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$20,605 pledged of $60,000 goal
By Michał Bernat
$20,605 pledged of $60,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jacek Olejnik on March 14

      Sorry to hear that. I may be wrong, but imho you got a great game and great presentation , waht you need is much greater visibility. More poeple just need to hear about the game, and prefferably during the crowdfunding campaign so they dont forget about it.

    2. Alexandre Boureau on March 13

      As I told you on Twitter, it is a real shame, but you did well considering the initial odds, do I am quite confident the project will survive, either by relaunching or by going another route (with some added content, it could be Early Access worthy).

    3. Missing avatar

      Cutshaw on March 13

      I hope you find another point in time to spring from. I'll keep following on steam and keep my fingers crossed

    4. Michał Bernat Creator on March 13

      Hey guys! We had to cancel the campaign, but we are not giving up, more info in this update:

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Ackerman
      on March 13

      It’s a great game, I don’t think Early Access is a good idea! I hope it works!

    6. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Toro on March 13

      Are your guys going to reboot the kickstart with a smaller goal. I really want to see this game on my switch.

    7. Ronnie Viklund
      on March 13

      Doesn't look like we're gonna reach that goal, sorry guys, the game looks great but I think the campaign needed more exposure out there to get the ball rolling.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kayla Peterson
      on March 10

      What are your plans if the kick starter does not succeed?

    9. Michał Bernat Creator on March 8

      Hey guys, we just uploaded the demo with few fixes:) Thank you so much for your feedback!
      -fixed a bug with inactive UI on tactical layer
      -fixed a bug with dissapearing UI after using Reload skill
      -fixed a bug when a hunter could act during enemy turn

    10. RobertE on March 8

      awesome! thank you :)
      I'm really enjoying the demo.

    11. Michał Bernat Creator on March 8

      @RobertE we didn't forget about that one. We just managed to locate the problem and fix it. We will post an update with a new build today.

    12. RobertE on March 7

      what about the UI bug? that's the worst one I've encountered while playing.

    13. Michał Bernat Creator on March 7

      @Kucabara we are trying to locate that bug.
      @Alexandre Boureau Thanks! We had a minor bug in the demo. In our latest update we added a comment with a new download link(below). The build in this link has that bug already fixed.

    14. Alexandre Boureau on March 7

      Very nice demo. It is nice that you have all elements of the game more or less already in place. I have 2 of my 4 starting hunters marked as departed. Why is that? Is there a way to recover them?

    15. Missing avatar

      on March 7

      I had a bug where my Hunters would not recover from "death", the counter for healing was stuck.

    16. Michał Bernat Creator on March 7

      Hello guys!
      Our demo is now public! =)
      Download it here:

    17. RobertE on March 4

      I'm also getting a bug where the UI in battle mode disappears. The most recent example was in the battle support mission with a Jagger and Rambler.

    18. RobertE on March 4

      So I've been really enjoying the demo so far but I've encountered da bug. When you have a group of hunters returning and get a new mission you can send the hunters you have in the tower to go on it. But this seems to redirect the returning hunters on the map.(it's the correct hunters in the mission though)
      Once that mission is complete the original set of hunters becomes unavailable with no indication of their status.

    19. Michał Bernat Creator on March 4

      Guys, thank you for your comments and feedback:) we are super excited that you liked our demo. @Moagim you definitely know what you are talking about ;) that is exactly how I want this game to expand and I'm really glad that you feel it the same way:) it is really encouraging and thank you for that!

    20. Missing avatar

      Moagim on March 4

      So I finished the demo and here is some feedback. In general the demo is great and I am sure the whole game will be awesome, please keep up the great work. Anyway, here goes:

      - I really love how important the stealth is in the game and I think you guys should emphasize this further to drive home the fact that you command a group of hunters rather than a warband of warriors who can face the enemy in a fair fight
      - In the future it would be good to add crouching animation to characters hiding behind tombstones and other bojects (similar to the one for crouching in the bushes) to indicate that the hunter is hidding. Also I think it would be good to add some icon (to the HP/Stamina/AP) that would indicate whether the hunter is hidden completely, or only from certain direction
      - I like the relatively severe recovery times for hunters who get knocked out (I have seen even 70 days at one point), this IMO makes stealth even more important since your hunters are rather fragile and you cant really afford to have too many of them out of action
      - I thought that since the smell is already in the game it might be a good idea to add tracks as well. The hunters would perhaps leave tracks behind them as they go and the tracks would disappear after several turns, if the monsters would see the tracks they would start following them

      - the werewolves in the demo are pretty good and I like how a standard werewolf can tear any hunter appart in a 1vs1 fair fight - thats exactly how it should be as I mentioned in the stealth part
      - in the future I would like to see various synergies among the mosnters, so for example a standard werewolf could have an ability ot somehow buff the smaller ones to do more damage (through pheromones, howling etc)
      - it would be also nice to have some flying monsters that could avoid traps, enemies that attack at range and enemies that dont actually fight (or are very weak), but only buff other enemies (to force you to prioritise targets) - lets says something like a female werewolf that doesnt do much damage but has an aura which makes male werewolves fight harder in her presence
      - you could also add "suicide bomber" enemies that explode when they reach you/they are destroyed, doing AoE damage. Again that would make the player prioritize targets and of course could be used to players advantage as well

      Controls/bugs/other things
      - i noticed that sometimes you cant select a hunter´s ability by clicking on the icon (but the number keys work) or vice versa
      - it would be good to be able to rotate the map view, I find that sometimes it is difficult to target the attacks because you cant see clearly where it is going to land
      - it would be nice to be able to end turn by clicking on enter or some other key
      - when you have hunters coming back from a completed mission, a new mission pops up and you embark on it, your next group of hunters doesnt go from the city, but instead the returning group of hunters gets redirected to the new mission, even though the hunters that did the previous mission cannot take part in the new one

      Strategic layer
      - in general I am very satisfied with what I saw here, it would be nice to have some more buildings to choose from
      - I think it would be nice to have something like UFOpedia from the original X-COM games, where you could read short texts about the results of the research projects, lore about the game world etc. It should be of course called something properly fitting to the setting like "Chronicles of the Hunt" or something

      Anyway thats all I can think of right now. I enjoyed the demo very much and I hope you guys manage to finish the game no matter how the KS campaign ends. I have to echo Tirion and say that it is sad to see that KS is no longer what it used to be back in the game, but it is what it is I guess.

    21. Missing avatar

      D_Revan on March 4

      i was really satisfated with the demo, aims to be a great game, really, reminds me somehow to darknest dungeons in some way, great work guys.

    22. Missing avatar

      Protoplasmic on March 3

      I REALLY liked the demo. The music and sound design are perfect. Enemies look great. I wish you guys the best of luck, I really wanna see this game get made.

    23. Tirion,Haberdasher of the Obsidian Order on March 3

      I am truly saddened. The spirit that was behind kickstarter 5 - 6+ years ago seems to be gone. Back then a quality game like this with the amount of work you have already put into it would have reached 60k by now but today if you don't have a major name involved in the project chances are slim you can reach over 20k.
      I am just a janitor with very limited means so I can't pledge much but when I do pledge it is because I want to see the game made, that the world of gaming will be better with that game in it. About half of the games I backed I will probably never play but I am still happy that I backed them. Having that so very small part in its development was enough for me but I feel that that spirit that was much more prevalent a few years ago is almost gone.
      I will be pulling for this game all the way to the end, it is not too late for this to succeed, never surrender, onward!

    24. John-Thomas Kelly on March 3

      Hi! Thanks for the demo!

      So, you almost certainly are not going to make your goal. You should be working right now on how you're going to regroup and launch another more successful campaign.

      To that end, you should consider cancelling this one before it ends in failure. Better to take things confidently into your own hands and live to fight another day (soon!) - rather than have a failure on your record.

    25. Michał Bernat Creator on March 3

      Thanks guys! Hope you'll enjoy the demo! If something is not clear, please let us know! :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Moagim on March 3

      Trying the demo now. Will post some feedback later on.

    27. Missing avatar

      on March 3

      Gonna check out the demo now. I wish you had made it right at the start, might have helped out a lot for more backers.

    28. Michał Bernat Creator on February 28

      Thanks @Alexandre Boureau, huge thanks!
      We have a penalty system for falling in battle. Character wil have to heal their wounds with time, so won't be able to use them. We are considering the permadeath, maybe as an extension to the penalty system or a difficulty system.

    29. Alexandre Boureau on February 27

      Good luck! I redirected some of the development money of my game here, because it would be a shame if this one is not being made.
      If one character=one class, how will you handle character death?

    30. Michał Bernat Creator on February 26

      @RandomColourzzz Thank you so much!

    31. Random on February 26

      This game looks great! Just upped my pledge to the $25 one! Looking forward to play this on Linux

    32. Michał Bernat Creator on February 26

      Hi @D_Revan and thanks :)
      In the release version of the game we will have 10 hunter to choose from. The standard party will consist of 4 hunters, but at the start of the game you will be able to use only 2. You will have to invest in the building upgrades to send more characters on the hunt.
      Every hunter will have access to a set of armors that will completely change his appearance and modify his stats (mostly resistances).
      We will post a hunter's update soon, so keep an eye on that.

    33. Missing avatar

      D_Revan on February 26

      hello , i am very interested in this game and sounds amazing, but i have a very important question, how big te size of the party will be ? if you are using the format of attack without % of missing , that should give you some space to make the battles big , or not , i dont develop games so i just guessing, but still , how big will it be? and also if i may, there will be any kind of upgrade for the heroes in a skin way?. thanks

    34. Michał Bernat Creator on February 20

      Thank you @Florent Goumot-Labesse !

    35. Florent Goumot-Labesse on February 20

      The game looks awesome and gloomy; gotta love the updates that are filled with infos!

    36. Michał Bernat Creator on February 18

      Hi @Moagim, we really glad that you liked our work:) Let's answer your questions:

      One hunter per class. They are more like RPG characters than soldiers that you can hire.

      Yes, the regions may be lost, and a special mission may be taken to defend it. If you choose to not take it, the region will be lost. There are some additional things considering the City's control over region and over presence there. We'll explain it in future updates,

      Yes, that is our main way of increasing difficulty with time. We are preparing an update about monsters, so keep an eye on that for more info.

      The most human enemies will be the mutated villagers from the Freeholds. Their behaviour will be something what you could expect from standard human enemies. Some later enemies will bring "special" features, but the basic ones are very human and use weapons like rifles, pitchforks, scythes, etc.

    37. Missing avatar

      Moagim on February 18

      I watched the devstream and I got some additional questions:

      Can you have more than one hunter of the same class (ie lets say two Jaegers) or is it just one hunter per class?

      I recall it was said that when the city military takes a sector of the strategic map it (which allows you to build a hideout there) can be lost as well. When a sector is lost does it mean that you lose your hideout there as well? Also can you defend your hideouts like you could defend your bases in XCOM?

      Will various types of monsters be able to cooperate to create synergies (ie something similar to the Darkest Dungeon where some enemies can mark targets so others can do stronger attacks) like your hunters can with stun + Antiquarian´s special attack?

      Are there going to be human enemies as well (I am thinking cultists worshiping the Darkness, brigands or perhaps soldiers of the noble houses in some specific missions)?

      Anyway, I really liked what I saw in the devstream, so keep up the good work!

    38. Michał Bernat Creator on February 17

      @Kucabra: Please, stay positive. =)
      But be sure, we're too attatched to this project and we won't abadon it, Alder's Blood is our entire life. We're even working during the weekends (what you can see on our streams).
      @Umar Abbasi: We have a strong design doc, development process for many months forward is already planned, we have vision and we know exactly where the project is going, so there's no way to end like System Shock.

    39. Umar Abbasi
      on February 17

      Hello. I have a question surrounding the dev teams vision wen it comes to the Kickstarter campaign. With the past history of how Kickstarter campaigns having trouble during development ( System Shock for example) are you guys confident that you can delver on the promise surrounding you're Kickstarter campaign. ? I hope my question did not come across as rude or offensive. Good luck on the Kickstarter

    40. Missing avatar

      on February 17

      I don't want to jinx you, but the way the support is dragging on it will be hard to reach your goal. Will you publish the game even if the Kickstarter fails? It looks awesome!

    41. Michał Bernat Creator on February 16

      Thanks @Paweł! Glad to see someone from our city here. :) Are you going to watch our stream today? :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Paweł Szewczuk on February 16

      A studio from my city @Lublin :D I wish you good luck, Can not wait for the final version.

    43. Michał Bernat Creator on February 16

      Thanks @Boom1000 ! Alder's Blood won't have a very serious minimal requirements, so hopefuly it will run on your PC before we launch on PS4 :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Boom1000 on February 15

      Backed and hoping it comes out on the ps4 in the future! Or i hope i have a new computer by the time this comes out lol. Looks awesome so i wanted to back it either way. Love good indie stuff and like you I love Bloodborne best of luck to you all!

    45. Michał Bernat Creator on February 15

      Huge thanks @automirage04 !:)

    46. Missing avatar

      automirage04 on February 15

      Backed, and sharing this page with friends. Haven't been this excited for a game in a long time. Good luck!

    47. Michał Bernat Creator on February 15

      Thanks @Jacek Olejnik !

    48. Missing avatar

      Jacek Olejnik on February 15

      Backed, really think you got something pottentially unique here, good luck:)

    49. Michał Bernat Creator on February 15

      Thanks @stephane.p ~ BigEyes Games. The demo we have is of a more internal use. It might be a little bit dissapointing without us sitting next to you explaining how mechanics work (we don't have a solid tutorial in that demo).
      But we definitely can stream some gameplay from it:)

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