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Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
Pirate Dice is a game for 2 to 4 players that pits pirate vs. pirate in an epic race to capture and escape with the lost treasure.
667 backers pledged $34,686 to help bring this project to life.

A few clarifications about production and shipping schedule and Essen

Hello (again) Pirate Dice Backers--

We are in the midst of production, and the games should be completed during the first week of October--just in time to airfreight a few of them to Essen. To pre-order and pick up your game at Essen, please contact me at before September 20.

We expect the container with the mass production of the games to ship by sea from China by/around October 15, and to arrive at the Gryphon Games' warehouse in Kentucky, where they will be made ready to ship to each of you, between November 20-25. I will give you an update when we know more precise details and we will send out a Survey to you in early November asking for your shipping address.

Thanks again for your great support--

Clint Herron,  at:

Important: Essen pick up and ordering info

Ahoy, Pirate Dice backers!


If you want to pick up your game from Essen Spiel in October, then you need to tell me no later than September 20th.

These will be air-freighted in, but it's expensive enough that we won't be bringing in anything more than pre-ordered stock. If you do not reserve and pre-pay ahead of time, there will not be a game for you at Essen. If you have not yet paid for the game ($40 + $10 Essen delivery charge), I will be contacting you to settle up with Paypal.

If you have already paid for European delivery (+$20) but would like to receive Essen delivery instead, please tell us and we will refund you the $10 difference at Essen.

Note: The $10 Essen delivery charge is to help offset the high cost of air-freighting the game in. However, as a thanks to you, we will present all Pirate Dice backers who pick the game up at Essen with a $10 voucher in credit that can be spent at the Eagle / Gryphon games booth.

Once again, the deadline for reserving your copy of Pirate Dice for pickup at Essen is September 20th.



Rough Waters expansion rules

Hi everyone--

Here is the link to the rules for the Rough Waters expansion, which covers the 5th player as well as rules for other variants: 


WOW! (and many thanks!)

WOW!   667 crew members, and over $34K raised.

I can hardly begin to express my appreciation for everyone's generous support for Pirate Dice.  Throughout this entire project, you all (players, backers, fans) have been extremely encouraging, and I am really blessed by your warm-hearted support. This has been a wild voyage so far, and I'm so thankful for the way that you've partnered together to make this game a reality.

I don't know what else to say -- thank you. Thank you for your amazing support and encouragement.

I do have one other surprise in store for you all. In the past few days, we have put together all of the details needed to prepare and print up a fifth player expansion. This will consist of a set of 6 ORANGE player dice; an extra Player Mat board; and an Orange player screen. We have modified the insert tray of the base game so that the 6 additional dice (and of course the extra mat and screen) will all fit into the basic box. The price will be $5.99 to Kickstarter Backers (we expect normal retail MSRP will be $7.99). I have just put the finishing touches on the rules for this expansion and other variants you will be able to play with the "extras" added during the Kickstarter campaign.  I will post these on BGG and put the citation on a Kickstarter Update in the next 24-48 hours.  If you would like to order a set (or more) of this fifth player expansion, then you can deposit $5.99 per set into the PayPal account set up for this purpose at (shipping is free if we can send it out to you, as a Kickstarter backer, in the same package as your game when it comes in November).

Stay tuned for further news as we begin to rig up the production sails.  I will  have a set of production dice to show you and prototypes to play with you at GenCon and our plan is to have the final production in your hands in the month of November (and delivery at Essen for those of you who let me know in advance that you want this service).  

Again, thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to sailing this game safely into harbor in the next few months with the guidance of the Gryphon Games crew!


THANK YOU! from Clint Herron, designer of Pirate Dice

I have been continually amazed at the level and quality of support shown for Pirate Dice. You have all really made this dream a reality, and I hope I can express enough appreciation for your part in that.

A couple of update notes:

The easiest way for us to try to get you a copy to pick up at Essen is for you to send me an email ( and get put on a list for just that purpose. It is not easy to do this through Kickstarter. We will let you know about the Essen pickup as soon as we know the publishing schedule and that we can make it happen on time. If you pick up the game at Essen, you will get a refund of your KS shipping expense, and the pickup charge at Essen will be $10 but, as a THANK YOU for picking up the game at Essen, we will offer you $10 in credit at our booth 10-53. If you don't see this announcement before the end of the Kickstarter campaign and want to reserve a copy for Essen pickup, you can contact us ( ) we will try to have an extra copy shipped and set aside for you. So get in touch with me and let me know if you are interested in this Essen pick up possibility.

WOW! You're absolutely incredible! You absolutely crushed the $30k stretch goal -- and there's still more than a day left! Thanks so much for all of the name submissions for the "Challenge Pack" -- we haven't selected a final title yet, but I absolutely love all of the suggestions given so far, and am looking forward to picking one from them. Thanks so much!

Overall, THANK YOU! You have given some incredible support, and made this project an incredible success. You're fantastic!

Clint Herron