, TV's, laptops, or use it stand alone to take notes in meetings, classroom, or lectures.


- Bluetooth to connect to iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, enabled TVs. 

- Connect to the internet using WiFi.

- Connect to Cell Phone Networks "unlocked" (use your SIM card)

- 2 cameras, USB port, memory card slot, headphone jack, speakers, on/off switch, IR port, a/c power charger.

Limited Edition Gold plated Wingz keyboard ! Version 2 will have a laser pico projector, so you can project an 80 inch display on any wall.


  • You will be able to connect the Wingz keyboard to your iPhone over bluetooth (or USB cable) and use it as a keyboard for your iPhone. You will also be able to run thousands of Winphone or Android Apps for texting, skype, facebook, email, etc.

    Last updated:
  • We plan of having a website to allow downloading of Wingz Applications. We will have an opens SDK which will allow independent developers and corporate developers the tools needed to create apps for more efficient work flow or solve problems like:

    Another important aspect of having the touch screen would be the ability to run an app, or switch modes allowing the device to serve as a mouse or "touchpad" for remote pcs. This would allow an IT technician to use the device to communicate with vendors, other technicians, or even support documentation, then directly connect to a remote PC and use the same device to control the pc both keyboard and mouse to apply the diagnostics.

    Last updated:
  • We will making the hardware 'generic' meaning it will be able to run any mobile operating system. We will use a special chip for the operating system bootloader called flash memory (like eeprom). We will be able to upgrade with a new operating system remotely, (download and run a boot flashing app) so it will not get out of date. We plan on launching the keyboard with the Android operating system. However, WinPhone OS (Manga), WinCE or a future mobile OS could be flashed on the bootloader.

    Last updated:
  • A removable phone was the first idea for the design, however there are a few reasons why we chose to integrate the electronics into the keyboard.

    1) The increased cost of engineering and selling 2 separate products, a keyboard and a cell phone would definately increase the price of the combined product, and likely fail in the market.

    2) Microsoft and Nokia have publicly stated they are going to significantly reduce the price of smartphones. We are currently seeing that with the low release price of the nokia lumina in China. We want to take advantage of the downward price pressure and pick up smartphone components, motherboards and displays, that are a couple months after the bleeding edge.

    3) We did not want to get into the ultra competitive cell phone market, with new features coming out monthly, we would get crushed by the giants.

    Instead, we want to be laser focused on being a great mobile ergonomic keyboard.

    Last updated:
  • We expect the Wingz Smartkeyboard to have the same battery life as a smartphone 6-8 hours continuous use. However, since we have alot more internal case space then a smartphone, I have asked the engineers to make a place for a second rechargeable battery. Which would pump up the battery life from 6-8 continuous to an estimated 20 hours intermittent usage or about 2 weeks between charges, long enough for a business trip or vacation without worrying about recharging.

    Last updated:
  • yes, the Wingz Smartkeyboard can be used as a regular Bluetooth keyboard to enter text into the iPad.
    You can also run WiFi apps on the wingz which can connect to the ipad and send data back and forth to control it. For example you could remap the keys Alt+U to scroll up the iPad display.

    Last updated:
  • The Wingz keyboard is a worldwide product and is not cell carrier specific, any SIM you have a plan for will work. The mobile data radio chip is integrated into the motherboard, and can adjust frequency signals to support: WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, and FM radio. (this is in most smartphones). Currently there are more than 80,000 available Android apps.
    The Wingz keyboard is also not operating system specific (like any computer), it can run any mobile operating system - Android, RIM, WinPhone, Win8, WinCE, Linux etc. We will default install Android on the north American version so any app you can get on an Android phone - you can run on the Wingz keyboard.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    This is an important pledge for us, it means you have limited funds, but you like the product idea. Thank you. It means alot to us and we will add your name to our email list and send you updates of the Wingz project. Every bit helps, thank you.

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    A Geleez mousepad. We have been making these award winning ergonomic Gel mousepads for 12 years. People love them, you will too.

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    Pledge $40 or more About $40 USD

    This reward is a departure from computers. It is a 4 piece knife set, The ErgoKnife is a molded handle which fits closely to a persons Right hand (sorry lefties). Very comfortable, grip, these were sold on QVC, I sell them on eBay search for Ergoknife. this product is part of my interest with making products to fit human hands
    demo video

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    Pledge $230 or more About $230 USD

    First production run of the Wingz Smartkeyboard. Black version with touch display, android operating system, bluetooth, pre-loaded apps, sim slot, memory card slot, WiFi, USB port, cameras, speakers, headphone jack, a/c charger.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 3 backers
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    Pledge $600 or more About $600 USD

    Gold plated limited edition Wingz Smartkeyboard. Beautiful Gold version with touch display, android operating system, bluetooth, pre-loaded apps, sim slot, memory card slot, WiFi, USB port, cameras, speakers, headphone jack, a/c charger.
    Gold plated version of Smartkeyboard with your name engraved (20 character limit)

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Steampunk version of the Wingz Smartkeyboard, copper clad, rivets, pipes, steam punk valves, gauges, version with touch display, android operating system, bluetooth, pre-loaded apps, sim slot, memory card slot, WiFi, USB port, cameras, speakers, headphone jack, a/c charger. We don't have a photo of it, but it will be cool.

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