Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas

by Gryphon and Eagle Games

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    1. James Bass

      I got my confirmation yesterday! Can't wait!

    2. J. Brandon Massengill

      Fantastic news! Are there tracking numbers going out? I ask because I will be out of town for Thanksgiving and I want to be sure that I can have someone take the thing inside if need be.

    3. Daniel Hooks on

      Can't wait to play it!

    4. Chooi

      presumably our 5th player sets will also ship at similar time? can't wait

    5. John Christopher on

      I wonder if this will get here before Thanksgiving or if I'll have to wait till after the holiday.

    6. Mark Seelye on

      Awesome, according to UPS mine is coming tomorrow (Wednesday) just in tome for T-Day! Thanks guys!

    7. Matt Smith on

      How are people tracking their package? I've not received any notification of a shipment. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be gone for a few days, so it would be nice to know when a package will be delivered.

    8. James Bass

      I got a QuantumView email with the tracking number. Have you checked your Spam folder?

    9. Matt Smith on

      Nothing in the spam folder. Hmmmmm.

    10. Bill Jensen

      Got no notification. Was hoping for something before I leave for T Day. Will check throughout the day. Worked enough shipping room in college to know the difference between what I said was shipped and UPS said was shipped. :)

    11. John Fiala

      No notification here either - checked Spam as well. Hopefully it's just late arriving.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller on

      Same here - no shipping/tracking confirmation.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller on

      Update - my copy just arrived via USPS, I did not get tracking info so it's possible not everyone will. Mine shipped 11/19 from KY, I am in SC.

    14. John Webster on

      Got mine, just in time for Thanksgiving gaming tomorrow. Quality is awesome!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ron Price on

      Got mine! Can anyone confirm or deny if they're shipping the fifth-player sets? I want to order one, and said so on the survey, but don't know how...

    16. John Fiala

      Well, I got no notification, but when I got home there was my copy waiting for me! Looks very cool!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kagel on

      My copy of Pirate Dice came today and it looks awesome! However the 5th player expansion I paid for is not in the package. Why wasn't it sent to me?

    18. Bill Jensen

      Got it. Plays better with 3 than 4 in our first couple days through.

    19. Edward Hyena

      Mine just showed up. I can confirm that the 5th player expansion was included but it was NOT in the game box, but rather sailing through the sea of packing peanuts inside the shipping box. There should be an extra player screen, extra ship card, a bag of 6 orange dice, and a rules variant sheet.

    20. Missing avatar


      Mine just arrived down here in New Zealand. I can also confirm that the 5th player expansion was included inside the shipping box


    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Nielsen on

      Got mine in Denmark today, with everything :)

    22. Missing avatar

      James Keith on

      I got mine a week or so back, but did not receive either the 5th player dice or expansion maps, even though I paid for them. I went through the packing peanuts multiple times to no avail, and sent an e-mail to Gryphon customer support. I still have not heard back. Please help!