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Seven days locked in a room with nothing but the blank page. Watch the madness set it and read the whole thing unfold.
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From Beneath the Snow

Posted by Addison O'Donnell (Creator)
Howdy friends

I just wanted to put something up here to let y’all know how the project is going.

First, I finished applying for grad school two weeks ago. The application was consuming a significant portion of my time and anxiety and now that it is a bit behind us and the date I hear back is far enough away I’ve been able to concentrate on the madness project (though when it gets close I will have to take another short break from writing to sleep next to the mailbox until the response arrives).

Following some frustrating technical issues with the scanning process, Clara Latimer (you heard her music in the video) has been ever so graciously assisting me with the transcription process which is about 80 percent complete at this point.

The goal is still to be done with all of the editing and on to the printing in March (wow that date feels significantly closer now than it did when I got out of the room in December) which means the thing will be printed and released in early to mid-April.

I’m also figuring out some issues on how to structure the whole thing. I may or may not tell you any more about that before the book comes out.

There is one other thing I wanted to clear up because I have been getting a few questions about it. I am not writing anything new for the book. Every story was done in the room and most of it while on camera. All I’m doing is editing and the only stuff I’m ‘writing’ now is a bit of connective tissue in places where there are significant logical gaps for anyone who isn’t me to the detriment of the story and (I hope) to the reader’s enjoyment.

That’s about all I got to tell y’all for now.


By the by. I have no idea what the hell I’m going to call the finished project, so if you have any suggestions feel free to post them.

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