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A game where your actions are persistent, your characters can build kingdoms, and YOU are the storyteller!
A game where your actions are persistent, your characters can build kingdoms, and YOU are the storyteller!
8,732 backers pledged $1,091,194 to help bring this project to life.

On-Line Store, Account Transfers, and Land Rush!


Today we have a HUGE update for everyone involving our on-line store, managing your pledge, and the Land Rush for Early Enrollment.

We have a ton of material to cover so I apologize in advance for the length of this post. A quick summary for those who “tl;dr”:

1: Go to and manage your Kickstarter pledge immediately. Time is running out if you want the Print Pack Add-On.

2: It’s time to transfer your account from to You do that in the Pledge Manager on

3: The Land Rush is now live, and Guilds are competing for the right to create the first Settlements in the game in Early Enrollment

First, a quick status update.

The team is working very hard to complete the last milestone before we begin Alpha testing. Currently it looks like we will begin internal Alpha testing in the first week of June, with Alpha Kickstarter backers getting into the game shortly thereafter. This milestone integrates work from all aspects of the game - the server, the graphics pipeline, game design, animation, terrain building, the User Interface, account management tools, etc. Bringing all these various systems and content together into a cohesive whole is a gigantic task but we are making good progress.

The On-Line Store

We turned on the Goblin Squad Store on several weeks ago. In the interim we’ve concluded that we need to take ownership of the account management system, and that also requires us to manage our own storefront a little earlier than we had planned. As a result, we have shut down the Goblin Squad Store on, and opened a storefront on You can access that store here:

Using the store people who did not back the Kickstarter can purchase access to Early Enrollment, Alpha testing, and Open Enrollment.

There are no Buddy or Guild packages in the store, and none of the tabletop RPG products are in the store. Right now we are just focusing on basic Enrollment packages and some of the extended Enrollment options for naming rights to various aspects of the in-game objects similar to what we featured in the Kickstarter.

Managing Your Kickstarter Pledge

Paizo has re-enabled access to the Pledge Manager. To access it, log on to your account. At the top of any page, click the “My Account” link. Look for the “My Pledge Drives” section, and click the “View or Claim Kickstarter Pledges” button to access the Pledge Manager.


If you backed both the 1st and 2nd Kickstarters, you should only manage the pledge for the 2nd Kickstarter at this time. If you attempt the account transfer function while managing a 1st Kickstarter pledge, your account will not transfer correctly and you will have to wait until we have developed a manual procedure to correctly transfer your account.

If you intend to claim the Print Pack Add-On, you need to do so immediately. We will be sending all the physical rewards for the Kickstarter in a just a few weeks, and we are only shipping once. If you miss the shipping window, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET THE PRINT PACK ADD-ON. So please complete the process of managing your Pledge immediately to ensure you get the rewards you want!

If you have Alpha, Early or Open Enrollment access, you will be asked to transfer your account to as a part of the Pledge Management process. Please do so.

A couple of important notes:

1: Use a simple password with just letters and numbers. There is a known problem with complex passwords not being correctly passed from to Once you have successfully transferred your account, you can change your password to something more secure. The problem is with the transfer, not the password system.

2: If you are a Buddy or Guild Backer, you will need to issue Buddy and/or Guild invitations via the Pledge Manager so that your friends can get access to the PDFs and other components of their pledges, AND you need to issue Buddy and Guild invites on once you have transferred your account. We apologize for the duplication of effort, but this was the fastest way to implement those invitations for both systems.

Customer Service

If you encounter any problems with the Goblinworks store, or with the account transfer process or with your account, please email

The Guild Land Rush

Getting the store ready, putting the Pledge Manager on line, and getting accounts transferred to was all preparation for re-starting the Guild Land Rush promotion.

We wrote a blog about the promotion which you can read here:

The Land Rush is now on line and is processing Guild creation and voting. More than 20 Guilds have already registered for the Land Rush!

You can see the current Land Rush information here:

This is your chance to be allocated a Settlement in Early Enrollment. Because we will not have the process of territorial control and Settlement construction built for most of Early Enrollment, but we need Settlements to be operational for social and game reasons, the first Settlements will be established via processes that involve the community showing their support.

So spread the word, tell your friends and guild-mates, this is your time to plant a flag and get your Settlement started!

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    1. Goblinworks Inc. 2-time creator on

      If you log in to and go to Account, you will see your Enrollment status (Open, Early or Alpha). That is all the info we are displaying at this time.

    2. Julian Tysoe

      I can't really tell if my account transferred correctly as there isn't enough information about my account on Goblin works. I was hoping it would at least show the level I pledged at or the number of months I have pre-paid.

    3. Greek Winter Media on

      Did anyone's account transfer properly? My goblinworks account still, says Im not a Goblin Squad member.

    4. Capellan

      Anyone else having an issue where insists no shipping address is needed even though you have selected the print add-on? Because I am. I've emailed paizo support, but no answer yet.

    5. Anthony Bonome on

      I sent you guys an email describing the total tossup that my attempt to transfer my account has become.

    6. Goblinworks Inc. 2-time creator on

      @Dave Sheronhman - the problem with the passing of the passwords was fixed last night, so that advice is no longer necessary. Passwords are not stored in plain text. The code that was used in the Pledge Manager that transmitted the password you entered in a field in that tool (which was never stored in a database) had an error which was corrupting it during the transmission if the password contained non-alphanumeric characters. That error has been fixed, and no passwords are or were ever at risk.

    7. Missing avatar

      Russell Liley


    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Sherohman on

      Speaking of confidence dropping: "Use a simple password with just letters and numbers. There is a known problem with complex passwords not being correctly passed from to Once you have successfully transferred your account, you can change your password to something more secure. The problem is with the transfer, not the password system."

      If it's even *possible* for the complexity of a password to affect the transfer process, then that indicates one or both of the systems is storing our passwords as clear text, which means that an attacker gaining access to their password database could easily learn all of those passwords. This Is Doing It Wrong.

      If the passwords were stored correctly, using a one-way cryptographic hash, then the contents or complexity of the password would be completely irrelevant because the actual content of the password would not be stored anywhere.

    9. Vinciente on

      I just finished an email exchange to resolve my issues (it was a pebkac) being able to transfer, and the Customer Service was so prompt that it was like having a text messaging conversation.
      I must say that kind of service is awesome & can't wait to see how that level of attention to customer needs is reflected in the final product :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug "Dhomal" Raas on

      I sent them an email.

      Honestly, if you are having issues, I would suggest it as well.

      Give them some reading material

    11. Greek Winter Media on

      You don't have 5 minutes to read your own comment threads? Almost unimaginably, I'm now even less impressed than ever. But what do you care, you got my money...

    12. Steve Milner on

      Wow, this is not going well at all. I'm just going to wait for them to get everything in order instead of beating my head against the wall over and over.

    13. Goblinworks Inc. 2-time creator on

      Hi folks!

      We don't monitor these comment threads. If you have questions please email us directly at

    14. Nicholas Tyrrell on

      This is probably a daft question, but I've suddenly had a change of heart, and want to get the print add on. However, apparently my selections were already finalised a year ago. How can I get the print addon at this point?

    15. Pascal Bouchard on

      I managed to transfer to goblinwork ...
      - As Jonas however, it says i'm not a goblin squad member
      - Update also says i should re-invite my buddy once the goblinworks accounts is linked but i dont find any option to do so.

    16. Jonas Schiött

      Jeffrey: yeah, same here. I had to go back to my account page and then back again into the pledge manager to see the tabs again.

      Russell: I also got the same error messages as James, but it seems to have worked regardless. My email was possible to verify, though.

      Only thing I'm wondering now is that it says I'm not a Goblin Squad member. I kinda thought I was that from the first Kickstarter, but then again it was all a very long time ago and I might have forgotten what that even means...

    17. Missing avatar

      Doug "Dhomal" Raas on

      I am now at the same stage as Jeffrey.

      Confidence.... dropping..... dropping....

      And as far as I can see with this Land Rush.... you are giving people who can or want to dump Even More money into you the ability to start towns and such.... So, pay to win right out of the gate, huh?

    18. Greek Winter Media on

      Ok, the Goblinworks site now works even though I was told the transfer didn't go through...

      But when I go to my account page is says "You have not yet enrolled as a Goblin Squad member." What? I just transferred my $100 pledge to the site and now it doesn't know that I'm a member? What is going on here? Did you guys even test this?

    19. Greek Winter Media on

      Ok, left and then re-entered the pledge manager to find the next 'tab' since no tabs show on the page where you said to click the next one (seriously poor site design guys, not impressed)

      Now when linking to Goblinworks it auto-fills with my email address as the username, which I keep. It then says that it's an invalid username. So I switch to a non email address with no @ in it. I get an error saying that it didn't work. I try again with the same name. It tells now me "Goblinworks user account could not be created. failure: Account already linked to paizo"

      So did my account transfer even though it said it failed? What is going on here? This is not inspiring confidence in your ability to run an MMO.... very disappointed in this clusterfrack of a process.

    20. Russell Brooks on

      Same problem as James, but it seems to have worked, I can login on Goblinworks. THe problem now is I can't verify my e-mail on, the field doesn't allow enough characters.

    21. Greek Winter Media on

      This process is utterly bizarre and unnecessarily complex. I finalized my pledge on and it told me "Your pledge has been completed and finalized. Hop on over to the next tab and send it down to Goblinworks to begin your new life of adventure!"

      Oooook... where? What tab? There's nothing to click. I have n idea what this stupid thing wants me to do. Why isn't all of this automatic?

    22. Missing avatar

      Doug "Dhomal" Raas on

      Is there a delay between submitting and when the goblinworks site will recognize the login information?

      First time, same as James Brett, and then the second time it says 'Username not allowed' which makes me think it may be because it is taken already (by me, by my previous attempt)

      A slight bit of additional help on this might be a good thing. Its 5PM eastern, Droves more people will likely be trying very soon.....

    23. James Brett on

      great did it work??? submit says it didn't try again later, waited a few seconds hit submit again and it failed again but now says it failed as the account already linked... not a happy camper