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Our Holiday Gift to you for a $5 pledge--only one level--and available for just these 12 Days of Christmas! Family and gamer-friendly!
Our Holiday Gift to you for a $5 pledge--only one level--and available for just these 12 Days of Christmas! Family and gamer-friendly!
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Have a Merry 12 Days of Christmas--from Eagle-Gryphon Games!



12 Days of Christmas is a card game designed by Dr. Gord Hamilton. It's designed for 2-8 players, ages 8+, to be played in 20-30 minutes.  Simple enough for the whole family to play, yet strategic enough for the game geeks in the family to enjoy along with everyone else!  A fast, fun, holiday treat!  Generally, you deal out 12 cards to each player, who then attempts to give away all of their cards before the other players by following the lead established by the first player. Timing is everything (and of course having the right cards to play at the right time certainly helps as well!)

The rules are short and simple and you will find them right here.

And here you can meet the designer and learn the rules directly from him:

Dr. Gord Hamilton is a member of the Game Artisans of Canada.  He is also the director of YouTube video site that inspires K-12 math teachers with curricular games, puzzles, and unsolved problems of mathematics. This time of year, you'll find him skiing and snuggling in Canada with his two children--Keefer and Julia! The artwork for 12 Days of Christmas was created by the talented team of David Forest and Lina Cossette, who can be contacted at

The E•G•G Series is a brand new series of small box (5.75" by 4.25") games being published by Eagle-Gryphon Games (E•G•G).

Eggs and Empires is our first title in the new E•G•G series at #1, designed by the talented Fleet duo of Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback. Eggs and Empires was just released and is now available at

12 Days of Christmas by Gord Hamilton is featured in this Kickstarter and it will debut at #2 in the E•G•G Series.

King's Kilt will be #3 and is also designed by Gord Hamilton. Look for it on Kickstarter shortly after Christmas.

Krakatoa  is the celebrated dice game by Joli Q. Kansil and will be #4 in the E•G•G Series.

Dexicon will be #5 and is a deck-building word game by Andrew Rowse.

Seven 7's by Jason Tagmire, a card game designed around collections of 7, will come in at #7. We just couldn't call this #6, so we skipped #6 for now and will reveal it and more details about all of these games at a later time!

All of these games will be Kickstarter projects in early 2015 for these new game designers (plus the new version of the hard-to-find Krakatoa game).

In the Spirit of Getting into Games during the Holidays

Gord Hamilton recently recorded these kids and their families playing a prototype of the 12 Days of Christmas

Shipping is now automatically added to your pledge based on the country you are shipping to.  For this project, US shipping is $4; Canadian shipping is $6; Australian and UK shipping is $8.  Note that this game will ship to you by/around July, 2015!  That's in plenty of time for the 2015 Holiday Season!

In the US, 2 games costs $18, including shipping; 3 games costs $25, including shipping and 4 games costs $31, including shipping.  For other countries or different quantities please write us a Message using the "Contact me" blue link at the bottom right corner of the first screen (under the Eagle-Gryphon Games logo).

Risks and challenges

Eagle-Gryphon Games stands by our products, but sometimes issues do happen. Please contact our customer service department with regard to any such issues within 90 days of receiving your copy of The 12 Days of Christmas.

Shipping issues are relatively uncommon, but they do sometimes occur, especially when shipping to destinations outside of the US. We will obtain tracking information when it is possible, but sometimes it is not. We cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping problems, as we cannot guarantee the service and reliability of the various postal/delivery services involved around the world. You will have to assume that risk along with us.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has completed 41 Kickstarter projects to date. 35 of those projects have completed delivery. Five of the projects are in printing right now or have already been printed and are waiting to ship. All five of these projects will be delivered in December and/or January (they include Musee; Baseball Highlights 2045; Mystery Rummy; Dawn: Rise of the Occulites; and Cheesonomics). One project--Clockwork Wars, is still in pre-production, totally on schedule and slated for delivery in July, 2015. We keep Backers notified by Updates about the status of their projects. We deliver on our promises reliably and usually on time (the very few delays we have ever had were related to production schedule issues which we have only, at best, partial control over).

To put it simply, you will get everything you are promised when you pledge to one of our Kickstarter Projects, and it will be delivered to you in as timely a manner as possible.

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