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A  "best" approach to the perfect small batch home fermenting system.Uses "Weightless" design to keep your jar contents under the brine
A "best" approach to the perfect small batch home fermenting system.Uses "Weightless" design to keep your jar contents under the brine
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We want to make Ultimate Pickle Jar even better!

Posted by Sheila Jernigan and Mike Harmon (Creator)
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Hello all,

We have been silent for a while and wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know of some possible upcoming events with the Ultimate Pickle Jar System.

We were well satisfied our Kickstarter for sure! We would loved to have been able to start the production of the 1/2 gallon adjusting rod but fate was not with us. It would have been much nicer to not have had the foul-ups we had but you live and learn.

The last few months have been eventful with our mailing list growing, our social media following growing, website traffic growing and sales as well but not to the point that it takes to turn a product into an enterprise and take it off the startup list.

What Sheila and I are thinking of doing is to host another KickStarter Campaign to introduce a stainless steel mason jar lid in 2 sizes , with and without the hole. They will be 316 stainless which is well suited for the fermenting environment. We feel like with all our products that we can offer these well below what others sell their version for and grow our customer base at the same time. We are thinking that $2.50 would be a fair price.

We will be the first to admit that the Pickle*Pusher does not appeal to all fermenters. We can't lower the price any more than we are selling them for now. The new lids sales would really help our budget and help pave the way for our "Secret Project" that WILL appeal to all of us fermenters regardless of weight choice!

We will run the campaign for 45 days and feel very certain we can have the rewards out in 75 days as these lids are already being produced [and sold for $5 or more each!] but we will have 2 new moulds made with our logo and the hole version as well.

We would appreciate some feedback and a show of interest from all of those who supported us in our first KickStarter Campaign.

I really would like to see all of you as excited as we are and will make the rewards as worthwhile as we can and normally do :)


Mike and Sheila

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