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Buy vineyards; build wineries; develop, produce and sell fine wines. Two games in one box by all-star Portugese designer Vital Lacerda!
Buy vineyards; build wineries; develop, produce and sell fine wines. Two games in one box by all-star Portugese designer Vital Lacerda!
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Vinhos Deluxe has arrived in the US!

Posted by Gryphon and Eagle Games (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We are happy to say that the first of 2 containers has arrived today. This contained both Vinhos Deluxe and Empires: Galactic Rebellion. The second container will be coming in Tuesday October 11th. This second container will have even more Empires: Galactic Rebellion and Daedalus Sentence!

Canada Backers, Your games will be sent to our Fulfillment partner next week upon the arrival of the second container. These will start to ship as soon as they are received in Canada.

US & ROW Backers, Your games have started to ship today!

Please keep in mind that we have over 2000 large packages shipping out of the US warehouse for these 3 Kickstarters. We have prepared all of the shipping boxes and labels for these games so we can ship your games out as fast as possible. However, it is still going to take us quite some time to send all of the pledges.

You will be receiving an email with your tracking number from or Please check for this email and keep an eye on the tracking for your package.

If you do not receive a tracking email by Friday 10/14 please check your Spam folder in case it went astray.

Thank you,

Brandon & Ruth – Eagle-Gryphon Games

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    1. Robert Mills

      Time to fetch the wine rack

    2. Missing avatar

      Steven Mitchell on

      Ah, found 'em! I did a complete inventory and actually came up with a few other missing components. I was about to post here, but before I packed everything up again, I though, 'Oh, I remember that tray with the small slots is removable. Let's take a look to see how much space is under there and determine if I'd want to use it or not.' Boom, there was everything I missing: island tiles, solitaire action decks, and sticker sheets. Not entirely sure of the wisdom here of stashing stuff under there without indicating to customers that it's removable, much less that there are things under there, but there you have it!

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Mitchell on

      I just received my game today, and... I haven't done a full inventory of what was in the box, but I definitely seem to at least be missing tiles for the Islands expansion. I have nothing that looks like the tiles indicated on that expansion's rules plate. I have four ocean tiles that can be use to cover up regions, but nothing resembling Madeira or Açores.

      Anyone else? Should I have gotten these, or are these shipping later, or...?

      Otherwise, I'm really loving this product, and I can't wait to play it!

    4. Andrew VanSpronsen on

      Hello, is there a status update on the Canadian orders? Thanks!

    5. Lisa

      Not sure why previous poster wanted a smaller box? To me, it should have been larger, with room for several layers of peanuts all around. I just got mine, and one corner is crushed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Loic Mulaire on

      I'm actually curious about signed copies as well. Are they in the general shipment or are they being fulfilled at the separately? Specifically for Canada.

    7. John Bayers on

      What about the signed copies? Which container will they be on?

    8. MentatYP

      Can't make the shipping boxes any smaller. How are they supposed to stuff peanuts down the sides and on top of it otherwise? Besides, if these game boxes are as thick as The Gallerist's box (and I'd guess they are), they'll withstand a bit of abuse without much wear and tear.

      Don't worry, man. We'll get our games in pristine condition soon enough (unless USPS has something to say about it).

    9. Missing avatar

      Feld Fan

      I am cringing upon seeing those beautiful games (in the last image) laying in a box too big for them, resting on top of a few Styrofoam peanuts, crossing my fingers and holding my breath that the games won't arrive damaged.