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Earth and the Moon is a comic image of the Earth and the Moon along with thoughts about their relationships, hopes, and fears.

Earth and the Moon is a comic image of the Earth and the Moon along with thoughts about their relationships, hopes, and fears. Read More
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Jim Duster
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Jim Duster

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About this project

Earth and the Moon project is something I've had on my bucket list for over 20 years.  I first came up with the idea of a comic strip (just one panel a day) featuring a visual of the earth and the moon and a simple sentence when I was out of college and starting my first job.  I do the visuals in Microsoft Paint, so nothing fancy, but you will get the idea if you view a couple of them.  The one line sayings are meant to be funny, thoughtful, witty, or just random thoughts.  I get that from my dad.  I hope you enjoy what I create and simply have a nice day on earth because of them.  The project is to create and "publish" one comic a day for a year, ending up with a book of all comics published, that will be a something the world might enjoy having around, for children and others to think about their relationship with Mother Earth and Mr. Moon.

Risks and challenges

The only risk is having enough time to allocate to creating one of these every day for a year. I have a 52 image head start, and I believe I can create these at a pace much faster than the needed 1 per day. I don't see any other risks. Just gonna bundle them up in a book and eBook publish and also be able to email to my fan list (if I get any!) I'd like this to be something that people read or view and think thoughts they would normally not think about the earth, her resources, the people on her face, etc. I remember the first time I traveled to Europe and could see slightly the "curvature" of the earth and thinking: wow, I wish everyone would see the earth from this perspective, it might change their actions and thoughts. This is my attempt to do that. Change actions and thoughts about the Earth. I read somewhere recently that if humans left the earth, in less than 100 years all the buildings would fall down and most of what we know would be gone. Interesting to think about these things. Peace!

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