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Seven days locked in a room with nothing but the blank page. Watch the madness set it and read the whole thing unfold.
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New year

Posted by Addison O'Donnell (Creator)

Hey everyone,

It is over.

At least that fateful week of nonsense is.

Thank you

It was a crazy and unique experience and I hope y’all enjoyed being along for the ride. At most we had nine people watching the stream, though for the most part there was usually one or two of you keeping me company and to those backers I thank you most profusely for the company.

For a little while longer, parts of the stream will still be up on youtube and available to anyone.

After coming back from the week, it took me a few days to readjust, but I’m finally out of my hole for now.

I’ll be posting here as I make progress on the book. Fulfilment duties are taking a bit of a back seat through the fifteenth though as I finish my application.

Here are some numbers:
2 typewriter ribbons
4 pilot varsity pens
170 hours total in the room
over 60 hours of streaming
71 backers
175 pages hanging on the wall
47 pots of tea

The last few weeks have mostly been transcribing notes and the handwritten pages to the typewriter. Which puts the page count around 200 total and counting

I still have yet to put any of it on the computer which is freaking me out a little. It seems strange that a physical copy is so fragile and finite. Like the book is not real until it becomes a series of binary on my computer.

The unease has been assuaged some because last week I did all of the scanning of the originals. So feel assured, those of you who are getting scans as part of your rewards. Some good news, there was so much support for the project, I may throw in some extra goodies for as many backers as I can. I’m not sure what those will be, but we’ll see how it shakes out.

Happy new year everyone


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