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A t-shirt artist defies Chick-fil-a, a multi-billion dollar fast food chain, when they lay claim to his art and website. Documentary.
1,976 backers pledged $89,700 to help bring this project to life.

Our Last 24 Hours! + What Happens Next? + "It's going to be fun"

It's the last hours of our Kickstarter campaign --- it all ends Sunday evening at 7:59pm. At that time, wherever we are --- all of us at 'A Defiant Dude' are gonna pause and whisper Thank You to you, our 1700 backers. 


Here on Kickstarter is the only place that you can purchase and see our movie before it enters the festival and distribution circuit. After Sunday evening, we won't be able to accept any more Kickstarter backers or pledges.

But there's still time for folks to join us. If you have friends or family who might still be interested, tell 'em we'd love to have 'em come along for the ride. Plus, every dime we receive over and above our goal, will go to making our movie even better.

Bo's got a big story to tell and we want to make a movie worthy of it --- one that enters the mainstream market and is seen by lots and lots of people.


  • Within 10 days you'll receive a very important survey from us, via Kickstarter. The survey will ask you to share some thoughts that are movie-related about our film, plus (and more importantly) we'll gather information from you about things like t-shirt sizes, shipping address, and how you'd like your name to appear in the film's credits, etc.
  • Sunday night when our campaign officially ends, we'll know what our final budget will be and we'll start working on a production schedule to move forward.
  • Kickstarter updates will be how we communicate with you. Please be sure that these updates don't get caught in your junk filter. You'll receive updates weekly on whatever is happening with Bo's case, plus information on how we're making our movie. Plus you'll get to meet the filmmakers, too -- from the camera and sound crew, to editors and technicians, and even some of the folks we'll be interviewing. From time to time, we might post rough cuts for you to view, too.
  • Production on the film will start almost immediately as we gear up for more shooting, research and editing. As of yet, Chick-fil-a has not had a response to the production of the film. Within the next week, Bo will be reaching out to them as well as sending them some Vermont goods, too.


Few endeavors are more challenging, plodding and subject to the whims of chance than that of making a movie. I think there must be a similarity between making a movie, and going off to war --- which may be one reason why I've been thinking about the clip below from the great David Lean film, "Lawrence of Arabia," the part where Lawrence says, "No Dryden. It's going to be fun."

Documentary-wise, if you're interested in a couple of movies about making movies here are two great films to watch: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse which is about the making of the great Vietnam War epic, 'Apocalypse Now' by director Francis Ford Coppola, and Burden of Dreams, about the making of 'Fitzcaraldo' by director Werner Herzog. 

BTW when you watch the clip below you'll see what is considered the most famous edit in film --- when Lawrence blows out the match and the film cuts to the blazing sunrise of the desert. Enjoy!