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LOCKER 212 tells the story of a high school bully who gets his wallflower-victim caught up in a conflict with school authority.


We've been uber-excited about the level of talent LOCKER 212 has attracted. One of the first to express interest in the role of Vice-Principal Richards is acclaimed film and television actor Nick Searcy.

Nick Searcy
Nick Searcy

But we're also thrilled to have attached a couple of talented young actors for our lead roles.

Jacob Leinbach - a gifted young man who has already accrued some impressive credits in film and television - makes a personal plea for the project:

Matt Mitchell - a likewise accomplished young actor - explains why LOCKER 212 appeals to him:

The Vision:

Tired of the bullying and violence in our schools?

We believe that stories have the power to change the world, so we've set out to tell a story that will inspire viewers to make a difference on the personal level by reaching out to the victims and bullies in their communities.

LOCKER 212, written by Josh Barkey and directed by Matt Nunn, explores how making real, human connections with our most lost and hurting kids can help us alleviate the bullying and violence that have plagued our schools.

Join Us:

First, check out the first pages of the script at THIS LINK.

Then, Make a Pledge -- whatever you can manage (pretty please).

And after that...

Stay Involved!

Like us at, and follow us on twitter @locker212 and tumblr at locker212.tumblr.

Don't forget to check back here for updates as well!

The Cold, Hard Fact$:

An indie feature-film typically costs about two million dollars to make. That's over sixteen thousand dollars a minute! LOCKER 212 will probably clock in at around fifteen minutes, and we want to tell it well. 

We've set an initial Kickstarter goal of FORTY THOUSAND, because we believe that's the minimum necessary to do justice to this story.

While we have signed onto this project purely for the love of it, there are some things that just can't be accomplished without a significant transfusion of cash. 

We have rental fees, talent (and some essential crew) to hire, insurance to buy, humans we have to feed on set, and -- when the project's in the can -- festival entry fees to pay. All this adds up really fast, and as much as our amazing, patient, and supportive (hint, hint) significant others believe in us and what we do, not one of them has agreed to let us sell a kidney to make this happen.

Come hell or high-water, we're shooting this thing. But the credit cards are wearing thin from over-use; and as we all know, money-trouble is one of the biggest destroyers of relationships. If not for the story or the rewards, then make a pledge for our loved ones, who didn't do a thing to deserve our overriding need to create.

We're scheduled to shoot on July 13 & 14 of this summer. We've got locations booked, equipment purchased or lined up to rent, and mojos finely tuned.

Now all we need is your help.


We are pleased to join forces with Project Anti-Bully to help bring LOCKER 212 to life!
We are pleased to join forces with Project Anti-Bully to help bring LOCKER 212 to life!

One, Final Bit of Team Horn-Tooting:

Director Matt Nunn is a veteran of film and television. In addition to a number of short films, he also directed the feature-length film ESPOSITO, and numerous commercials and industrials. He has worked extensively as a Director of Photography and editor, and has acquired an expansive understanding of all aspects of the process.

Personal Tidbit: Matt made the first cut of his first film for thirty dollars, casting his actors using patrons who came into the coffee shop where he worked as a barista. Here's a more recent piece:

Writer/Producer Josh Barkey caught the film-making bug working as an extra on movies like JUNO and PASSENGERS. The very first short film he wrote, FORK, was produced in 2010, and he currently has LOCKER 212 and two other short films (and one feature) in pre-production, with three different directors. Josh has also published a short story collection entitled "IMMORTALITY (and other short stories)."

Personal Tidbit: Josh grew up in the Amazon Basin, and has personally planted over half a million trees on the cut-blocks of Northern Canada. He is single, and currently accepting formal applications for a sugar-momma. This is (mostly) a joke.

Director of Photography Ben Joyner is an accomplished cinematographer with an uncanny ability to capture light beautifully with his little, black box. Ben's gonna make this thing look beautiful. I mean, just check out this guy's reel...

Personal Tidbit: Ben's facebook "likes" include Emma Watson, Blue Tongue Films, and Amelie's French Bakery, which has exceptional free water on tap.

Lead Producer Matt Wyns works with ESPN and brings a briefcase full of business acumen to the project. He's also a Canadian, which is mysterious and cool.

Personal Tidbit: No word of a lie, Matt's first locker in high school was locker number two-twelve. This is mystical and a little bit creepy, but we're choosing to see it as a good omen.

Other, Equally-Essential Team Members (Check out their lovely mug shots on the Facebook page):

J.R. Adduci - Production Assistant / All-Around-Everything Guy

Misty Arnold - Talent Wrangler

Jennifer Bird - 2nd AC

John Carrington - Digital-Imaging Technician

Ashleigh Chavis - Hair & Makeup

Brent Christy - Gaffer / Key Grip

Mitzi Corrigan (C&J Casting) - Casting Director

Jared Freeman - Production Assistant

Mike Jenkins - Dolly Grip

Bernardo Marentes - Production Stills

Luke McMahon - 1st Assistant Cameraman

Ron Rabideau - Graphics

Tadas Rimkevicius - 2nd Assistant Director

Anthony Short - Sound/Audio

Jeremy Snyder - Composer

Michelle Wheeler - 1st Assistant Director

YOU - Patron of the Arts, Cheerleader, Producer

- - -

*Disclaimer: As official "writer-on-the-spot," Josh Barkey was responsible for scribbling most of this pitch, so it's possible that he sneaked in some of his own personal weirdness that has nothing to do with LOCKER 212. Just sayin'.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The LOCKER 212 project faces the usual risks of film and TV production. Director Matt Nunn could develop an inordinate fear of high school lockers, or one of our principle actors might decide to barrel-ride Niagara Falls the day before production. Never fear: we are offsetting those risks with production insurance, contingency plans, and a production team with years of experience.

We're also working with a pretty loose schedule regarding festivals. While we will be submitting to the major festivals as a first step to pushing this film forward in the public consciousness, there are no guarantees when it comes to acceptance, and as a result we can't be sure, up front, what that means for our reward distribution-schedule.

With respect to rewards fulfillment:

We're new to Kickstarter, so there may be hiccups in the supply line... but just know that we take our obligation to you, our co-creators, VERY seriously, and we will be doing everything in our power to get all your DVDs, digital downloads, and other goodies delivered safely and on schedule. .

We’ll be sending regular updates about our progress to all backers, so you’ll be the first to know about what’s going on.

Final Information About Rewards:

· With the exception of the higher pledge levels, Kickstarter campaign and rewards fulfillment limited to U.S. and Canada.
· Travel, lodging and transportation to events and set visits not included in any reward bundle
· Must be over 18 or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend events (premiere, set visit)
· Some rewards may require additional paperwork (to protect us and you)
· Distribution schedule not finalized.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Digital Copy for pledges of $25 and more will not be available until after the festival circuit, which is why the date is set for July, 2014. Project completion has to include festival distribution, because distributing the film digitally before the festival circuit could jeopardize our chances for entry, and hurt the film's chances for a wider distribution.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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