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Platform with iOs and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar microcontroller boards over Internet.
Platform with iOs and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar microcontroller boards over Internet.
2,321 backers pledged $49,235 to help bring this project to life.

Prepare to Blynk!

Posted by Pasha Baiborodin (Creator)

Hey Blynkers, 

Tomorrow, we are submitting the very first version of Blynk to app stores. This means only 5-10 more days of approval time and Blynking begins!

It’s you who have made this happen. Thank you so much for believeing in us!

Creating something innovative is quite an adventure. Every day brings new experiences and challenges. Sometimes they are inspiring, sometimes it's like hitting the wall with your head. We had all of that :)

To Blynk or not to Blynk? 

With all of your support and feedback during the campaign, we realized that Blynk is much larger than we initially thought. And to support the new vision, we decided to redesign all the key elements of Blynk, leaving only simplicity and flexibility. 

While Blynk still looks similar to what you've seen in our video, it’s absolutely brand new under the hood.

The whole redesign process took a lot of extra time and, naturally, shifted the whole schedule, leaving some of the things unfinished. However, It gave us a really solid base to build on top of, so definitely worth it.

We could have postponed our launch, but decided that today’s Blynk is already something we are proud of. That's why we are putting it into your hands while keeping up the development pace. We don't stop and this release will be followed by amazing updates.

So what’s in the box?

Blynk platform is fully working, sending data back and forth. It’s fast, reliable and secure. You can start Blynking in under 5 minutes. Our Beta Testers have confirmed that it's really that quick. Everyone who has seen Blynk so far has been blown away with the simplicity of the setup. And it already works with a very wide variety of hardware.

  • Apps and widgets 

Apps are gorgeous. We’ve refreshed visual design and UX. You won’t find anything even close to them in this category.

Apps will be free for download, with just a few basic widgets inside in this release. Yes, only a few widgets will be shared now. We are really sorry for not delivering all of the announced widgets on time. Your rewards are on the way - all the backers will get what they pledged for. Two following updates are planned to give you rest of the widgets with other awesome features.

Secret lab for testing Blynk :) Please also help us find bugs and report them in our community
Secret lab for testing Blynk :) Please also help us find bugs and report them in our community

Bridge functionality was added – now you can make one Arduino talk to another. It will become a widget later on. Please give us some time to test everything out.

  • Libraries 

We had to completely rewrite Blynk library to make it simple, low-weight and very flexible. Arduino is known for it’s low resources, so it became our benchmark. If Blynk would work on Arduino, it would work anywhere, we thought. Today Blynk library handles up to 300/sec on Arduino UNO. Average hardware message size is 8 bytes only.

Volodymyr is happy to add support for another shield...
Volodymyr is happy to add support for another shield...

During our campaign we promised to support Arduino and Raspberry Pi and then extend this list. But we did waaaay more! Not only we support all of the most popular microcomputers and shields out there, but adding more new ones is a piece of cake.

  • codebender 

Those of you who pledged more than $20 will get one year of Premium codebender account. We’ll send you redeem codes with instructions when apps are live. Blynk library is added to codebender already.

  • Server 

Server was also redesigned. Now it's up and running, waiting for you. Dmitriy spent a lot of time optimizing it and providing really high performance. Access to our server is free for every Blynk user.

You can also install Blynk server locally. Some of you have deployed servers before, and some haven’t. It doesn’t matter since running the Blynk Server locally is similar to drawing an owl...

All you have to do is:

Blynk Server is Open Source, it can be installed on any environment where Java can be run. When we tried to run it on Raspberry Pi for the first time, we where amazed! Without any modifications, straight out of the box, it started like a charm and handled ~400 requests/sec. After that we optimized it even more.

  • MQTT support is currently in development. It’ll be ready soon.

Every journey starts with a single step

We made it together with you. And it’s just the beginning! 

We would love to hear what you think about Blynk: leave your wishes and feedback on our community page.

Thank you!


Pavel and Blynk Team


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    1. Sebastian Felix Schwarz on

      Hi Andy,
      same here ...
      Perhaps the App is only available in the US Store ?? :/

    2. Andy Holmstom on

      15 days since 5-10 days for approval...
      Am I missing something or am I not the only one that is not finding the app on AppStore.
      My guess is that it has yet not been released but maybe someone else knows better?

    3. Dmitriy Dumanskiy on

      Andrew, sure.

      First of all you getting maximum security you could get. You could place server within your local secured network so all connections between hard and server are secured + all data will be stored locally on your machine.
      Second - you could remove all limitations we put in free Blynk Cloud version. Like request rate limit, profile size limit, dashboards number limit, etc.
      Third - you could decrease latency. We are not have problems with that right now, but who knows...

    4. Andrew Nichols on

      Could you explain what the use case/benefit of running a blynk server locally would be?

    5. Dmitriy Dumanskiy on

      Kelly, yes, you could do that easly =)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kelly Keeton on

      My owl looks like a snowman...

      Super duper excited I have two major projects I am waiting to build with this. And I never thought to run server on the Pi ... Wait can I run server and client on the same Pi???