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A new board game from the designers of Fleet pits Snake Charmers, Magicians & Merchants against each other in the Moroccan Marketplace!
A new board game from the designers of Fleet pits Snake Charmers, Magicians & Merchants against each other in the Moroccan Marketplace!
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Morocco: Masterfully Monopolize the Moroccan Marketplace!



Rendering of game box!
Rendering of game box!


E-G-G has decided to thank our awesome backers that they will include BOTH stretch goals in Morocco if it funds! All KS copies will get the upgraded tourist meeple and upgraded start player marker!

Morocco is the brand new tabletop game from Eagle-Gryphon and the award winning design team of Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle - the designers of the hit games Fleet, Fleet: Arctic Bounty, Floating Market and Eggs & Empires!

Each day at the marketplace of Jemaa el-Fnaa, the gem of Marrakech in Morocco, the five artisan families of Snake Charmers, Water Sellers, Rug Merchants, Magicians, and Food Sellers fight to claim the premium stalls across the market. But today of all days, the celebrated Moroccan Tumblers are drawing even greater crowds than normal, and the families must fight even harder to get the best stalls.

Play with delight as you haggle, bribe, and strong-arm your way to the busiest spots with the most customers -- but be wary of stampeding crowds. If you fall, no bodyguards will step in to save you! Don't be shy, experience all of the magic that Morocco has to offer!

  • Unique Gameplay! - Classic euro feel with a modern twist.
  • Discount w/ free USA shipping (12% OFF)! only $44 ( free shipping in the US!)  (future MSRP = $50).
  • Stretch Goals - Your pledge WILL make the game possible and better.
  • Great Reviews! - We are very proud of Morocco and reviewers agree!

Morocco will be a 16 day campaign, so act now!

In Morocco, players are families of artisans carrying on the ancient traditions of the world famous Jemaa el-Fnaa market square in Marrakech, Morocco. Each day, they work to claim the best stalls across the market and attract customers to sample their wares or be enthralled by their amazing feats. The ancient families of Snake Charmers, Water Sellers, Rug Merchants, Magicians, and Food Sellers work hard vying for the best stalls.

In Morocco, players will send their workers out to try and claim stalls at the market. When enough workers from the same family have made it to a stall, that family claims it and clears out any adjacent juice sellers.

Morocco is played over two separate phases: scout the market and assign workers. To scout the market, players use the nearby roof to scout the market and determine where the busiest stalls will be. To assign workers, players use the gained information to send workers into the market.

Proto rules on BGG page here

In case you didn't feel like reading, or watching, how to play Morocco, here is a summary of the primary gameplay. There are two phases to each round; Gather Information and Assign Workers.

Rules overview and in progress game
Rules overview and in progress game

"Morocco is a very, very sharp, smart, and fast playing game. It feels very fresh and unique while doing all the things a good area control game should do." - Richard Ham of  Rhado Runs Through here, Final Thoughts here

"Morocco is a game that I think about over-and-over after I have played it. I cannot wait to play it again. It offers gameplay decisions that are distinctive and stimulating." - Jeff P. of - full review here

""I like the way that Morocco's fairly simple ruleset allows for depth of strategy. It's a cool combination of area control and worker placement." - Jonathan Liu of full review here

""With its roots firmly steeped in the classic euros of old, Morocco provides a number of innovative, yet familiar, resource gathering and area influence mechanics that combine seamlessly for a satisfying euro-game experience in under an hour. This is slowly becoming one of my favorite designs from the dynamic Ridback duo." - Dan Halstad of full review here

"In a market saturated with minis and dice-rolling, Morocco changes the pace by providing an accessible euro-style game that brings you back to an era of classic board games. The twists on simple mechanisms like resource collection and area control prove that there is still plenty of room for creative design work in these common features. Morocco is smart, tactical and unique in all the right ways."  - Matthew Halstad of full review here

"Morocco is a unique experience; like many of our favorite games, it is both simple and clever, combining a few brightly polished mechanics into a well-working whole. The grid-coordinate system feels fresh and the multiple worker types are intuitive, giving the whole experience a beautifully-tuned and sublimely accessible feel. With enough player choice to be truly engaging but not so many moving parts as to be unwieldy, Morocco is one of our new favorites for sure!" - Andrew of full review here

 Interview with the Inquisitive Meeple  here

How do I add something onto my pledge?

Backers can add additional copies of Morocco for $34 each plus the shipping charges below

All other add ons will be handled after the campaign during the survey. Eagle-Gryphon will be able to offer great deals on other games designed by Ben and I. You will have the opportunity to add on the games listed below.


How much shipping do I add for Add-Ons?

It depends on too many factors to do a chart for, so we will ask you to send a Message (not a Comment please) to us and we will figure it out and let you know. In your Message please tell us what you want shipped and your "ship to" location. 

We will ship US orders from our Eagle-Gryphon Games warehouse in Kentucky; Canadian orders from Board Games Bliss in Ontario; Australian orders from The Games Capital in Canberra; and Asian orders from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China (mainland). Many EU orders will ship from our warehouse in Enschede, The Netherlands and some might be shipped directly from your home country, if other print partners join us very soon!

Speaking of Australian shipping, and The Games Capital in Canberra, Australian backers can now order many of our games directly from them. For more information about the titles available contact or TGC via

Shipping costs by country

  • USA: One copy of Morocco = FREE, each additional copy is free
  • Canada: One copy of Morocco =$10, +$2 each additional copy
  • Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, & The United Kingdom: One copy of Morocco = $14, +$6 each additional copy
  • Australia: One copy of Morocco = $16, +$8 each additional copy
  • Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand: One copy of Morocco = $20, +$14 each additional copy
  • Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, & Vietnam: One copy of Morocco =$25, +$14 each additional copy
  • Argentina, Brazil, Channel Islands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, & South Africa: One copy of Morocco =$35, +$15 each additional copy

Rest of the World -- If your country is not listed, please contact us to find out your shipping cost.

It has been our experience that many people (including sophisticated international Kickstarter Backers) frequently confuse "shipping" expense and "postage" expense. What we try to cover with the above fees (in part) is shipping expenses, not just postage. Postage is the actual charge your country's postal service (or UPS, FedEx, etc) charges us to deliver a package within that country.

Shipping is far more comprehensive and includes: getting the container shipped to the US, or the EU, or Australia; the Customs and VAT (or equivalent) and other import fees and taxes; the drayage from the port to the warehouse (not cheap!); the warehouse fees to unload and sort out and prepare packages; the materials and labor involved in the last item; fees to the warehouse for their service to us, and only after all of that, the postage! We need to cover all of those costs--and they really add up. Frequently they cost as much or more than the game(s) did to produce.

When we combine a low margin price (such as this one we are offering on Morocco) with this shipping expense, we do not make any profit if we are not very careful. The shipping we are charging for this project is as low as we can make it and still stay in business. Internationally, for two or more games, get in touch with us and tell us the total of how many games you want and which ones; and where you would like them shipped.

To get in touch with us, please send us a Message (not a Comment please) using the "Contact Me" button at the top.

We will not ship to Russia, the Ukraine and select other places except for specially-made arrangements wherein the Backer takes the risk involved in receiving the package.

Risks and challenges

Eagle-Gryphon Games stands by our products, but sometimes issues do happen. Please contact our customer service department with regard to any such issues.

Shipping issues are relatively uncommon, but they do sometimes occur, especially when shipping to destinations outside of the US. We will obtain tracking information when it is possible, but sometimes it is not. We cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping problems, as we cannot guarantee the service and reliability of the various postal/delivery services involved around the world. You will have to assume that risk along with us.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has completed 50 Kickstarter projects to date. 47 of those projects have completed or are in the midst of delivery. The other projects are in the midst of shipping or are still in the production process. We keep Backers notified by Updates about the status of their projects. We deliver on our promises reliably and usually on time (the very few delays we have ever had were related to production schedule issues which we have only, at best, partial control over).

To put it simply, you will get everything you are promised when you pledge to one of our Kickstarter Projects, and it will be delivered to you in as timely a manner as possible.

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