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The Ultimate Layering Piece - A wardrobe staple for every woman and every body - Made with love in the USA!
The Ultimate Layering Piece - A wardrobe staple for every woman and every body - Made with love in the USA!
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    1. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Shannon! I'm so sorry! I thought that I fulfilled all of the orders...they were late, but I must have missed yours. I extremely apologize. Please let me send you your order ASAP. Do you know what it was? Again, I'm so sorry and I'd like to make it right. :)

    2. Shannon Clancy on

      I placed an order last year and never received anything. Honestly I had forgotten about it until I came across another product that is using Kickstarter and I have to say I'm Leary about ordering.

    3. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Oh no Lee!! I'm so sorry! They were delivered awhile ago, but obviously I messed up! Can you email me with what you ordered and current address. So sorry!! Love ya! Xox, Shelton

    4. Missing avatar

      lee valencia on

      Dear Shelton, I have never heard from you about my shemie. i wonder, did I get lost in the herd? Pklease advise me. love, Lee Valencia

    5. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Hi Carrie!
      Thank you so much!! Let me know when you receive your Shemie and we can discuss via email:! Can't wait for you to get yours! Xox Shelton

    6. Missing avatar

      Carrie Miller on

      Hi Shelton,
      First, Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
      I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Shemie, hope it is the right size, but with the spring/summer weather, and some low-cut tank dresses, I've been thinking I should have ordered the white instead of the buff color. Will there be any way to order additional or even change my mind at this point?? I'm sure I could use both colors.
      Thanks :)

    7. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Hi Maria! Oh no... I'm so sorry! Please send to :
      Shemie, Inc.
      20058 Ventura Blvd
      Woodland Hills
      CA 91364

      Please let me know what size you need... You can email me if easier.
      Again my apologies!

    8. Missing avatar

      Marie Krebs on

      Hi Shelton, After a long anticipated wait my Shemie arrived today. I was so excited to try it on, only to discover it's too small. How do I go about exchanging it for the larger size?

      Thank you for getting back to me,


    9. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Hi Jennifer! I'm sending out an update tonight so thank you for reaching out! They are being sewn right now and I'm praying that they will be on schedule to be completed by the end of next week and shipped out immediately. It is a little later than expected, but I'm pushing and pushing them! Wow...this has been the most challenging journey of my life, but I feel so blessed to have the support of my backers and to get a perfect product out the everyone very, very soon! I'll post an update with pictures tonight! Thanks again honey! xoxo

    10. Jennifer Burns Wess on

      Hi Shelton- I was wondering if you have an update for those of us waiting on pins & needles for our Shemies lol! The last one said that they were hopefully shipping mid-to-late April. So...maybe? I'm crossing my fingers! Thanks, Jen

    11. Ana Maria Muñoz on

      Hi Shelton, just read your latest update about finding a new manufacturer in LA that you are happy with - yay! I'm currently in the middle of sourcing my own manufacturing for a product I designed so I feel your pain!!! No worries at all about us backers waiting for our Shemies to arrive, they will be worth it!
      Ana Maria

    12. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Ellis on

      Thanks for the update Shelton. Waiting patiently.

    13. Missing avatar

      Pamela Newcomb on

      I agree. I am tired of too short, low cut, and see through clothing. I am so glad that I backed this project.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jenn Crenshaw on

      Ok, so I know I should not be SO EXCITED about "underpinnings". However, I literally think of my soon to arrive Shemies each morning as I dress. Today in particular I am wearing one of those "squish-you-in" slips and I am not happy! HA! Looking forward to my delivery, soon to come! WoooHooooo!

    15. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      It's SHEMIE TIME!! Yeah y'all! I'm so elated and couldn't have done it without you! I will be sending you an email "survey" to collect your order on Sunday, Dec. 2. I'm sending this out and hope to collect the orders by Dec. 6th so they can be manufactured and delivered by the end of January, as promised! THANK YOU TONS AND TONS!! xoxoxoxoxo

    16. Missing avatar

      Melissa J Olson on

      Yeah Shelton! Congrats! You go girl! I am so happy for you! Can't wait to get my Shemie for myself. Keep up the good work.

    17. Missing avatar

      Shelly Peterson on

      How do I place my order now that this is Funded, congrats Knew you could do it

    18. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      GOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Yay friends!! We did it!! Time get our Shemie ON! Xox

    19. Missing avatar

      Addie McKinney on

      Hey Shelton! I worked with your brother, Beau, one summer and he told me all about the shemmie! I ordered the meet the parents and the paparazzi protector for myself plus a meet the parents for my mom! Can't wait to get my shemmies -- I know you are going to meet your goal!

    20. Missing avatar

      Katherine Blair Harrison on

      Hey Shelton,

      Just made a pledge for all three Shemies. I am so excited for you and I hope you meet your goal. I can't wait to have all three shemies to my wardrobe. Just keep doing what you are doing and you'll do great!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Shelley Martinkus on

      Shelton, I am one of Brooke's friends and that alone is enough for me to want to support you in some small way! I just watched your video on Shark Tank and your authenticity was SO endearing! I'm about to forward this on to some friends that would love the Shemie as well! Best of luck!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kristina Lewis on

      Hey there--Just watched Shark Tank, and as a fellow North Carolinian I'm thrilled you're manufacturing them in our beautiful state. The product by itself sounds awesome, but it's the support of NC jobs that just inspired me to look you up and make a pledge (btw, this is the first time I've ever pledged on a site like Kickstarter before!). Can't wait to try my Shemie when you meet your goal!!

    23. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Thank you all for the comments and support! We are getting closer!! Can't give up now!! I promise you will LOVE the Shemies! I couldn't get dressed with out them! XOXO

    24. Missing avatar

      Katie Byrd on

      Hi, I just ordered myself a paparazzi. It did not have anywhere for me to select color or size. I am so excited for you, and I think this is a fabulous idea!! I will be ordering some for my daughter also. Thank you for bringing this product to us.

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    26. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Hello friends! I sent you both emails, Yvonne and Natasha! I've gotten so many inquiries from investors and it just warms my heart to get such beautiful feedback from you beautiful women and a few great guys (buying for wives and girlfriends) Honestly I didn't know what to expect after Shark Tank aired, I was scared to be so exposed and vulnerable, but this is beyond my wildest dreams...I won't give up!! Thank you all...I'm beyond grateful! xoxo

    27. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Ellis on

      Oops I meant Shark Tank. We have a similar program here in Canada called Dragons Den with Kevin O'Leary. Hence, my typo.

    28. Missing avatar

      Yvonne Ellis on

      Hi Shelton absolutely loved you on dragons den. Your product is great. The men on the panel didn't get what you were offering. I know a good thing when I see it. You showed grace under pressure and left with your head held high. Loved your video intro on kick start as Can't wait to get my meet the parents and paparazzi protector. I'm sure you'll be successful. You've done it before so you know the formula. All you need is a start.

    29. Natasha Ashmore Gwilt on

      Are you considering small business investments to make up for a lack of investment from Shark Tank? Would possibly be interested, depending on the amount of investment needed, if it's in exchange for profits or equity.

    30. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      I'm unbelievably grateful! Thank you for seeing my vision!! Seriously, I wear one everyday at all times....well...not in the shower..not a Shower Shemie ;) Thank you TONS AND TONS!!! xoxoox

    31. Laresa Boyle on

      I just watched Shark Tank from Friday and love your product as well. I really thought they would give you a deal, but its going to happen without the sharks. I wish you the best of luck and I can't wait to get my shemie.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kyle Larson on

      you are incredibly brave and an inspiration

    33. Carla Jimenez on

      I too just saw you on Shark Tank and loved you AND your Shemie's!! I'm getting two of them...cuz I'm no dummy and I know a good thing when I see it!!!
      thanks and can't wait for you to make goal so I can Shimmy into my Shemie!

      Carla Jimenez :)

    34. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      Thanks so much Natasha!! :) I feel the same way!! I just adore you for ordering! Hope you can spread the word! xoxo

    35. Natasha Ashmore Gwilt on

      I'm a huge layering person, so when I saw the Shemie on Shark Tank, I thought how can any girl not want to have this? I ordered one, and excited for you Shelton. Best of luck to you!

    36. Shelton Wilder Creator on

      WOW!! I'm SO OVERWHELMED with the amazing response so far!!! Thank you dearly for all of y'all's support!! Hello, Kmar...I've worn it for years and never had a problem...I hope you will love it! xoxoxo THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! :)

    37. Laurel LaFlamme on

      Of course, we saw ya' on Shark Tank and ran right over to get me a Shemie! We're so proud of you.

      The fabric is the *shizzle* -- I adore the rayon /spandex blend; it lasts forever and it's so comfy.

      I'd like to answer @Kmar in the comment thread below. When it's time to visit the facilities, you're going to pull your Shemie up and down just like you're wearing a jumper. It's the same way they get in & outta various "form fitters" or any other jumpsuit apparatus.

      Here's the thing: When you're out and about town, how many times do you actually have to go "potty" anyway? Not much, right!

      No worries. Unless it has a way I don't know about yet, I'd say get The Shemie already and have no worries. It slips off easily; unlike Spanx. Until recently, Spanx had to come all the way down, now they have a slit for easy access.

      On this type of comfy material, the ease in which is slips on & off negates it needing and secret slit for... well, you know.

      I hope that helped answer your question. Now go order your Shemie!

    38. Missing avatar

      Kelly Estes on

      Saw you on Shark Tank and googled your products. So glad you posted your Kickstarter project on your website. My son just got his company funded on Kickstarter yesterday ! Happy to pay it forward, and am can't wait for my Hoppy Top.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kmar on

      Pretty interested in the paparazzi protector, but how do you go to the bathroom?