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Seven days locked in a room with nothing but the blank page. Watch the madness set it and read the whole thing unfold.
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Well... Guess what

Posted by Addison O'Donnell (Creator)
Hello everyone!  

So, here’s an announcement I’ve been putting off.  

It's happening.  

Like absolutely for sure as anything can be considering the state of the world happening.  

And it's happening soon. Like counting in weeks soon.  

Over the past few months backstage things have been taking place that I've been dying to tell you. I wish I'd been able to keep you all more in the loop, but after all the delays, I wanted to be sure it was a real before getting hopes (mostly mine) up.  

In the coming month, expect to see me posting updates about twice a week. I know I'm being vague at the moment, but details will arrive much sooner that N. Korea’s ICBM’s.

As we get closer to release I will be busy working on fulfillment and planning the release. So to be sure information gets out regularly, I’m setting this page to pretty much run on autopilot. This means information will lag a bit from real time. Many of the things I'll be telling you have already happened, so don't be surprised when something I say will take three weeks happens in one.  

Thank you all for your support and patience.  

See you soon  

As ever  


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