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A family man's quest for salvation leads to an abortion clinic shooting. Victims cope with the aftermath and a greedy televangelist.

A family man's quest for salvation leads to an abortion clinic shooting. Victims cope with the aftermath and a greedy televangelist. Read More
pledged of $75,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on August 31, 2012.

About this project

THE SHOOTER'S BIBLE is a controversial, feature-length drama that examines faith, science and tradition against the backdrop of a religiously motivated crime.

Can you be good without god, or is the concept of god the very thing that compels good people to commit terrible acts?

These are the dramatic catalysts of our film, after a mild-mannered family man’s quest for salvation leads to the murder of an abortion clinic doctor. A young witness and two shattered families— that of the slain doctor and the shooter’s own stunned family— must contend with the tragic aftermath as well as an opportunistic televangelist.

As the self-anointed moral crusader inflames the media frenzy for his own greed and gain (transforming shooter into saint and doctor into devil) an atheist teenager, living under the same roof, is the one person who can prevent a second tragedy.

The film is not a pro-life/pro-choice debate, we simply use the abortion clinic shooting as the launching point to examine the real issues that make this subject so volatile in the first place, namely, fidelity to ancient scripture in the modern world. Does it make any sense in the science age? Is religion a source of comfort or of conflict? Is it a source of guidance or an obstacle to intellectual and ethical progress? The Shooter’s Bible scrutinizes this conflict of ideas and ideals through the lens of fear, guilt and hopelessness the characters face down in the crime's aftermath as they all struggle to cope and find meaning in life again.

The script was a Nicholl Fellowship Finalist (a prestigious screenwriting competition held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) and placed in other highly acclaimed competitions before attracting the attention of director Karen Erbach. An American Film Institute alum, Karen's films have featured two Oscar winning cinematographers and she possesses the creative  vision, experience, and passion to deliver a landmark independent film.


There is a tremendous amount of undiscovered talent out there and we want to feature it.


We LOVE the open casting call! There are so many fantastic actors out there who just never get the breaks or the right opportunity. Submit your headshot and resume to We'll respond with sides and instructions for uploading your audition video.


Have a great original song? We want to hear it. Upload your song to our open YouTube channel. NO COVERS!!! We have just one spot open for the soundtrack, so give us your best (original!) shot. Email and we'll send upload instructions.

More About The Movie...

This is a film about what happens next. The choices each character faces in the wake of the tragedy will shape the rest of their lives.

The Shooter, Maynard Keane, is not some fundamentalist lunatic armed with a head full of bible verses. A grim medical diagnosis awakens his insecurities over his faith and his ultimate fate. He's dying. His affluent life runs counter to the doctrine of his savior and he also suspects his daughter might be a lesbian.

The murder is a reverse Faustian bargain of sorts, an attempt to save his daughter and himself from damnation, and he undertakes the crime reluctantly.

For the shooter’s family, televangelist Rev. Fulton, seems to offer redemption; a way to ease their guilty conscience, a way to hold onto their religion, a way to square the loving husband/father they knew with the crime he commits.

For the family of the slain doctor... it’s a second murder of sorts as Rev. Fulton’s crusade is a brutally public affair. Fulton stoops so low as to trot out the young witness, still pregnant with her abusers child (a result of Maynard's deed) as an example of the LIFE Maynard saved!

The doctor's widow sinks into prescription addiction while revenge threatens to overtake her son. He’s a bright engineer with a promising career and he’s planning to throw it all away as ironically enough, the rationalizations made by the supporters of his father’s killer begin to resonate within himself.

Urgency hangs over each character as Fulton has enough power, enough followers, and enough money to get Maynard released on bail. Maynard will soon be coming home to await trial.

Will his family submerge themselves in denial and welcome him as a hero?
Will the slain doctor's son act on his revenge scheme?
Will Fulton coerce a thirteen year old girl into having her abusers child?

At the center of it all, is Maura the atheist girl who is connected by the victims and Fulton’s only resistance and the thinnest of hope in preventing another tragedy.


Pre-production (casting, securing locations, creative preparation) and principal photography (renting the equipment and shooting the film).

The film has a meager, bare bones budget. The writer/producer has put up half of the capital. We have secured a deal for post-production services and one set of prints. That set will be used for film fest submissions.

$75k is a lot of money, but not much for a film. We need $225k to make a film as ambitious as this. We have more than half in and need your help to fill the balance. It is imperative we deliver a high quality film because we are dealing with highly charged subject matter and if the end product looks Dolemite-esque, people will rip it not on the logical merit but aesthetics.

We have opened dialog with several interested film distributors. The distributors will pay for additional prints, and provided we turn out a quality product, be responsible for getting the film into theaters. KickStarter is the proving ground. If we can demonstrate there is an audience for such a controversial premise, the distributors will take it on.

What happens if all the money isn’t raised in time? Unfortunately, NOTHING. If we do not meet our $75k goal before the deadline, no money changes hands and this movie will never get made.

Can we exceed the goal? Yes and in fact we really need to exceed our goal. Despite the best selling works of Dawkins, Hitchens, Sam Harris and others, industry execs are dubious about finding an audience for this film. In fact, there is real fear of the backlash this type of film might cause. We believe, however, there are enough intelligent minded people out there to make this film a success, so help us prove it.

How do we contact you? Maybe you have questions about the film. Maybe you want to know how your contribution will be put to use. Maybe you want to read the script. Maybe you want to send us death threats. For all those, you can contact us:

Other ways to help: Spread the word! Tell everyone you know. Share our website, like us on Facebook, blog it, email your friends, antagonize your enemies, promote it any way you can think of. Everything helps!

Thank You!

Atheism, Evolution and Science. He shoots he scores!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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