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"A Perfect Ending" follows one woman's very unique path to self-discovery. Raw, evocative and often times humorous, but always very real, very human.
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Hey there lovely film family,

If you're thinking "well, it's about time", you're absolutely right!  So much going on and I sort of lost track of time!  Lot's to fill you in on, so let's get busy...

Here's some awesome news - we almost have a locked picture!  That means Nicole is just about finished editing and we're on the way to color correction, working with our fabulous composer to finish scoring the film and doing the sound mix.  We have some amazing people working with us in post-production and look to complete the film by the end of the year.

More great news - we got our Sundance submission in on time - barely - at the very last moment we walked it into their Los Angeles office and hand delivered it.  It's a rough cut, of course, but it looks amazing even unfinished.  We firmly believe "A Perfect Ending" will premiere exactly where it's supposed to, whether it's in Park City or Berlin or one of many other fab festivals.  It is surrounded by such love and energy and has truly taken on a life of its own - her own I should say!

Let's see, what else...we're in the middle of redesigning our websites so all three have a more cohesive look - I'll let you know the moment they are up and ready to go.  Lot's of things to see, new content including unseen photos and videos, we'll introduce you to some new people working with us, and share with you what's coming next.  I've been working side by side (well, sort of) with our new marketing wonder Gayl "Curtie" Curtiss and the brilliant Rachelle Goodness to put them together, and we're all beyond excited!

I'm also working with another talented woman named Maggie from XFactor Designs on our poster - we're super close to being finished with that - and I'm heading out to order our t-shirts tomorrow!  This means that I will begin to work on the donor rewards going out in a few weeks and will keep you in the loop on that progress.  Oh for a few elves!

Posting now some photos for you that will be on the new site, and I honestly don't think anyone has seen them before, so you're the first!

Over and out for now, big hugs to all, and I'll check in soon - for sure when the "A Perfect Ending" poster is finalized so you'll also be the first to see that!


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