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Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
667 backers pledged $34,686 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

The New Stretch Goal

Posted by Gryphon and Eagle Games (Creator)

Hello current and future backers-

Here is an update on the next Pirate Dice stretch goal.  The $22,500 stretch is a super double goal and includes both a components upgrade and a mini-expansion!

If Pirate Dice hits $22,500 then every copy of Pirate Dice will have double-sided maps!  That means instead of the original 6 maps, you will now get 12.  This upgrade also applies to the 2 bonus maps.  So if you back at the $45 level you will get the 12 original maps, 4 bonus maps, and 4 Capture the Treasure Maps, for a total of 20 different maps!

The second part of the super double goal is the Ghost Ship mini-expansion which includes the special Ghost Ship Die.

The Ghost Ship is a phantom vessel that rises from the ghostly depths when a player recovers the cursed treasure.  The Ghost Ship will relentlessly hunt down the owner of the treasure in an attempt to drag the ship down to its watery grave.

Check out the Stretch Goals section of the product page to view an image of the die.

Also, as with the Capture the Treasure Expansion, the Ghost Ship mini-expansion is only for the $45 level and above.

Bonus Upgrade and Stretch Goal

Posted by Gryphon and Eagle Games (Creator)

Bonus Upgrade

As a "Thank You" to all the backers for helping Pirate Dice reach it's goal in less than four days ALL copies of Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas will include player screens for all four players. 

Stretch Goal #1 - $15,000

The first official stretch goal will be at $15,000 and will be the Capture the Treasure expansion!  Capture the Treasure includes two new maps and an additional treasure die.  This expansion introduces team play to Pirate Dice. Two teams attempt to steal the opposing team's treasure and race back to their home port before the other team makes it back with theirs!

Everyone who pledged at the $45 level and above will get this expansion when the $15K goal is reached! :)

Essen Pick-Up to be determined!

Posted by Gryphon and Eagle Games (Creator)

We are evaluating the timing of production and will update as soon as we know more. Sorry for any confusion!!!

Thank you international backers! :)

Funded! :)

Posted by Gryphon and Eagle Games (Creator)

In just under four days Pirate Dice; Voyage on the Rolling Seas is 100% funded!  Thank you to all of the backers!

Team Pirate Dice will be chatting tomorrow to decide on what the first stretch goal will be.  We have some really cool stretch goals, we just need to decide which one to use!

So stay tuned and we'll have something up in the next day or two.

In the meantime go design your own map over at!

Day One

Posted by Gryphon and Eagle Games (Creator)

Day one has come and gone and we couldn't be happier.  Your support is greatly appreciated. We still have a ways to go and even more to reach the planned stretch goals, but we'll wait on that until we get a little closer to the funding goal.

If you haven't already, please head over to and create your own map to enter in the map design contest.  It's very quick and easy to use.

Also, the first official review of Pirate Dice is up!  Click here to read Father Geek's review of Pirate Dice.

Here's to a great first day and (hopefully) many more like it!