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See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
3,938 backers pledged £183,291 to help bring this project to life.

See.Sense ACE : Update

Posted by See.Sense (Creator)

Firstly, we'd like to thank you for your support. ACE is off to a flying start thanks to your pledges. We couldn't have done this without you.


We completed all deliveries some weeks ago. However, there are still some backers who haven’t received theirs. If this is you then that’s because we need your address! We’ve been sending email reminders out about this but they may be going to spam. If you haven’t sent us your address then please do raise a support ticket ( We can then send you a personalised survey link to complete. If you have completed the survey we’ll send you a tracking link. Please note we can't respond to requests in Kickstarter comments as your delivery and survey details are personal data


As mentioned in our previous updates, we lost our Android developer mid-project which caused some delays around the app. We had hoped to have released it by now, but we're not quite there. In order to get the app to you as soon as possible, we'll launch it as an open beta as soon as the build is stable (in the next week or so). This will let you access light control and firmware update so you can get more from your lights. Apologies for the delay and any inconvenience.


There are a number of items that we're working on, such as increasing standby time and supporting more Garmin devices with ANT+. We've created a status page ( so you can keep up to speed with development.

Once again, thanks for your support and we hope you're enjoying the ACE you helped bring to life. 

Team See.Sense

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    1. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      @Rob - Please do raise a ticket so we can investigate for you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rob Trinder on

      I'm also still waiting for a shipment.

    3. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      @Philip - Please do raise a ticket so we can investigate for you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Philip Tait on

      Still waiting for mine to be shipped.....

    5. Darren Barratt on

      "We hope to release a BETA version in the middle of November"

      Well, today is the 15th.....

    6. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      Hi all, please see here for the latest status. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Clipsham on

      An update on the Android app is looooooooonnnnnnng overdue...Update please

    8. Michael Morgan on

      The rear light is excellent, however I find the front light is nowhere near bright enough and the battery for the front light only lasts for a couple of hours on its so called bright setting 😟

    9. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      Backer 305 , filled out survey twice , filled out 2 support tickets , no light no email , useless

    10. Missing avatar

      Gareth Hannaford on

      Good about Android lite version, the factory shipped firmware is unstable. I have now had 3 unit crashes when turning off (light goes off immediately off instead of green light stepping) and then cannot turn it on again until I have reset it - plugging in a usb cable, stranding me out with no rear light. Also agree that the bands are lacking, I cannot get a snug fit with any combination of them. When the light is working as intended however I am very happy with it.

    11. TanBW

      Nothing receive so far, no tracking number no reminder email as well.

      Created a ticket, please update me the shipping status

      thank you

    12. Missing avatar

      Jon Breckenridge on

      Got mine the other day. Used it 2x (weather still good here in NYC) and all is good! App works like a charm (on IPhone).

    13. Missing avatar

      Norm on

      Received my light Monday, October 22. Snow on the ground here. Will have to wait till spring to see how it works😢

    14. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Graulich on

      Have to agree with Nigel. I have never seen such bad o-rings. Also snapped two.

      About the standby time: This really is an issue. Will it not be sufficient to only turn bluetooth on once the button is pressed?

    15. Serg on

      Thanks all; for my part at least, I'd be happy to have an Android Beta app as soon as possible, purely so that I can upgrade the firmware - I'd be happy even with being pointed to an APK to install outside of Google Play (pretty please :) ).
      I'm fine with waiting for the other functionality until the official release.

    16. Irrational Ventures on

      Thanks for the update. My recommendation to you - wait with the app release until it is ready. We can wait. Most of your backers will not understand that they are using a beta version and what does it mean.

    17. Missing avatar

      peter watson on

      Thanks for the status page, great idea.

    18. Nigel Pond

      Folks, I snapped two bands when installing. I think you need to look into using a different o-ring supplier. I have never had this issue with o-rings from Garmin, for example. Thanks.