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Solitaire for Two is a new twist on classic Solitaire that uses tiles instead of cards and is playable by 1-4 players!
Solitaire for Two is a new twist on classic Solitaire that uses tiles instead of cards and is playable by 1-4 players!
Solitaire for Two is a new twist on classic Solitaire that uses tiles instead of cards and is playable by 1-4 players!
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    1. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Hi Julia--

      I think the use of these tiles that you suggest is great and they should be perfect for this!
      We feel fortunate to have funded this project to the extent we did. The stretch goal that you suggested would have be nice, but a little beyond what we are able to do with these funds.
      Thanks for your interest and support.

    2. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Possible stretch goal... a matching cribbage scoring board and pegs. We will be using these tiles when camping and out and about ALL the time. I won't be surprised if I end up buying two more sets to leave in the car for those impromptu "card" games... I currently end up buying Costco Bicycle decks and considering them "disposable" because inevitably the cards get damaged or lost. The tiles will fare much better under those conditions. :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Frederick Soued on

      Hi Jared--

      Yes, you will certainly be able to buy Solitaire for Two at and We hope and expect that many local game shops will be carrying this game as well, but it is a bit early for us to be able to tell for certain who will order and stock it. Thanks for your support!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jared McComb on

      After this launches, where will I be able to buy more sets/refer friends? Will it be for sale online?

    5. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Hi Patrick--
      Honestly, we really did not have any stretch goals in mind for this one. All of our effort and money for 142 went into putting together a beautiful and highly functional tile set (and we really feel we succeeded in this, but ultimately you will be the judge of that). Given that the rest of the game consists of the lightweight PVC "rail" and the rules, we are challenged to figure out what a good stretch goal might be for this particular game. We thought about zombie miniatures, but somehow that did not feel quite right. :) Perhaps the fact that because we hit our goal 3 weeks pre-deadline, and that means we can (and did!) order the mass production of the tiles now, and we can get this game to you 3 weeks earlier than we first thought, is a bit of a stretch goal? Or is that too big a "stretch"? :) We greatly appreciate your support and your enthusiasm!

    6. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Hi Chris--
      As game publishers, book writing is not really within our skill set. Of course, if someone were to write that book and bring it to us.......................................?

    7. Patrick on

      Any "stretch goals" in mind? I'm really excited about this by the way.

    8. Chris Baudot on

      I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with. I am personally thinking of playing Tichu with 6 players, but for that I think I would need one more wild tile. You should make a book of card games... er I mean tile games. With the addition of two new suits we will need updates on classic card games. Basically I just want you to keep up the good work that you started with your improvements for Solitaire.

    9. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Hi Chris (Part 2): Following the Ender's Game review on BGG, cited on our front page here, you will find that a number of responders have made suggestions as to other games that can be played with the tiles from Solitaire for Two, including: Lost Cities; Schotten Totten; and virtually any card game at all that can be played by a RAGE deck!. This list will likely be added to over time. Check it out.

    10. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      @Chris- You can play pretty much any game that requires a standard 52 card deck, from Poker, to Gin, to Spider Solitaire, to Crazy 8s, the list goes on. :)

    11. Chris Baudot on

      With that review, I think you will hit your goal in less than 24 hours. Are there any other games you would suggest to play with this amazing set of tiles?

    12. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Thanks for the support John. I think you will be pleased to hear that this game comes with an inner box that exactly holds the tiles and should be perfect to travel with (you may want to put a large rubber band around it as well for double protection). The box is just big enough to hold the 81 tiles--thus 4.75" by 3.5" by 1.5". You could also "creatively alter" the rail to fit into this box; add a few suitably "reduced in size" scoresheets and you are off and traveling with this game!

    13. John Falcon

      I backed this fine game today and am looking forward to it. Now all that I need is a good travel case for the pieces in order to play on the go. I'm thinking of using a travel cigar humidor, unless the designers of this game have something up their sleeve as a reward or at cost add on.

    14. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Thanks for the thought Julia. It really is too late for us to consider a change to blue ink. We made the shapes of the wheels and the anchors very distinctive in an effort to address the color blind issue of red and green. With all the games we produce we try very hard to think about the challenges that face the color blind. In fact, our sales manager is color blind so we have an on-staff consultant to help us in these matters. Our answer is frequently to have shapes be the distinction vs. color and that is what we have done here. As to Indochine 2000, only 500 were made and they are long-since sold out (over 10 years now) but they occasionally appear on BGG and on eBay. We really appreciate your interest and support of Solitaire for Two. Please tell your friends about it so we can push over our goal in the next month.

    15. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Is it too late for the green ink to be swapped out for blue? Just spoke to a color-blind friend and he can't tell the red/green apart except for the shapes, which is a real bummer. Red/black/BLUE would help ALL color-blind players. Thanks for considering it

      Is Indochine 2000 still available anywhere? I've never seen it but would LOVE to have it!

    16. Gryphon and Eagle Games 49-time creator on

      Thanks PJ. I'm glad you are aware of the original game. We appreciate your support!

    17. pj_brady

      Thanks for making this available! I've been interested in Indochine 2000 for years. This is a great way to get the game without tracking down a rare and expensive original.