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Western Town is a 2-4 player game in which players take the role of a marshal, building and managing a town in the Wild West. Read more

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Western Town is a 2-4 player game in which players take the role of a marshal, building and managing a town in the Wild West.

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Western Town is a Wild West-themed resource management game that was successfully launched on Ulule (a European crowd-funding website). Olivier Warnier, the designer of the game, approached Eagle Games about presenting the game to the US and English-speaking Canadian markets and after seeing the game, we are very excited to make this game available to you via Kickstarter. The game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 14 years and up (but we won't tell on you if you play with some ambitious marshals younger than 14). A game of Western Town lasts roughly 20-25 minutes per player (about 90 minutes for a 4 player game).

Fans of Western-themed games will be happier than a saloon keeper on a hot summer day when they find out that the game immerses players with challenging decisions that reward the player(s) who pay attention to what their opponents are doing and who are good at misdirection, bluffing, and backstabbing -- just like in the Wild West! And it wouldn't be the Wild West without Indians--after all, aggressive expansion has its risks! 

In Western Town players take the role of a Marshal in the expanding American West of 1864. Each Marshal attempts to develop and manage the most prosperous town; a town that President Lincoln himself would be proud to visit.

Winning the Game - The three main criteria for winning the game are the population of your town (the number of settlers), the charm and attractiveness of you town (lure), and finally the gold you will accumulate to give to the nation. At the end of each turn President Lincoln declares, bit-by-bit, the value of the three criteria. The value of these criteria can change every round so you need to adapt to the changing demands of the President to win! 

To start the game, each player has his own town map (player board), with four buildings already pre-printed on the board. 

In addition, each player has access to additional starting buildings (the same ones for everyone).  

At the beginning of the game each player draws a Marshal card, and that card immediately constructs one of the starting buildings. As a result, players all start with a slightly different town.

Game turns have different phases. During Phase I, a player plays two cards (the first player plays one alone, then he and the player to his left play one each, and it continues around the board that way) for Phase I, using the "played" effects only. For example, if a player wishes to build a Saloon, he would play a Carpenter card and  pay the necessary resources to place the Saloon in his town.

After Phase I, things start to get a little wilder!In the Reveal Phase, following Phase I, players can play a card using the played effect OR choose to "reveal" a card.  This revealed card comes from the player's hand, or from using one of their "played" cards.  This is one of the most interesting new mechanics and its the heart of the game (in our opinion), because this is where player interaction gets intense.  If a player reveals a card (which by rule will be a card that another player has played), it shuts down another player's "played" card. The reveal phase can continue as long as players have a legal card they can play.

Once the reveal phase is complete, all cards that are remaining face up (still active) generate resources for that town.

The Lincoln card determines the victory point bonuses for the round. The player with the most victory points achieved in that round gets the Lincoln card.

Indians lived here way before the marshals and settlers arrived, and they are not happy about "Manifest Destiny"...there is a price to pay for the settlers'  prosperity. 

Indians provide an excellent "catch-up" mechanic, in that they are most likely to attack the most successful town. Neighbors (players to the left or right) of a town being attacked can send cowboys to help if they have a stable. A player would do this because a cowboy sent to help in this fashion becomes a hero and contributes toward a player's end game victory points.

The 34 Cowboy and Indian Meeple set included with your pledge
The 34 Cowboy and Indian Meeple set included with your pledge

Update 08/07 - The rules can be downloaded here!

Thank you for your interest in Western Town! We are excited to bring this game to you and appreciate your support. 

You can read an excellent review, with more details about the rules, from the Flying Dutchman here!

You will find lots more photos of the cards, board and the game in play at:

NOTE added July 8, 2012.  We can also serve backers in Australia and New Zealand.  Please add $37 for shipping to the $59 and $65 pledge levels.  Thanks!

Keith and the Eagle Games team


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