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In Xenon Profiteer, you use your entrepreneurial spirit and an Air Separation facility to isolate valuable Xenon and make a profit.
In Xenon Profiteer, you use your entrepreneurial spirit and an Air Separation facility to isolate valuable Xenon and make a profit.
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***News Flash*** $15,000 Stretch goal given to all backers and $20,000 stretch goal reduced to $15,000.

 Xenon Profiteer is a new deck-deconstruction strategy game from designer T.C. Petty III. In Xenon Profiteer, you take the role of entrepreneuring engineer striving to specialize and optimize your Air Separation Facility in order to emerge as a titan of the emerging market for Xenon. Others are racing to achieve similar prestige however, and only the best among you will be victorious.

Xenon Profiteer  plays 2-4 players in under 60 minutes (we promises, that's not just box hype!)

In a decidedly different take on the classic deck-building format, Xenon Profiteer not only actively encourages players to remove cards from their decks, it is a core mechanic in your goal of isolating Xenon. Each turn begins by strategically removing cards from your hand (and deck) through Distilling based on the real-world hierarchy of elements. The goal: only have Xenon remaining in your hand. The problem is, of course, the only way to gain more Xenon, is to bring in more AIR. And AIR is composed of all kinds of other pesky elements that make isolating Xenon difficult.

Contract Cards
Contract Cards

To be successful, the entrepreneur must purchase upgrades that accelerate the distilling process. From upgrades that accelerate the rate at which elements are introduced into the player's system, to upgrades that give advantages when bidding on new upgrades and contracts, nearly every aspect of the basic distilling operation can be improved upon. The purchased upgrades can be put into a player's deck for a minimal cost, or else installed as permanent cards in front of the player for a larger cost, but with enduring effects.

Upgrade Cards
Upgrade Cards

All of this tweaking and upgrading is for one ultimate goal: streamline the Xenon distillation process to fulfill contracts that give the player who claims them a combination of money and victory points. Once a player has completed five contracts or installed five permanent upgrades, the game is over and the player with the most victory points is the winner.


Xenon Profiteer Components List

  • 216 Poker Sized Playing Cards
  • 25 Bid Tokens in 5 player colors
  • 28 Coins of multiple denominations
  • 1 Xenon Privilege Token

 Xenon Profiteer will be the 17th game in the acclaimed Gryphon Bookshelf Series.

 Xenon Profiteer is the 2014 winner of the ION Game Designer Award!


 For a look at the full rules please click here!

For an in-depth look at how to play Xenon Profiteer, watch the video below.

T.C Petty III: Designer

"T. C. Petty III is the ION Award winning designer of Xenon Profiteer. He resides in central Pennsylvania in a mostly suburban area and is a professional croupier at a local, rural casino. 

An English major and starving artist, he surrounds himself with games, both electronic, carnival, and analog to study human beings and their insane concept of what constitutes entertainment. He also puts more effort into creating games than any reasonable person should. Luckily, he generally loves almost every second of it. He can be seen most days carrying around a large journal and flipping back his page-boy hair; hair that now has a soft tint of gray in the eaves. The journal is filled with various splatters of ink that form a mad collage containing hundreds of game design ideas. Sometimes these scribblings emerge into the real world as prototypes and his perfectionist tendencies begin an arduous process of play testing that spans years. 

When not sipping coffee or jotting notes in his journal, he likes to actually play games with friends and family. Xenon Profiteer is the third game created, Kickstarted, and released onto the market by T. C. Petty III. He is the designer of several acclaimed board games including VivaJava: The Coffee Game, VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game, and the upcoming release Don't Get Eated in late 2015.

TC's games tend to lean heavily on traditional Euro elements mixed with American themes and sensibilities. He has championed the concept of positive player interaction and tries to encourage new forms of interaction in tabletop gaming whenever possible."


UNLOCKED - Air Seperation in the Future We'll add three new special contract cards that introduce some science-fiction to the game and provide new types of bonuses

For those that may see the game as something almost science fiction, it's important and surprising to note that Xenon Profiteer is set in present day. While the systems being represented are ambitiously modern, touch-screen interfaces, the technology referenced is currently being used by larger air separation facilities. Only the biggest and best are equipped to separate Xenon. It's pretty cool.  

 But these three new Contracts are currently fictional and represent possible future applications for the use of Xenon within the next several years. Since developing technologies in refinement, economic delivery and recycling of xenon will be a crucial step towards investigating these potential applications, I'm excited to include them in the game.

These Contracts are also special because upon completion, a player immediately receives the Action listed at the bottom. With proper planning, it will allow players to create unique and interesting combinations on their turn.

So while the neuroprotective attributes of Xenon may or may not aid those with neural injuries, and the idea of erasing bad memories through Xenon therapy may be more awesome-sounding than the eventual result, the idea of being on the ground floor, pushing these ideas forward is something totally worth exploring.  

And someone is going to make an Energy Drink with Xenon in it at some point. I guarantee it.

- TC Petty III

$15,000 - Profiteers and Business Tactics

The Profiteer cards give each player a special starting power. The player chooses one of five Profiteers, each with a choice between getting a one-time bonus at the start of the game or an ability that lasts throughout the whole game.

Profiteers and Business Tactics
Profiteers and Business Tactics

The Business Tactics cards are also dealt out one to each player, and give the player the option of either using the once-per-game ability on the card, or saving the card until the end of the game for an extra scoring bonus.

At $15,000 in pledges, we will include these ten cards in the base game.

Xenon Profiteer will be joining 16 other great titles as the newest Eagle-Gryphon Bookshelf Series Game.

As part of this campaign you can add on any of the in-stock Gryphon Bookshelf Series titles (or any of the other titles shown and listed below) for $20 plus shipping (see the shipping section for details). We also have a wide selection of other great add-ons! To add on, just add the total extra amount to your pledge, and we will ask you what additional games you want when the campaign is over. See all the add-ons available below!

Note for backers outside the U.S.: Please check with us about whether we have your selected add-ons available in your region. We may not be able to provide all add-ons to all countries.  Here is the list of available add-ons (note that some have already sold out):

Attack!        Bridgetown Races       Birds on a Wire    Blockers     Charon    China

Cornucopia   Dragon Rampage   Fleet (EU only)  Fleet: Arctic Bounty (EU)

Games of Art    Gem Dealer   Pizza Theory    Hansa   High Society   I'm the Boss CG

Looting London   Lords and Ladies  Masters Gallery   Mirror, Mirror   Monad

Money    Montage     Musee      Nika      Nosferatu     Oltre Mare     Sleuth 

                  Solitaire for 2     Venture       Wyatt Earp    Cheeky Monkey

 Our add-on copies of Fleet, and Fleet Arctic Bounty are SOLD OUT in the US! These titles are still available in the EU!

Shipping rates are now automatically added to your pledge. Here is what is being added worldwide:

United States: $10 for one game, $14 for two games, $18 for three games, Free for 4+ games.

Canada: $15 for one game, $20 for two games, $25 for 3+ games.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, the United Kingdom: $23 for one copy, $28 for the two copies, $35 for 3+ games.

Other EU Countries: $29 for one game, $34 for two games, $40 for 3+ games.

Russia, The Ukraine, Brazil, remote locations: Contact us for rates.

Rest of the World: $35 for one game, contact us for additional info.

Risks and challenges

Eagle-Gryphon Games stands by our products. If there are issues with your game, please contact our customer service department within 90 days of receiving your copy of Xenon Profiteer. We will take every step necessary to get you exactly what you pledged for.

Shipping issues are relatively uncommon, but they do sometimes occur, especially when shipping to destinations outside of the US. We will obtain tracking information when it is possible, but sometimes it is not. We cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping problems, as we cannot guarantee the service and reliability of the various postal/delivery services involved around the world. You will have to assume that risk along with us.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has completed 47 Kickstarter projects to date. 37 of those projects have completed delivery. Ten projects, successfully completed on Kickstarter within the past 16 weeks, are all on track to be delivered on or ahead of schedule by or before September 2015. These include 12 Days of Christmas, King's Kilt, Krakatoa, Dexikon, Seven7s, Dead Man's Chest, Taluva Deluxe, Tumblin' Dice, Empires: Age of Discovery and Clockwork Wars.

We keep Backers notified by Updates about the status of their projects. We deliver on our promises reliably and usually on time (the very few delays we have ever had were related to production schedule issues and/or transport issues such as dock strikes, which we have only, at best, partial or NO control over).

To put it simply, you will get everything you are promised when you pledge to one of our Kickstarter Projects, and it will be delivered to you in as timely a manner as possible.

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