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Fleet is a strategic card based game set around a unique commercial fishing theme.
Fleet is a strategic card based game set around a unique commercial fishing theme.
Fleet is a strategic card based game set around a unique commercial fishing theme.
1,172 backers pledged $37,860 to help bring this project to life.

Fleet #26 The one about Fleet: Arctic Bounty: The Launch

We will keep this one short and sweet... Fleet: Arctic Bounty is live on Kickstarter right now!!! Go check it out.

Matt and Ben and the Gryphon Team

Fleet Update #25 - The one about Fleet: Arctic Bounty!

Huh, wait?! A Fleet update? But I have had that game for like a year... what the heck?! 

Hey everyone!! Long time, no talk. If you are wondering WHY you are getting this update, it’s because there is BIG news!! 

Fleet has a full size expansion coming soon to Gryphon Games! How soon you ask? Why a mere TWO days from now! 

That's right, Fleet: Arctic Bounty will hit Kickstarter by the end of the day this Thursday, Aug 1!

 Fleet: Arctic Bounty is a full expansion to Fleet and provides a ton of cool new cards and powers to integrate with Fleet. The new cards in Fleet: Arctic Bounty are intended to supplement the base Fleet cards - any cards can be swapped in and out of any game, allowing players to mix, match and create their own custom fishing challenges. This expansion will have you plumbing the depths of strategy time and time again including a solo variant and a new two player variant.We will get another update out on Friday with a link to the project once its live.

In the meantime, watch BGG for sneak peaks and updates. 

If you know anyone that may be interested in Fleet, spread the word! This campaign will also have base Fleet available and a lot of cool extras (like fish meeples)! If you have any questions, shoot Ben and I an email at or find us over at BGG.

 It is thanks to you guys that the first Fleet campaign was so successful and we are excited to have the opportunity to bring you Fleet: Arctic Bounty! We could not do it without you! 

Matt and Ben and the team at Gryphon Games

The one about... goodbye?

Hey awesome totally cool and intrepid Fleet backers! This is very likely the last update... because Fleet has completed shipping!! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow and uhhmmmm such.

This entire experience has been amazing and it would not have been possible without all of you and your support. Thank you so much for making Fleet possible and as it in transit all over the world, I can not wait for you all to start enjoying it!

If you are BGGers, we would love if you reviewed and/or rated Fleet (especially if you like it! if you do not, well, you know, feel free to skip that part of the process... ;) ) and post in the forum!

We have some cool swag courtesy of the awesome folks at Gryphon so if you are up to snapping a pic of a game of Fleet in progress or Fleet in a cool place (Machu Pichu, the moon, your grandmas house) and posting it on BGG, facebook, or sending it to us at and we will pick a few and send them something neat!

If you missed out on meeples and are regretting it worse than I regret wearing horizontal stripes ( Do Not Fret! Our buddies at Funagain have sets available

If you hear from us again it will be because Fleet 2: Fleet and Fleetier is out or some other cool project we want to pimp errr recommend to you.

Again, thank you all so much. For the hundredth time, thank you, thank you, thank you. Look Ben and I up on BGG, at, or anywhere else.

Matt and Ben

The one about Essen pick up and Fleet Delivery

Hey guys -- just a quick update today to give our awesome international backers one last shot at an Essen pick up. If you backed Fleet and are going to be at Essen then shoot me an email at before September 21, 2012.

Remember, Gryphon is refunding your shipping AND you get a $10 booth credit!

Fleet is still on track to start shipping to you next week! Almost there!!!!

Matt and Ben

The one about reviews, shipping and Golden Geeks...

Hey everyone! It's been quiet on the Fleet home front for awhile so I figured "How about an update!" Then I thought, well, I mean, what could possibly be update worthy? What is there to talk about...

 Then I found out: 

Fleet is shipping to you soon!!! (Sep 19 - that’s pretty dang soon)

Boat... check!
Customs... check!
Truck... in transit
After that there are some logistics and processing and boxing and labeling and more labeling and boxing and then (BAM) Fleet heads out TO YOU the week of Sep 19. So, Sep 05 to Sep 19... carry the one… inverse cosine of the polynomial… divided by Pi… 2 weeks!!!
So, meanwhile, here are some very cool websites with some very cool guys talking about Fleet.
Joel of and posted his review talking about how much he likes Fleet. Go check it out and thumb the video to show Fleet and Joel your support!

Also, the always groovy Chris over at (my favorite website logo BTW) talks about Fleet in is summer highlights column and mentions that Fleet is still in the conversation for dicehateme game of the year!

The BGG Golden Geeks are upon us. Fleet is one of those games that comes out a bit too late for the nomination period but in time for the voting so if you think Fleet looks awesome then consider nominating it for Card Game and Family Game now and then vote for it once you officially know how awesome it is next month! You have to be a BGGer to do so.

Finally, we love Gryphon Games and they do lots of cool stuff, but we wanted to specifically highlight a project that is kickstarting right now because it has incredible art by none other than our beloved Eric J. Carter. Check it out.

That is all for now, as always, if you have any questions shoot us a geekmail or email at
Matt and Ben