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A fantasy sandbox MMO RPG where the character's actions are persistent, the players build kingdoms and YOU are the storytellers!
A fantasy sandbox MMO RPG where the character's actions are persistent, the players build kingdoms and YOU are the storytellers!
4,212 backers pledged $307,843 to help bring this project to life.

Last day of Pathfinder Online MMO Kickstarter!

Hello Technology Demo Backer!

Our thanks to you for pledging to back the Pathfinder Online Technology Demo project.  We greatly appreciate the support!

We have been running the sequel to that campaign, this time to fund the acceleration of development of the game proper.  Today is the last day for that second Kickstarter.

We are in the final hours, and we need your help to take us over the funding goal.  We're very close; we've raised 90% of the project goal of $1,000,000.  But the rules of Kickstarter state that if we do not exceed our funding goal, we'll get none of those pledges.  It's all or nothing.

We have two favors to ask from you today.  First, we'd like you to please speak with at least one friend and explain how cool the Pathfinder Online project is and ask them to back the project.  Each person who pledges will help convince others that the project has momentum and lots of support and that will snowball.

Second, we'd like you to make a post on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter about the Kickstarter, including the URL to the project so that people who follow you on-line will be able to find and back the project as well.

The URL is:

History has been made with this Kickstarter.  We have already raised enough pledges to rank as the 10th most funded videogame project in Kickstarter's history.  Now we need to close the deal, hit the funding goal, and then accelerate production of the game.

In closing, I wanted to describe the benefits you get for supporting the second Kickstarter.  Pledging at the $35 Adventurer level gets you a number of benefits that have been added since the project began, including the PDF of the Emerald Spire Superdungeon (at least 144 pages of Pathfinder tabletop RPG awesomeness from an All-Star team of designers), PDFs of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook itself and the Guide to the River Kingdoms, 2 months of game time, the game itself, an invitation to join Early Enrollment in the last month so that you'll have a jump on retail buyers on Release, and in-game benefits like reserving a character name, Destiny's Twin that lets two characters train skills at the same time, and the Adventurer's Pack of consumables and a bag of holding.

From everyone here at Goblinworks, we thank you again for your support, and look forward to Crowdforging Pathfinder Online with you!


Ryan S. Dancey
CEO Goblinworks


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    1. Magentawolf on January 14, 2013

      Quit bugging me. :P