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Grubstakers Wanted for PLAND's 2012 Residency Season!'s video poster

We do the grubby stuff and you stake your claim in PLAND's 2012 Residency Season, helping us build, bear, and buy what isn't bartered. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2012.

We do the grubby stuff and you stake your claim in PLAND's 2012 Residency Season, helping us build, bear, and buy what isn't bartered.

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About this project

On a basic level, PLAND is a project comprised of a Residency Program and a Building Program. On a conceptual level, PLAND is an experiment: in living, making, being, learning, partnering, owning, administering, art, and more. (A-hem. We also like to use cheap video editing software.)

PLAND's Main House, the physical component of the project, will eventually function as year-round shelter for residents and will host events, workshops, community dinners, and more. We are using hand tools to build PLAND, which means it’s slow-going and labor intensive but oh, so much fun!

The PLAND experience is ultimately about sharing a place. PLAND -- this thing we created -- has everything to do with our specific location in a failed suburban grid near the tiny, nearly abandoned town of Tres Piedras, NM. It is informed by our neighbors, the weather, the phases of the moon, the state of the dirt road, the time it takes to drive to town. It is not a place that most tourists or students or artists would find themselves. It is weird and wild and, without trees and in plain site of the highway, it is quite vulnerable. But we love PLAND. We love all of the eccentricities of the place. To share the infectious curiosity about our locale is the most generous gift we could give.

PLAND does not need tons of money -- we've functioned each season on approximately $2000 to $3000. We use recycled materials whenever possible, using barter or trade to acquire what we need. However because PLAND is a learn-by-doing endeavor, we have learned the importance of purchasing necessary items that must be clean and safe: food, water, fuel/propane, structural materials, etc. We also recognize the importance of supporting our residents with modest project budgets, dependent on available funds. This year we have four phenomenal residents headed our way.

Our Kickstarter funds will go to support this season's Work Party and Residency and Building Program projects, which will all be completed by Fall 2012.

We like to see the immense possibility where nothing exists. And right now, we need to go from $0 to $2000.

Please help PLAND continue -- for us and for YOU!

Just look what we're able to do with $5 video software, a notepad, and some time. ;)


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    Level 1 - "The Germinator." Help us get things movin.' Receive a handmade memento from the 2012 Season.

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    Level 2 - "The Youngin'. " Give a bit and grow a lot with PLAND. Receive one set of limited edition PLAND image postcards from our very first season and one PLAND bumper sticker.

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    Level 3 - "The Big Brother." Watch as you help make PLAND happen. Receive a 2012 Summer photo album (digital edition of photos not released to the public).

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    Level 4 - "The Mutha Load." Give PLAND some major umph! Receive a DVD montage of PLAND, including interviews with 2012 residents.

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    Level 5 -" The Sugar Daddy." Fund our entire Summer 2012 season and we'll be sweet on ya. Receive an overnight visit to PLAND during Summer 2013, complete with an unscripted adventure to the area attraction of your choice (hot springs, hiking in Carson National Forest, petroglyphs, or ???). Details will be negotiated.

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