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See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
3,938 backers pledged £183,291 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing See Sense BEAM and ICON2

Posted by See.Sense (Creator)

New products!

We've just launched two new lights to complement your ACE. The first is BEAM, our first 'to see' light, featuring intelligent brightness management and more. The second is ICON2, our flagship model, which draws heavily on ACE, but with even more lumens. If you'd like to know more, or snap up an early bird, click on the image below.

See Sense BEAM and ICON2
See Sense BEAM and ICON2

Android App

We just wanted to say a special thank you to those that have downloaded and used the new Android BETA. Your feedback has helped correct many bugs and we have releases coming soon to bring further functionality to support ACE. You can stay up to date on our status page here.

Questions, or need some help?

Please do check out our online help at And if you can't find what you're looking for, or if your lights haven't arrived, please do drop us a support ticket and we'll be happy to help out.

Happy cycling

Team See.Sense


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    1. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      Hi Jan, ACE is out now, ICON2 and BEAM are 2019 products. ;-)

    2. Jan on

      Wish there had been a hint of this before backing the ACE as I would have preferred to back this. It makes me wonder what your gonna announce this time next year and leaves me hesitant to back it at all in case you bring out a Beam XL with 1000 lumens.

    3. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      @Chris - thanks we'll get on it.
      @Lawrence - thanks for raising a ticket, we've sent a reply to start collating the info we need to track down and get your ACE delivered.

    4. Lawrence Griffiths on

      I would simply like to receive my ACE.
      Never came any else been let down in this way?

    5. Chris M

      Well heck, I may have missed this survey. That’s a first. Ok, all submitted...

    6. Chris M

      Wait, did I miss something? I have still not received my original pledge light and you are already releasing a better version?

    7. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      Hi Andy, that's a fair comment. The team working on Android is separate of the one for our new products. All our products share the new app, so it's very much our aim to bring the Android app up to having a full feature set as soon as we can. Thanks.

    8. Andy Connion on

      I would like to see the Ace lights working as promised before I think about investing more money in see.sense.