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Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
667 backers pledged $34,686 to help bring this project to life.

Many thanks! -- as well as info on production schedule; US & Essen availability

A BIG Thank You to all Kickstarter Backers for shooting us over the $30K level and making it possible to give you all the great $30K stretch goals.  It went right down to the wire -- but successfully so!

Clint will be greeting you soon with his thanks as well, but in the meantime here is some information about the upcoming production schedule and Essen availability.

Essen availability is going to depend on the production schedule, which we ultimately do not control. All of the final files (including the final stretch $30K bonuses) are now ready and waiting (as of a few hours ago!) at the factory to be produced. And the dice production is underway as well.  Therefore, what we do control (all the advance preparation) related to this process has been done -- and very much on time. If the factory is able to print, produce, and package in a timely manner, then we will have a limited quantity at Essen for sale. But keep in mind that this is the absolute busiest time of the year for printing games at factories in China, and unexpected delays do occur. We do not have any control over this, but we do know that good quality production is worth getting right and waiting for it if need be.

Clint Herron, the designer of Pirate Dice, will begin to assemble two lists when the Kickstarter campaign ends tomorrow--one for firm reservations to buy the game at Essen and one for those who have backed on Kickstarter and want to pick up the game at Essen.

Because this group of games will need to be airfreighted (a very expensive proposition) over to Germany, we will ONLY send over a quantity that is specifically reserved in advance for purchase or pick up (and more info about this will follow ASAP).  The sea shipment, with the mass production of the games for both Kickstarter backers and the basic games as well, will leave China at approximately the same time as the airfreight package is flown to Essen, and thus all versions of the game should be available in the US in mid to late November (as we have planned for all along) barring any unforeseen production issues that are out of our control.

Thanks to all of you for your interest and support of Pirate Dice.

Rick, for Gryphon and Eagle Games

$22.5K You did it!

AMAZING support everyone -- you carried us past 300% funding to hit the stretch goal at $22.5K. Double-sided maps for everyone!!! Not only will the normal game maps be double-sided (6 maps with 12 playable sides), but this also double-sides the expansions as well. Capture the Treasure now has two different "home base" maps, and the Kickstarter map contest bonus maps bump from ONE to THREE. That's 10 boards with 20 maps all together. Wow!

In ADDITION, this also unlocks the Ghost Ship mini-expansion for everyone at the Master Gunner level and above.

There just about a week left on the Kickstarter campaign, and I don't think a stretch goal for $30K is out of the question.

So in preparation for that, I've put together another mini-expansion for the game. I don't have a final title for it yet (anyone want to suggest ideas?), but the working title is the "Challenge Pack". It includes four new maps: Great Horn, Cape of Lost Hope, Maelstrom (A swirling devilfish of a map if I ever saw one -- probably the most complex of the printed maps), and King of the Sea.

King of the Sea is an extremely difficult map that we enjoyed playtesting, and while it uses similar rules to the Basic game (end a Bell on a destination square), the map getting to that point is *anything* but basic. To win on this map, you need to successfully navigate through some really nasty pathways to make your way to the far corner and claim victory. This is definitely a championship "challenge" map, and one that we really enjoyed playtesting.

In addition to these maps, we'll also compile a list of official variants that we really enjoy playing, but cut from the base game rulebook for either complexity or difficulty. These extra maps and variants are sure to add yet even more variety to your games of Pirate Dice! This stretch goal would bring the final map count up to a whopping 24.

As with the other stretch goals, the "Challenge Pack" (provisional title) will be included in all pledges at the $45 level and above if we hit $30K! (Backers at the $40 and $43 levels might want to consider upgrading your pledges to that $45 level to receive all of these extras?)

You have done an AMAZING job of supporting this project, and I am in awe. Thanks so much for making this project a reality!


Lots of info (and peeks) at the $22.5 stretch goal!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the encouraging response to the last update -- I'm really glad everyone seems to like the new artwork!

I'm really looking forward to hitting the $22.5k stretch goal, and wanted to show off some of the cool new things that we're including with that stretch goal. First up, here are a few of the "B-Side" maps that we will be able to include by double-siding the maps:

Eye of the Hurricane:

A big and intimidating-looking map, this provides a lot of straight wind to fill your sails. Set a course, and keep your heading true as you charge across this map. This is one that I really enjoyed playtesting, and am really looking forward to this being included in the game.

Trade Winds:
Prevailing Westerly:

I was able to collaborate with a friend for these maps (he's credited with a special thanks in the rulebook), and I really appreciated having his input for these maps. They've been fun to play, and I look forward to them being in the game!

New Game Mode:
And lastly, one of my favorite new additions is a new game mode called "Cannonball Regatta", and the starting tile is included on the B-side of the Starting Shoals.

You and your fellow pirates are racing each other in a no-holds-barred lap around the bay, and the last one back to the tavern buys a round of drinks for the winner. And if you happen to fire a few shots during the race... well... what's a few cannonballs between friends?

Dice Production Samples:
On the manufacturing side of things, we've gotten back production samples of the wooden dice -- check 'em out!

I just wanted to give you all a sneak peak at a few of the cool things we can expect from hitting the $22.5k stretch goal -- thanks so much for all of your support!


New artwork, final rules and more on the way. $22.5K in sight!

Hey everyone, we've been making headway "behind the scenes" here on Pirate Dice, and wanted to show you some of the new things that we've got coming down the pike! First off, here is some new artwork that we have for the final map that holds the treasure: 

 And we also have a rulebook for you to peruse! 

We've been hard at work, filling up the double-sided maps with cool stuff in anticipation of the next stretch goal. Please thumb our images on BGG, and pass on the Kickstarter link to anyone who you think might be interested -- I think we'd all love to hit $22.5k! 

Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement! 


To the Hesitating Backer

Anyone else enjoy reading pirate fiction?  "On Stranger Tides" by Tim Powers is one of my recent favorites -- but few books can hold a candle to the classic Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson -- a classic book of adventure that I hope all of you were able to grow up reading as I did.  I was reading it again recently, and was struck by a poem inside the front cover of the book.  I wanted to put the poem into my own words as a sort of tribute, and thought that I would share the poem with you all.

To the Hesitating Purchaser
If you do not yearn for the wind and wave,
And drift instead to the safe and plain;
If the calls of Kipling, or Stevenson the brave,
Or Defoe, or Iggulden, or the rompings of Twain,
If that does nothing, wakes nothing, then so be it, and move on!
But if sailor tales and sailor tunes,
That speak of adventures, and treasures old,
With sea-battles, romance, and island maroons,
Rushing storms, and heat and cold,
The taste of sea salt 'neath summer moons,
And glimpses of luster of buried gold,
If that stirs your heart, then so be it, and play on!
By Clint Herron
-- With humble tribute to the poem of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson, found in a preface to Treasure Island --

We're well on our way to the $22.5k stretch goal -- thanks SO much for all of your support!