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Seven days locked in a room with nothing but the blank page. Watch the madness set it and read the whole thing unfold.
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God is in the details, the Devil's in the Design

Posted by Addison O'Donnell (Creator)
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Today. Printers.  

Not the kind you have in your house, but the kind that is a company made by people who have, well... fancy printers.   

Finding a printer has been one of the big hurdles we tackled last winter. I've been through several over the past year that did not work out for one reason or another. Luckily one of my dear Emmy winning friends, Meghan Gedris (a brilliant artist and all around good human -well mostly human anyway – who just launched her latest project here and who’s work you can check out here. Snigger Warning: NSFW.), connected me with the outfit she used for her most recent books and they are fantastic.   

Thus begins the process by which a mess of ones and zeros becomes a flesh and bone book.  

The first step is figuring out formatting, then making decisions on things like physical dimension, materials, and what kind of blood sacrifice we need to make to which gods. Y'know, all the things a proper publisher usually does for you.  

And a bit of art,  In the meantime, I reached out to a few people about cover art and have settled on a designer. We're throwing ideas at the wall. I will give you something to look at in a week at the outside. 

Oh also, the title...
It's floating out there somewhere on the internet, but you'll see it when the art comes in. 

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