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When a father finally gets his young son out, the Newman Home will do anything to reclaim the boy and complete their experiment.
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Where Does The Money Go?

Posted by Charles Swift (Creator)

Isn't Publishing A Book Pretty Inexpensive These Days?

That's a good question. After all, can't I just upload my files into an ebook format, take a picture from my family album for a cover, and call it good?

First, there's the ebook. There are costs for designing the interior of the book, formatting it, creating a good cover, buying the ISBN number, etc.

Second, there's the print book and its costs for another ISBN number, designing and formatting, adapting the cover, printing, etc.

Third, there's getting the word out. This is a big one because it's expensive for an independent author to get a book in bookstores, in reviewers' hands, in libraries, and in all the other places books like to live. We indie authors don't have all the millions that traditional publishers have.  

Don't think David vs. Goliath, think David's littlest cousin vs. a whole army of Goliaths.

This is what I do for fun.
This is what I do for fun.
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