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Supporters of this Kickstarter will be pre-ordering Harrison Bankhead's next record with money raised going directly to musicians.
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Chicago mainstay Harrison Bankhead and his quartet comes to the East Coast at the end of March 2013 to play a concert at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are going to track his next record the day after the concert in the Western Massachusetts area. 

A good record label works in the middle between musicians and listeners. I would like to more directly connect these two groups with this kickstarter campaign. If I can pre-sell his record here the musicians will get paid upfront, and Harrison and my label will benefit by not having to recoup expenses over a painfully extended period of time. 

Listeners and jazz lovers will benefit by getting a brand new high end free jazz record from a world class bass player for $8. When's the last time that happened?  

The economics and middlemen of the music business make it hard to get even a seasoned and great musician like Harrison Bankhead established as a bandleader. Your participation will help grow the variety of jazz that's available.   

Harrison's debut as a leader got great reviews. Here are just a couple: 

You can stream his debut here:

Risks and challenges

Obstacles to completion of the project are in the acts of God category. Harrison's relationships with his musicians are solid (he just returned from touring Poland with them) and I get along great with Harrison.

There's a tiny risk the concert at UMass could be cancelled or that there might be a musician health emergency, but other than that it's should be go well.

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