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A t-shirt artist defies Chick-fil-a, a multi-billion dollar fast food chain, when they lay claim to his art and website. Documentary.
1,976 backers pledged $89,700 to help bring this project to life.

Monday Giveaway --- Two 'Eat More Kale' Stickers!

Hey Dude Backers, we have something for you!

We imagine that Chick-fil-a and their lawyers are watching our documentary project with just as much anticipation as we are (hello Chick-fil-a lawyers!). Though, where we're glad for each new pledge we assume it's just the opposite at Chick-fil-a headquarters. In fact, if you listen hard and point an ear toward Atlanta, with each new pledge we get, I think you can hear a sound that somewhat resembles the "D'oh!" that Homer Simpson makes on 'The Simpsons.' 


If you raise your pledge by $5.00 or more by midnight tonight, March 19th, when we reach our goal and send out rewards, we'll send you 2 of Bo's 'Eat More Kale' stickers!


1. Get a friend to join! If every one of our nearly 1000 backers got one friend to be a backer of A Defiant Dude, we'd reach our goal in, like, hyperspeed! 

2. We're going to reach our goal! How? By letting as many people know about our project as possible -- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. One thing we know is that when people see the trailer and hear Bo's story, they want to get involved. We've almost reached 2/3rds of our goal -- please share, share, share! Here's the link to share:

3. Have you seen the movie, Juno? Well Barry Louis Polisar, the guy who wrote and sang the lead song from that movie, 'All I Want Is You' is now a backer of 'A Defiant Dude' -- welcome Barry! I think we should make that song our honorary tune for this week's drive for more backers ... All I Want Is You (to become a backer of A Defiant Dude)!

If you're not familiar with Barry's awesomely cool song, here's a link below:

Finally, as always, THANK YOU for your support!

Jim, Bo and the crew of 'A Defiant Dude'


    1. Creator Sarah Lawrence Hinson on March 19, 2012

      Cool video...I noticed Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer Guy posted about bullying...might be worth contacting him - just a thought!…