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    1. Allaboutnicky_020.small

      Creator bethanne on October 14, 2010


      and the basement is fantastic! what a great show tonight!

    2. Porta01.small

      Creator Peter Richards on September 4, 2010

      (this is the friends and family letter I just dashed off this morning)

      Dear Friends and Family,

      If I haven't mentioned it to you before, I have been quietly working on a compilation CD of independent music over the past year, which I will self-release this winter! It has been professionally mastered and will also be professionally pressed and packaged. The CD includes 15 original songs by people I worked with and came to know through my job as director of SCENE Metrospace gallery 2006-2008. I am very pleased with the results -- the songs exceeded my expectations in every way! And I'm extremely excited to get this album out of my hard drive and into your hands. One of the main goals of this compilation was to create a physical artifact, a true musical experience that is tangible outside of the digital realm -- therefore there are no future plans to offer for download or as mp3s. Just a single, limited edition pressing of 1,000 copies.

      The compilation is entitled "In The Orchard Of Osiris," and contains music from the following musicians: Arms And Sleepers, Horde Of Two, Cold Mountain Child, Old Names, Steven Leaf, Drunken Barn Dance, Alex Hug, White Pines, Paleo, Stargrazer, Syscrusher (featuring Chris Bathgate), RxGibbs, Ribbons Of Song, Small Houses, and James Collin.

      The CD is ready to manufacture. Of course this is an expensive prospect, so if you are interested in helping me realize this labor of love, I have been accepted for a Kickstarter account to support the project!

      Kickstarter is a recent community-based funding method, through which someone can pledge any amount of their choosing. One of the unique things about Kickstarter is that they only fund successful ventures: if a project doesn't meet its goal ($2,000 in my case), it does not get funded and no one is charged a single cent. If, on the other hand, it meets or exceeds its goal, it gets fully funded! No pledges are fulfilled until the date specified by the person who proposed the project (me!), which is October 17 at midnight. From now until that date, you can help me out if you so desire. There are incentives offered for different pledge levels -- i.e. a copy of the finished CD, exclusive extra songs, bonus artwork, dinner, etc. I've established various levels for everyone from the cash-strapped to the high roller.

      My friends in the band Arms And Sleepers successfully used Kickstarter to fund their European tour this past summer, and my friend Chris Dorman successfully exceeded his Kickstarter goal to press his own solo CD just a few days ago. The very first day of my project (Thursday) we raised $45 with very little fanfare. This is great! If I can average 3-4 contributors per day, I will make it! Below is a link to the Kickstarter profile for the project, where there are many more details and a blog/comment section where we can interact.

      Please follow the above link if you'd like to be involved. I don't want anyone feeling obligated -- I am just very proud and full of hope for this project and want to tell the world! There is also a Facebook profile ( and a MySpace profile ( These pages contain some sneak previews of the music, news, pictures and more! I am also putting the finishing touches on a promotional video that will go live in a few days. One of the big ways to help out is to share these links with friends you think will be interested, and help spread the word.

      I thank you for your interest and support, and for indulging this Saturday morning mass e-mail which will be the only one of its kind. If you have any questions, I am happy to share more with you about the CD compilation!


      Peter Richards
      for It Takes A Village To Make Records

    3. Porta01.small

      Creator Peter Richards on September 3, 2010

      Many thanks to all the people who contributed on day one! If we average 3-4 new backers a day, we'll do this thing!

    4. Allaboutnicky_020.small

      Creator bethanne on September 3, 2010

      i am so excited for this cd to come out! please please PLEASE help peter reach his goal and support awesome independent music! :)

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    An exclusive remix/reconstruction by Stargrazer of Auburn Lull's "November's Long Shadows." This song will not be made available anywhere else! You'll also receive a link to stream the whole album.

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    You'll receive a physical copy of the finished CD! Fresh and in your hands before anyone else gets one. Plus you'll receive everything offered to the lower donor levels too!

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    In addition to every reward offered to the lower donor levels, you'll also receive a super-exclusive physical copy of Stargrazer's instrumental E.P. "Trieste," which dramatizes the January 1960 manned dive to the very bottom of the Challenger Deep!

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    For donations of $50 or more, a limited edition poster will be included, suitable for framing. Plus you'll receive everything offered to the lower donor levels too!

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    You'll get your name or the name of a loved one in the liner notes of "In The Orchard Of Osiris." Not to mention you'll also receive a rare, out-of-print copy of "First-hand Accounts, Theories, and Their Repercussions" (my first compilation from 2006, feat. Oh My God, Jen Sygit, Nick Schillace, Canada, and more)! Plus you'll receive everything offered to the lower donor levels too!

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    A donation of $200 or more will get you an exclusive archival print of the limited edition poster mentioned previously, professionally printed on high-quality watercolor paper with 100-year inks. You'll also be recognized at each of the listening parties and release events that will surround the CD's release to the public. Plus you'll receive every item offered to the lower donor levels too!

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    Everything mentioned previously shall be yours! Plus an additional 9 copies of the finished CD (for a total of 10!) that you may give as gifts, sell on eBay, etc.

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    You'll receive my undying gratitude. My wife and I will have a lavish dinner in your honor where we celebrate your kindness. We'll take pictures of the food and send them to you if you can't attend in person. I'll even professionally frame the archival poster print for you! And of course you'll receive everything else down the list as well. Thank you for even reading this award description!

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    You've just funded our entire project! You'll be listed as a co-producer and receive copious thanks in the liner notes and all attending press releases, etc. You'll have the knowledge that you blew someone's mind and made their day all at once. Not to mention you'll receive copies of the finished CD, posters, etc. -- just name what you want really, within reason, and we'll make it happen.

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