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See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
3,938 backers pledged £183,291 to help bring this project to life.

See.Sense ACE : Lights are shipping!

Posted by See.Sense (Creator)

Dear Backers,

It’s been another busy week for our team, but it’s also been one of the most exciting weeks so far! We’ve sent thousands more lights over to Amazon fulfilment centres..., we’ve been uploading your delivery details by the hundred…, and today we were delighted to see on our screens that a number of packages are now out for delivery. Which means ACE lights will be making their way to your doorsteps very soon!

The burning question you will have is - is when will my lights arrive? You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email from Amazon as soon as they dispatch it. This means you should receive your new ACE lights within the next couple of weeks or sooner (depending on where you are based - further from the UK means longer to get to you).

If you haven’t received a confirmation email from Amazon just yet - don’t worry. Some stock is still on its way to the distribution centres and it can take a few days to process. When you do receive your lights, we would love to hear and see your first reactions to it. Whether that’s via an email or on social media using #MakingCyclingBetter.

Shipping many more lights to Amazon
Shipping many more lights to Amazon

App Update

We had really hoped the new See.Sense app would be launched alongside the delivery of ACE lights. Sadly a number of delays, while we got it right, has meant this isn't possible and for that we apologise. For the App timings - our iOS app is currently under review with Apple. This is out of our control, but we expect that it should be approved in the next 5-7 days. Our Android development is progressing well since the last update and we expect to launch it in around 4 weeks time.

Please note the the current app you may have downloaded or found on the Play Store is not designed to work with ACE. So it doesn't recognise ACE as a See.Sense product. The new app will replace this, offering a significantly improved user experience. It will work with both ACE and ICON lights.

Our developers are working hard to finalise the app and make sure it gives you the best cycling experience possible. It will allow you to unlock some of ACE’s extra features such as theft and crash alerts as well as a new optional brake light, while also helping make cycling better.


We’d like to thank you all for being so patient with ACE and let you know how much we really do value your support. We are just as excited as you are to be sending out your ACE lights. Lots of you have been with us on our journey from the very start when our first product back in 2013. Some have joined more recently and we're grateful for all of your support!

We can’t wait to see your photos of ACE on your bikes and we hope you have a great weekend.

Team See.Sense

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Hancock on

      Update: just received the package direct from the UK. Doesn't look like it came from Amazon. The packaging looks great.

      The sun is rising later now in North America; I'm exited to use these tomorrow morning!

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Hancock on

      Backer in the U.S. No communication regarding my order shipping. Would be good to post a more specific update with ETA for all orders being fulfilled.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stuart Fern on

      Any updates on shipping?

    4. Bruce Carlson on

      OK, so it is now Oct 10. I've heard nothing. It's difficult for me to understand how no-one knows where my light is and when I will receive it. In my location, we have already missed an entire riding season. How much longer will these excuses continue? Yes, I am very frustrated.

    5. Arkapol Saengdeejing on

      Thanks for the update. I'm still waiting for their email too.

    6. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      Most of our backers have their lights at this point but unfortunately there have been some delivery delays for some backers. I wanted to take some time here to explain the situation, as it's quite complex with a number of underlying factors.

      We chose to use Amazon FBA as they have scale and capability. We've been using them for some time as a fulfilment partner and generally it works well. They are much more effective at getting large numbers of parcels out to lots of people quickly than we are. They have way more staff than us and it's what they do!

      We normally send a few hundred units to them. When we do, they are booked into a single warehouse in one go and we can fulfil pretty much straight away. What we didn't know, is that when you send thousands of items to Amazon, they have internal processes to rebalance it between warehouses to make their logistics more efficient. They also don't book it all in at once.

      So when when the stock landed at Amazon, we began uploading fulfilment orders against it. This triggered stock rebalancing, which suspended more a proportion of the stock for internal redistribution to other Amazon warehouses. This can take up to a week. And again, it doesn't all come back online at once. So as we uploaded shipping details against it, it triggered further rebalancing and unavailability of stock.

      Amazon don't provide a lot of insight into this process, so we couldn't accurately forecast how long this would take. Obviously many thousands have been delivered and as each day passes the number outstanding reduces and a smaller set of people remain.

      We can upload orders against stock which is in transit and this also impacted fulfilment by backer number, which was our original intention and the order we uploaded the orders. Amazon instead fulfilled as stock became available in each warehouse, seemingly at random against our orders.

      We've also been impacted by customs anomalies with replenishments (such as this one…) being held at customs for a week or more and then returned, without any reason and yet appearing to have the correct documentation with all duties and taxes paid by us. Some shipments are released after a day and continue on, others wait for an indeterminate number of days before either making it or being returned. It has only impacted some of the shipments, but has added to the delay, particularly for US customers. We suspect this may be to do with recent tariff changes in the US, but again, we don't have any clear information on why some shipments bounced.

      Although manual and slower, we have also begun shipping direct from our offices. This requires us to reconcile Kickstarter, Typeform (the survey) and Stripe (payments) to get the correct order details. We then have to double check Kickstarter messages and Freshdesk (our support platform) in case of things like address changes. Different countries require different shipping carriers and exports require documentation. This is more expensive for us too, but ultimately as Amazon are still rebalancing we wanted to do everything in our power to get the remaining lights out to the remaining backers as soon as we possibly can..

      Thank you again for your support and patience.


    7. Eric Roe on

      Still waiting on an email as well

    8. Colin Thompson on

      Hi any idea when the lights are coming as I have heard nothing

    9. Stephen O'Shea on

      Got my email at the weekend :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam higgins on

      Uk backer 724
      Nothing as yet

    11. Stephen O'Shea on

      Backer 1010, in Ireland. No email yet.
      *drums fingers*

    12. Jimmy Stiers on

      Guys, received my lights, but would have liked a second bag clip. One for on the bag (backside) and one on the shoulderstraps (frontside). But anyway thanks for the nice gift. ;-)

    13. Tobias Lang on

      Nothing! Weeks and weeks later, nothing but empty promises! Anoing! No lights no email massive Chaos!!!

    14. gaijintendo on

      I'm probably not alone in having read the headline and not the app info. Will amend my frustrated app review. Recommend you amend the Android store text to address this clearly.

    15. Missing avatar

      ROBERT Xavier on

      Backer #2296, 2 lights (front & rear) received today, very excited !!
      I switched on the two lights for a few seconds : this is powerful, wow !!
      Test ride #biketowork tomorrow morning : joy joy joy !!

    16. Mark Jones on

      Any idea how long it will be until the distribution centres get through those lists? Backer #976 here, in the UK, and no email yet for me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      Anyone in the US received them yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon Hallet on

      Used mine on the commute in this morning. I didn't die. Looking forward to the app and instructions for use with my Garmin.

    19. Taff Tanner on

      Phil. ignore my last two comments :) all is fine

    20. Taff Tanner on

      Mine arrived today and are fab but i have been sent three front and one rear - please advise how to go about correcting this - Taff ace order 62 i think?

    21. Missing avatar

      Rob Powell on

      Do NOT fit these out the box. RTFM people! I'm ashamed to say these lights don't work well without an initial charge! Eek!! ;)

      To the See Sense team, the green charge light is dominant but I read it as green for go. As a suggestion maybe have the red lowest charge LED flashing to show it has virtually no charge? As a new user (and yes - read the manual) I took it as fully charged. Foolish boy. It's only when you take them off the charge that it flashes up for maybe 1/2 second max? Could you change the firmware to increase that to maybe 2-3 seconds? Surely that wouldn't drain much battery. There's definitely some improvements to be had with the charge UI.

      Finally, I could pair them to see the charge but no app! Is this going to be iOS 12 compatible out of the box? I've just updated and would be miffed if it's only certified for 11!

      Great lights, MEGA LIGHT (weight), and I'm looking forward to trying again tomorrow once they charge!

    22. Serg on

      Arrived today and looking mostly good! Have a couple of issues (email sent), and I've yet to figure out how to pair them to my Edge 820 via ANT+.

    23. Matthew Renyard on

      MIne have arrived! :) looking forward to the app when it comes out. Gave them a quick charge and boy are they bright! Happy happy!

    24. Graeme Shaw on

      Backer number 130. Have my set sat on my desk now. Will charge them overnight tonight and give them a go tomorrow. Product and packaging looks great.

    25. See.Sense 4-time creator on

      Hi everyone. We have uploaded by backer number of each distribution centre. However, the order they send them in is not related to our order. So people later in our upload file are receiving them earlier. Sorry about that, it's just what happens when you upload many hundreds at a time!

    26. Missing avatar


      Sadly backer number doesn't appear to have much to do with how quickly they're sent out to you. I'm backer #309 and still waiting for my email. Shame - can't wait to try them out!

    27. Missing avatar

      Chukke on

      Perfect timing looking forward to receiving my order in Belgium!

      @Jeff They asked users to send a private message to them on kickstarter, since they cannot discuss this information in public. Good luck!

    28. Missing avatar

      Adrian Hughes on

      Backer no 1709 - not got them yet but hopefully soon!

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Wort on

      Mine have just arrived (UK backer number ~ 2500). Both lights and packaging are neat and well designed. Just need to get them on the bike.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      I am a previous customer and kick starter backer, made a contribution for the ACE, and would have liked to order a light, but unfortunately I could not access the survey. I got no reply to a previous comment. Oh well, I tried.

    31. Missing avatar

      HugD on

      Great news! Thanks for the regular updates. As previously said a bit disappointing that android app will not be available when I receive the ACE but hey we have not got a crystal ball. Thanks again

    32. Stan Sorochan on

      Just in time! The days are getting short!

    33. Mike Neidlinger on

      Glad to see they're shipping. Sad to see Android not supported... And we got the dreaded "coming soon" promises.