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The Ultimate Layering Piece - A wardrobe staple for every woman and every body - Made with love in the USA!


1. IT'S AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER - Here on kickstarter, get a Shemie!!!

2. BE A TASTEMAKER IN YOUR COMMUNITY - You will be the first to sport your Shemie!!!      

3. TURN RUNWAY FASHION INTO REAL LIFE - You will turn what was unwearable into totally wearable, by layering the Shemie with all your clothes!!!

4. GO SHOPPING IN YOUR CLOSET - You will expand your wardrobe by using the Shemie with your existing clothes!!!  The Shemie is multi-seasonal!!

5.  WEAR PER DOLLAR - You will wear your Shemie over and over!!!

6.  NO MORE FAT SUITS - The Shemie is NOT a fat dislocator or something you have to squeeze into; it's made for every woman and every body. Excess gas will NOT be an issue when you wear your shemie!

7. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT - My mission is to create a product that makes every woman feel BEAUTIFUL and ENOUGH, no matter what your body type is, or what your fashion tastes are!!!We have sizes 0-22!

8. YOU'RE GETTING A DISCOUNT - Buying the Shemie on KS is less expensive than buying it in a store!!!

9.  SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS IN THE USA - Our garments are made with love in North Carolina!!!

10. SUPPORT FEMALE-OWNED BUSINSS - It's just little ol' me!!! 


Thanks for checking out my KICKSTARTER project y'all . . . I'm so excited about my Ultimate Layering Piece, "The Americanized version of the French word "chemise,"or slip dress"!!!!! 

Listen up ladies, I came up with this idea during my many years as a stylist, dressing thousands of women. I realized my biggest issue in dressing modern day women was the absence of a staple from the past. What staple you ask? The slip!  Remember . . . that little gem our mothers and grandmothers wore with fierce devotion?  Where has it gone?  When did we give the slip the slip?!  

I decided to experiment with that little security blanket from yesteryear and came up with the one and only SHEMIE slip for the modern day woman. But there's just one problem!  I need your help to get the Shemie out of production and into your hands!! 

For now, we offer three life enhancing styles: (1) The cami, which we call "the hoppy top" after the playful comfort and ease it brings, (2) The elegant scoop, which we call "meet the parents," providing support without bust line exposure and (3) The romper, our "paparazzi protector," the answer to those sexy dresses we love to wear but fear the worst; and Ladies, you don't need to be a fashionista to style your outfits, and you don't need uncomfortable fat dis-locators to compliment that beautiful body of yours, all you need is The Shemie.

"hoppy top" SAND
"hoppy top" SAND
"meet the parents" SAND
"meet the parents" SAND
"paparazzi protector" SAND
"paparazzi protector" SAND

How can you wear your Shemie?

  • Under sheer clothing
  • Beneath your dresses
  • For yoga/pilates 
  • Under mini dresses/skirts
  • Under a cardigan with a belt 
  • As a layering piece with jeans 
  • To lounge around in
  • Under wrap dresses
  • To sleep in
  • OR... on it's own!

The Shemie meets every woman's styling needs, bringing runway fashion to real life! Unlike those lacy or unfinished underpinnings that use to exist, the Shemie is a beautifully finished opaque garment that is versatile enough to be worn as a layering piece, or by itself! The Shemie is so user friendly that you can wear THEM to the gym in the morning, to the office all day, to the red carpet premiere that evening and to bed at night. I wear my Shemies 24/7; they've changed my life and are extremely addictive!!! 

My job is to help women look and feel beautiful, just the way they are. The Shemie is manufactured to compliment women's bodies of all shapes and sizes. It's NOT a fat dislocator or a shaper. It's NOT a girdle. It's a LAYERING PIECE. Enough of this squeezing into stretch fabrics and uncomfortable patterns, the Shemie is designed to compliment your body and the wardrobe you love.

Listen up ladies . . . YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, and the Shemie is here to help you look and feel that way.  Once you've tried it, you will not only love it - you will want more!  Then you will did I live without this essential staple?!

What is the money going to be used for?

I've already put my own money into this business to create a sample run for the Shemie line.  However, if I want to actually put them into production, I would need extra funds. That's where you come in!  With the help of Kickstarter, I hope to raise enough money to produce the first season of Shemies, as well as pay for the shipping costs of sending out the rewards.  Additional funds will be used to get Shemie into stores by going to trade shows in the Spring.

Learn more about our company, visit our facebook page and follow us on twitter 

By backing our project and pledging your support, you are essentially PRE-ORDERING your Shemie, all of which is a KICKSTARTER ONLY EXCLUSIVE!


How much is shipping?
All US shipping is free. 

Will you ship international rewards?
Yes. Please look at the rates posted on each reward. 

How do I pick my style, size and color?
We will you send you an email after December 1st (the finish line) asking you for your size, style and color preference, which we will use to fill your order.  

How do I wash the Shemie?
Its easy! Just a little love, some cold water and a place to hang dry. 

What fabric is the Shemie made of?
An amazing blend of nylon and spandex, making it comfortable and stylish.

Anymore questions:
Contact Shelton at


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Manufacturing is set up and ready to go in Asheboro, NC. We will use the funds to pay for the fabric, manufacturing and shipping of the Shemies. It's our goal to ship as soon as possible and before the date indicated on our Kickstarter. A potential challenge will be coordinating the customer specific ordering information, which we will not be able to obtain until after the December 1st finish line; thereafter, we will manufacture and ship. We anticipate a smooth process but if orders are more than expected, it may delay our ability to ship as quickly as we would like. We are confident that all orders will be produced and delivered on time to the people that fund the project. Thank You Shemie Lovers!!! xoxo, Shelton


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    POSITRON PARTNER: Join us on this exciting journey! Receive a personal note and photograph from me, Shelton Wilder, thanking you for your love and generous support!!

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    THE HOPPY TOP! You'll be happy with this Hoppy Top!! You will love these scoop camis that don't peel or ride up!!

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    MEET THE PARENTS! Remember ladies...leggings aren't pants!! This scoop neck slip will blend perfectly with any outfit, whether you want to dress up, dress down, or wear as a'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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    PAPARAZZI PROTECTOR! Don't be caught showing your hooha like "these" celebrity starlets we all know! Under a dress or alone, this romper will meet all of your styling needs!

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    HAVE IT YOUR WAY!! MIX AND MATCH! (This is so you can customize your order because you can't when you try to check out) Hoppy Top (Cami) = $49 Meet the Parents (Slip) = $59 Paparazzi Protector (Romper) = $69 Just add the totals of what you want and put it in the check out amount Example...2 hoppy top ($49 x 2=$98) plus 2 Meet the Parents ($59 x 2=$118) plus 1 Paparazzi Protector ($69 x 1=$69) so... $98+$118+$69 = $285 If you get confused...PLEASE CALL 866-492-4106

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    TOTAL PACKAGE! Just like YOU! Move over fat shapers! There's a NEW staple in town! With this total package you'll get to experience each perfect piece...1 Hoppy Top, 1 Meet the Parents and 1 Paparazzi Protector.

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    SHEMIE LOVERS! Get ready to Spring into your Shemie... please all of the women in your life and/or yourself! Shelton will personally call you and assist you with your styling needs and help you pick out the perfect Shemies for you and your loved ones.

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    THESE SHEMIES WILL SELL THEMSELVES! This is for you, store owners, or people BANANAS about Shemies! Shelton will help you put together the perfect order for your fab boutique. With your valid resale certificate, you get Shemies at wholesale. Be the first to carry the next big thing!

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    TRUNK SHOW! Hey y'all, I'm coming to your town for a personal appearance... I'll sell your Shemies right off the shelf of your chic boutique! With your valid resale certificate, you get Shemies at wholesale. Be the first to carry the next big thing! NOTE: Any and all travel expenses incurred are sole responsibility of pledger.

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    YOU PICK because YOU ROCK!! Email me with your proposal and if it's within reason, we can make it happen! I can be your personal shopper/stylist for a day, celebrate a night out in Hollywood, help you and your store sell tons of Shemies, you name it...Let's get creative!!

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