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Xeno Crisis is
a new top-down
arena shooter for up to 2 players that is best described as Smash TV meets
Aliens! Run and gun your way through thousands of enemies spread over 6 areas
as you attempt to discover the cause of the alien menace.
Xeno Crisis is a new top-down arena shooter for up to 2 players that is best described as Smash TV meets Aliens! Run and gun your way through thousands of enemies spread over 6 areas as you attempt to discover the cause of the alien menace.
1,289 backers pledged £72,569 to help bring this project to life.

Progress Update (August 2018)

Posted by Bitmap Bureau (Creator)

This is a big update with lots of bits to get through, we hope you enjoy the ride!

First off is a big thank you from Matt for all the kind comments of support from backers, as he recovers from his accident. Sadly he had a relapse in August after pushing himself a bit too hard to catch up, but he’s on the road to recovery and we’ve been subcontracting a few of his tasks to help reduce the pressure.

However we have some unfortunate news, things are running behind schedule and we’re not going to make our target release of October for the Mega Drive version. Matt’s been beating himself up a bit, as we’ve all been working so hard to hit our target. But the reality is software development projects are very hard to land on time and we’ve been packing lots more content into Xeno Crisis than we initially planned.

That said we’re still cracking on as ever, and we will be continuing our monthly updates as always, making sure you’re informed on the project and can see the progress towards its release.

PCBs ordered

We’ve now pulled the trigger on ordering the Mega Drive PCBs! Manufacture and assembly of the PCBs is expected to take around 8-10 weeks. We’ll then be able to package the PCBs into the cartridges so they are ready for flashing the completed game ROM.

If you still haven’t pre-ordered a copy of Xeno Crisis for Mega Drive then now is the time to guarantee your copy arrives on release and before we’re out of stock of the extra PCBs we’ve ordered.

Artwork complete

Henk has now finished the last couple of bosses, so we’re pleased to say all the art assets are now complete! There might be a few tweaks in the final stages of development but we now know the ROM space left to pack with music/sfx and other good stuff! A big thanks to Henk (and Catherine) Xeno Crisis looks stunning and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you!


We’re excited to announce we’ve signed a licensing deal with the progressive metal band Skyharbor to bring their amazing Trayus track to Xeno Crisis. Savaged Regime’s cover of Trayus on the Mega Drive’s YM2612 was the original inspiration behind the music for Xeno Crisis:

Savaged Regime has now reworked a new version of Trayus which is more suited to feature in the game. This track will also feature on the OST vinyl and CD if you’ve not yet added them to your order. We’ve also got a preview of yet another new track as well as the Trayus track:

Next month

Mike will be looking to finalise the PC / modern console version of Xeno Crisis ready for some solid beta testing. Savaged Regime is currently finalising the last few tracks and will then be refining the sound effects in the game.

Matt as he paces himself between some Mega Drive UI coding will be ordering the various printed / manufactured parts of the pledges, including covers, labels, manuals, postcards, OST vinyl / CD etc. The aim being to be minimise any delays later on and enabling us to pre-package and assemble all the cartridges and boxes. We will then be ready to ship as soon as the final game ROM is ready.

New platforms!

We are really pleased to announce Xeno Crisis will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We had a number of backer requests and enquiries for Xeno Crisis on more consoles for those that don’t have easy access to a Mega Drive or Dreamcast. Pre-orders are not currently available for PS4 and XB1 but we will update you when they are.

Mega Shock

What about retro platforms we hear you cry? What was under that Xeno Crisis t-shirt in May’s update? Well we’re super excited to say we’ll be bringing Xeno Crisis to:

The Neo Geo is no easy undertaking, but after having our arm twisted by HPMAN ;-) and after an initial test porting of Xeno Crisis (largely to check procedural level generation) back in May we’re happy the Neo Geo is within reach. The Neo Geo homebrew scene just like the Mega Drive scene has been amazing! As well as HPMAN a big thanks goes out to Jeff Kurtz, Razoola, Mike Wolak, Frazer Rhodes and Neil @8Bitplus. It wouldn’t have been possible to consider the Neo Geo without your help.

Of course we’re not doing any further work on developing the Neo Geo version until we’ve finished with the Mega Drive and Dreamcast release. However we’ve got a survey for those that wish to express their interest in the Neo Geo version and to make sure they don’t miss out when we open pre-orders in the future - it will be a very limited edition release!

Return Magazine

For German readers the release of Return Magazine’s 34th edition this month brings an article featuring the making of Xeno Crisis. Make sure to get your copy here:

As always thank you for all the great comments and feedback, please keep them coming!

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    1. Gholll on

      Savaged Regime's version of Trayus sounds thousands times better than the original !
      It's always a pleasure to listen to his stuff like on the Genesis cartridge YM2017 (but IMO his track isn't the best of this album... not even close).

      Don't care if the Megadrive turns 31 years old when the game comes out but would be scared if it gets older :|

    2. Missing avatar

      Filipe on

      I don't mind the delays, I know you will make a quality product.
      I'm in for a Neo Geo MVS version.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Brannan on

      I will definitely be all over a Neo Geo release, just registered my interest. Please consider doing a limited edition full MVS kit as well as an AES version if this does happen.

    4. Missing avatar

      radek on

      really happy to hear about the ps4 release! i hope its not rude to ask, if backers do get some sort of discount?

      whats the approx release schedule for the dreamcast version?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kent on

      Will we get the hardware Mega/Dreamcast release before it gets released on Steam?

    6. Missing avatar

      F34R on

      I have to go back and see which platforms I already ordered it on lol. Xbox One (X) will be for me and NEO GEO as well!!! This is just getting better and better with each update posted.

    7. Nathan Erickson

      Great news about PS4 and Xbox One! Will we able to exchange our Steam key for one on these newly announced consoles?

    8. Missing avatar

      leigh on

      For me, it’s a case of quality. Take your time and get out the game you envisioned, way back when. Keep up the good work.

    9. Lewis Waddington on

      Neo Geo?!? How much hehe

      Great stuff though!
      Good things come to those who wait.