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Speakers for the new generation of hi-fi. Featuring fresh indie artwork, fantastic sound and eco-friendly construction. Made in LA.

Great press from around the web!

A bright light in a world of black speaker boxes. Urban Fidelity's™ new patent pending speakers are unlike anything else in the world of hi-fi.

Urban Fidelity™ Art Speakers combine great artwork, fantastic sound, obsessive quality, and non-toxic construction in a reasonably priced package. All made locally in Los Angeles.

We've completed all prototypes and patents, sourced all custom designed components, as well as hand picked exciting artwork. Now we need your help to bring the Urban Fidelity Speakers to production!

Art by Liam Brazier
Art by Liam Brazier

Audio + Art, together at last. At Urban Fidelity™, we believe loudspeakers should be as unique as the music they play. That's why we've turned to innovative indie artists for artwork to adorn our speakers.  Urban Fidelity™ features artists like Liam Brazier, Craig Watkins (wotto), Herman Lee, Daniel Teixeria,  Hyein Lee, Tobe Fonseca, Wojtek Polak (Akuma101), Maxime Archambault and more.

We consider these artists part of our family, so a very generous portion of each speaker sale will go directly to the featured artist. 

Air Flow Driver. Urban Fidelity™ speakers are truly unique in the world of affordable audio - and not just in aesthetics. Our Air Flow Driver is designed to work in the open air without the constraints of a pressboard box. By sending sound both forward and backward, the speaker mimics live music, creating an incredibly lifelike presentation and huge soundstage. 

The Air Flow driver features a double cone design to produce the high frequencies, thus eliminating the need for a separate tweeter and the sound-degrading crossover. Using one high-quality driver -- rather than multiple cheaper separate drivers -- produces a sound that is far more accurate, nuanced and complete. You'll hear details in your music you've never heard before. 

By liberating the driver from a pressboard box, the Air Flow driver delivers fast and smooth bass that's integrated with the rest of the frequency like it's meant to be. Typical affordable speakers use a ported box to create the bass, resulting in booming low frequencies that aren't in sync with the rest of the music.

Art by Liam Brazier
Art by Liam Brazier

Toxin-Free Construction. Traditional budget speakers are some of the most ecologically toxic products in electronics, made with cheap pressboard or chipboard using formaldehyde and vinyl. Urban Fidelity™ speakers are one of the most -- if not the most -- ecologically sound speakers available. We use only formaldehyde-free wood, and our paints and inks are water-based and free from harmful chemicals. 

Ultra Quality Printing. Our super high resolution eight color printing is the same used for gallery-grade prints and photographs, ensuring the final image is beautiful and stays beautiful for years to come.

Art by wotto
Art by wotto

Easy Setup for Stereo or Home Theater. Our speakers are designed to work just like any other traditional speaker. Whether you have an all-in-one home theater or component stereo system, simply take out your old speakers and replace them with ours. Urban Fidelity™ speakers can be powered by as little as 8 watts so any receiver/amplifier will make the speakers sing. Want to get into the wide world of hi-fi? We’ll help recommend components. Turntables and tube amps? Absolutely. 

Crafted in Los Angeles. Urban Fidelity™ speakers will be assembled/printed/hugged at our Los Angeles offices by the Urban Fidelity™ team. Our Air Flow drivers are designed in-house and manufactured for us by an experienced US company. Our wood is responsibly sourced from North American forests and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Only by making our speakers locally can we be truly obsessive about quality. 

Our Manufacturing Experience. Josh Ray and the Urban Fidelity™ team have extensive experience in physical manufacturing, including developing products for the automotive and accessory markets. Josh oversaw new products from 3D conception to final manufacturing as well as distribution to over 1000 locations across the US and Canada.

Our Audio Experience. In audio, Josh has reviewed and auditioned hundreds of speakers, amplifiers and more over the years, as well as consulted for loudspeaker and component companies.

Our Mission. We want to bring great design and great music into the living rooms of people everywhere. We want to shine a light on an area of audio that's been neglected: home stereo speakers. Where small audio systems and headphones have exploded in popularity, the stereo speaker market has all but disappeared. With your support, we can make stereo exciting again.

Urban Fidelity Art Speaker Specifications:

  • Frequency range: mid-50Hz to 20kHz
  • Power handling: 8 to 80 watts (almost any receiver or amplifier will work, even if it's rated at 500 watts)
  • Sensitivity: 87dB, 8 ohms impedance 
  • Dimensions: 13" wide x 13" deep x 41" tall (artwork 40" x 11.25")
  • Air Flow Driver: 8" double cone, cast aluminum frame, ceramic magnet
  • 5-way gold plated binding posts accept banana plugs, spades and bare wire
  • Printing: eight color printing
  • Finish: matte finish on both artwork and speaker
  • Made in USA

Passive (non-amplified). Urban Fidelity™ Speakers, like almost all home speakers that aren't boomboxes or Bluetooth devices, are "passive" -- aka without an amplifier. Passive speakers allow for more flexibility of installation and setup. Any receiver or amplifier at Best Buy or an audio store will work. You can also create a 4-channel home theater system by using two pairs of Urban Fidelity™ speakers with a multi-channel receiver.

We need your support. As you can tell, we’re very excited about our speakers and can’t wait to bring them to you. We’ve already completed all prototypes, patents, and sourced our materials. We simply need your help to start manufacturing. 

Your pledge will go towards:

  • Custom driver manufacturing
  • Eight color graphic printer
  • Large industrial graphic application equipment (used to apply the graphics onto the speaker)
  • Ordering all parts: eco wood, paint finishes, mounting hardware


  • Pledge $25+, receive a sweet Urban Fidelity t-shirt. US/Canada shipping included.
  • Early Birds (limit 50)! Pledge $269+, receive one pair of  Urban Fidelity™ Art Speakers in your choice of design. Regular price is $399. Free Urban Fidelity™  t-shirt included. US shipping included, Canadian residents please add $60 for shipping.
  • $299+ Art Speakers. Your choice of design. Regular price is $399. Free Urban Fidelity™ t-shirt included. US shipping included, Canadian residents please add $60 for shipping.

SHIPPING TO EUROPE: Please add $90 to your pledge. See the post here for more information and a list of countries.

SHIPPING TO JAPAN AND HONG KONG: Please add $100 to your pledge.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you're not in any of the countries listed above, please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

Delivery. Backers will start receiving their orders by the mid to end of October. Custom manufactured speaker drivers require a three month turnaround.

Artwork Choices. When the campaign ends, you'll have an easy interface to choose your speakers' artwork. There are dozens and dozens of designs to choose from that aren't shown on this page. We will do regular "project updates" to show you more artwork and featured artists.

Viva la Kickstarter! We hope you join us on our mission to bring great sound and fantastic art to hi-fi! If you have any questions about our speakers or hi-fi, please don't hesitate to ask!

Art by wotto
Art by wotto
Art by Herman Lee
Art by Herman Lee
Art by Tobe Fonseca
Art by Tobe Fonseca
Art by Maxime Archambault
Art by Maxime Archambault
Art by Daniel Teixeria
Art by Daniel Teixeria
Art by Hyein Lee
Art by Hyein Lee
Art by Akuma101
Art by Akuma101
Art by Liam Brazier, corgi smile by office mascot Rexy
Art by Liam Brazier, corgi smile by office mascot Rexy


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