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A fantasy sandbox MMO RPG where the character's actions are persistent, the players build kingdoms and YOU are the storytellers!
A fantasy sandbox MMO RPG where the character's actions are persistent, the players build kingdoms and YOU are the storytellers!
4,212 backers pledged $307,843 to help bring this project to life.

Welcome To New Members of the Community

Because this Kickstarter has brought many new members to the Pathfinder Online community, we'd like to take a minute to bring you up to speed on our progress to date and the direction we're heading with the design of the game.

The Announcement

Lisa and Ryan began discussing a Pathfinder MMO in January of 2011, and we started developing a business plan and a development document—sort of an outline for the game—over the next several months. By November 2011, we were comfortable that we were on the right track, and we were ready to start looking for the talent—and the money—we'd need to make the plan a reality.  We knew that once we started doing investor presentations and recruiting,   word about the project was likely to spread quickly, and we didn't want the Pathfinder community to be "the last to know," so we decided that we would announce the project to the community as the first step, rather than the last step, in the process.  You can read that initial press release at  We also created the Pathfinder Online messageboard on ( ), and we've been interacting with the community there ever since.  Ryan, Mark, Lisa, and Vic have all been responding to questions and asking for feedback over the past few months.

Some people think that announcing a project and then raising the money is doing things in the wrong order, but the unique nature of the Pathfinder community dictated an unusual approach.  As you'll soon learn, pretty much everything about Pathfinder Online is being done in a non-traditional way.  Making an MMO like no other requires a process like no other!

The Blogs

Every two weeks since the announcement, we've published a blog to talk about the progress of the project and to describe in detail our plans for the game.  These blogs have created a tremendous outpouring of feedback, commentary, and insight about how people want to see the game evolve.  The associated messageboard threads have been invaluable in shaping our planning process.Each blog has its own message board threads, which start with a link to the blog for that thread.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Introducing the Crusader Road

Your Pathfinder Online Character

To Live and Die in the River Kingdoms

Adventure in the River Kingdoms

LFG (Looking for Group)!

Player Created Buildings and Structures

Time is the Fire In Which We Burn

Money Changes Everything

Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers

Where The Wild Things Are

The Blog About Kickstarter

Signed...In Blood

Community Interaction

In December 2011, in the blog "Introducing the Crusader Road," we invited the community to help name one of the three starting NPC Settlements in Pathfinder Online.  After several weeks of voting, you selected Thornkeep as the winner.In February, we asked the community to  create short video segments telling us what they like about Pathfinder and what they're looking forward to in Pathfinder Online.  We used quick bits of the videos that were submitted in the announcement video for our Kickstarter project, and we're rewarding the people who sent in videos by making them the inaugural members of the Goblin Squad.And, of course the biggest community interaction so far has been with this Kickstarter project.  Everyone who supports that project is going to get some form of reward, from recognition in the credits up to opportunities to visit the Goblinworks offices and play the Tech Demo in person.We'll keep involving the community in these kinds of things, and that will carry on all the way to the game itself, where the community will have a big voice in determining the direction of the game's evolution.

What Happens Next

The Kickstarter has reached its minimum funding goal, so the Technology Demo is now under active development.  We'll be completing that project in the next couple of months, and we'll be sharing our progress with the community at every milestone.  Mark and the programmers, artists and game designers will be hard at work actually making the Pathfinder Online game, springboarding from the Technology Demo.  Ryan and Lisa will take the Tech Demo, plus the obvious support this Kickstarter has generated, and go on the road to talk to investors about funding the full development of the project.  We're also considering all our options for funding, including non-traditional opportunities.

Every two weeks, check back to read our newest blog at , and then head over to the messageboards and tell us what you think of the work we're doing.  As always, we thank you for your support, and remind you that we're always listening!


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      EOPE42 on May 28, 2012

      These blogs are exceptional. I anticipate the pdf with the game design notes/thornkeep materials a great deal.